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Do You Market With A Scalpel or A Swiss Army Knife?

Recently, our team met with a couple of talented web developers to discuss an upcoming SaaS product launch. In the conversation, we were discussing the simplicity and elegance we wanted the project to result in.  They looked at us and said, "Oh, you want a scalpel and not a swiss army knife.". It was brilliant and the below image(not my image, I did not originate this) represents what they were saying. I think it is an excellent high level view of what a sales & marketing strategy should look like.


  • Easy to market/explain
  • Easy to adopt
  • Does one thing well
  • Quick to build & test

Most businesses do not gravitate toward scalpels. They over complicate things.

Swiss Army Knife:

  • Hard to market/explain
  • Hard to adopt
  • Does nothing well
  • Long time to build

What's complicated inside your business, is even more complicated outside your business from the consumer's perspective.

The hard work is in preventing yourself from creating the swiss army knife. It is very tempting to want to build something complicated because it deceives you into thinking that it will work.

It won't.  Swiss army knives create activity, not result.

Scalpels do one thing. They cut directly to results.

Do you have a scalpel or a swiss army knife?   Leave your comments.