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How To Pinpoint The Right Customers At Anytime, On Any Budget, For Any Business

Whether you run an online biz, an Etsy shop, a consulting gig, a garage band or a retail store in a small town...whatever it is...driving qualified traffic is essential to success. If you're not doing this you're potentially wasting a lot of time and resources.  As a matter of fact, if you don't do your due diligence in disqualifying the tire kickers and completely uninterested prospects you are quite literally putting your entire enterprise at risk.

Remove that risk.

It's 2015 and you have at your fingers the single most powerful marketing tool on the planet.

Yep, everyone's favorite time waster: Facebook.  

  • It's no longer a place just for your spouse to get jealous of all the other folks who seem to have it together.  
  • It's no longer just the place where that one guy always shares weird videos that some random radio station posted on their fan page.
  • It's no longer the place where you can find infinite pictures of kids doing what seems to be absolutely mundane things but accumulate comments in a viral manner.

Facebook has provided the largest aggregation of personal data and crammed it into their advertising platform. You can literally reach out and advertise to any customer prospect with pinpoint accuracy.

Now, I'm not talking organic. No, no, is ALL but dead.  Go ahead, post something on your fan page and just try to 1K likes....ain't gonna happen. You'll be lucky if you get

Why? Because not only does Facebook have the largest audience in the world, but they are now a publicly traded company with shareholders who want their profits.  Enter their superman like advertising platform.

Organic dead. Paid traffic, alive and KING.

Some of you are "boosting" your posts, which is great and you're probably seeing some fruit. However, you're not scratching the surface on what you could be doing from a targeting perspective.

Use Facebook Power Editor

This is the next level tool Facebook has put out there. They should charge us $1,000 per month just to get access to it. You can literally reach out and put your ad in front of people based on demographics, income, interests, job titles, relationship status, value of their name it.  There's MUCH MORE granular reach you can make with Power Editor. Here's a quick snapshot of Power Editor functionality inside the "Ad Set" module:

Screenshot 2015-01-25 23.12.30.png

As you can see with just this screenshot and just this one piece of Power Editor, there's a whole world of CIA/NSA/SPY info you can use to leverage your ads. 

Why does this matter?  Because all of the creepy details that Facebook gives you access to directly impacts your disqualification process.  You get to say "yes" and "no" to people when it comes to your ads.

That's control. In marketing, control and traceability is everything.

For example, you sell aromatic candles online.  You boost your post and really all you can do is gender, age and interests.  However, you choose interests that aren't dialed in tight enough.  To broad. Facebook Ads Manager just doesn't let you filter deep enough.

You're doing level 1 marketing at that point. The real results are in level 2, 3 and even level 4 filtering.

Sure, you can still boost it, but your price per click(CPC) and cost per lead(CPL) are going to be higher because you'll have unqualified people clicking and then not converting on your landing page(because the landing page is what's "selling your thing" and doing the ultimate disqualification).  Those are the front end of funnel metrics and if they start high it will only lead to higher customer acquisition costs(CAC).  

And hey, I haven't even scratched the surface here. You can do even more with Facebook Custom, you can put ads in front of people who visit particular websites or people on your email address.  That's crazy power. Marketing magnetic gold.

How to do all of this?

Well, I've put together a tool to help you understand how you can go DEEP into the matrix of Facebook and pull out qualified leads like a rabbit out of a hat(no magic required).

I call it Facebook Ads Sharpshooter and it's FREE for my blog readers. Click here to grab it for now.

Happy Hunting.