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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: How to Build Your First Six Figure Business


Today I’m going to give you tips on affiliate marketing for beginners.  I want to talk about what's worked for me while becoming successful with the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program. The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program is a wonderful online affiliate marketing opportunity. If you've never done affiliate marketing before, you should really entertain that as a possibility because it's a fantastic passive income stream that my family and I enjoy. I’m even one of Clickfunnels dream car winners! For me, affiliate marketing has been as easy as talking about something I'm passionate about and use everyday. Luckily, it’s not that hard to start. You can set yourself up as an affiliate, place links on your website, and jump on the path to earning commissions, all within a couple of hours. 

So I'm going to talk about the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program and I'll also be talking about Sales Funnel Blueprint-- a new tool with you encompassing all my insights and tactics to my online business success.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program has a 100 day challenge to give away 1 free trial of Clickfunnels a day. Founder, Russell Brunson says that once you’re in the groove, this you should only take you one hour or less each day. Once a person becomes a member of Clickfunnels using your affiliate link, you get paid 40% commission off of every person you refer. There are two levels of Clickfunnels membership. A $97/month level and a $297/month level. So if a person buys the first level, you will be making about $40 a month from just that customer. Ultimately, the goal is to refer 100 people within the 100 day challenge so that you could be making $4,000 a month! If you do the math, that’s $48,000 a year. In my own experience, I actually hit $48k between 75 to 100 customers because of the supplementary commission you get from the products your customers buy. That’s a lot of money for not having to do customer support or software development. Ultimately, your only job is to promote Clickfunnels and get people to click your affiliate link before they click on someone else’s.

According to Funnels Ignition, there are three main reasons why people are so successful with promoting Clickfunnels.

1. Clickfunnels is a conversion machine

Which simply means that when you send Clickfunnels a lead from any product or bonus and they sign up using your link, they are your customer until the end of time. They don’t have to initially buy anything to become your customer, but once they do, you will get commissions on whatever they buy forever and always.

2. There are no alternatives to this product

There’s nothing quite like Clickfunnels. It’s one of the top programs in the online marketing world, and it’s continuing to evolve! They are so far ahead in the race and no one can catch up with them. You will not find a similar product anywhere that offers such power, so make the most of this opportunity.

3. Your income accumulates

The more people you have signed up through you, the more customers you have. The more customers you have, the more commission you’re making both from subscriptions and also products they buy! As you build your audience, your customer base, you will very tangibly see more cash flow.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Recurring Revenue and Subscriptions

One of the reasons I've been so successful with the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program is that it operates from subscription based revenue. This is key as you research affiliate programs. Why? You’ll have a more predictable income. As people sign up under your affiliate link to pay their monthly fee for the service or product you promote, you’ll be able to project your revenue for next month as you gain more subscribers instead of one off customers.

With that said, businesses that monetize from subscriptions have a higher retention rate than those that don’ t. Think about it—the hardest part of business is making a sale. With a subscription, you’ve already done the hard work of convincing your customer of how amazing your product is to the point that they’ll come back on a predictable monthly basis. Sales Funnel Blueprint can teach you more about how to obtain customers on a subscription basis.

Once someone is locked into a subscription, all you have to do is make sure they stay happy and active with the product or service you choose to promote. The Control Blog points out that a business can grow and expand much faster with subscriptions because they’re not spending energy on retaining customers.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Promote Something You Use and Love

Another reason I've been so successful with the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program is because I'm really really passionate about it. Clickfunnels has helped me build both of my six figure businesses, which is why I love promoting it and teaching people about it. 

To even obtain recurring revenue with an affiliate site, you're going to need to be able to attract an audience, and in the affiliate marketing world, there's nothing more attractive and trustworthy than your passionate copy (which Sales Funnel Blueprint can help you write) and personal testimonial.

So why not promote something you already use and love, and something you know really well? You’ll have way more credibility if you funnel your leads towards a product that you use everyday for your business. Your followers will trust you and will be more likely to purchase your affiliate product.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Sales Funnel Blueprint

With all of that said, if you're considering joining the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program, or any affiliate program, Sales Funnel Blueprint is your next step. This product is only $29.99 and gives you access to the same marketing strategy I used to create over $217,065 in affiliate commissions without using expensive paid traffic strategies. It's all broken down into modules like How to be Successful Online, Copywriting, and Building Sales Funnels. All of the lessons are things I had to learn through trial and error and in selling it to you, I'm giving you the opportunity to learn it on the front end to catalyze your online business success.

This is a great opportunity if you're wanting to build multiple streams of income. With one income, you cannot build wealth. You need multiple streams of revenue to GET AHEAD and "snowball" your disposable income. You ned simple tiny business models. The process doesn't have to be overwhelming. The key is to start with tiny revenue streams that grow into tidal waves of cash.

When you sign up for Sales Funnel Blueprint:

  •  Training On Exactly How I Created Affiliate Business Models That Brought My Family Financial Freedom...We'll start with a grand tour of the business model that you can choose from in order to start snowballing your income into massive chunks of recurring revenue. VALUE $1997
  •  1:1:1 Strategy: I'll show you my proprietary framework I created to start generating extra income quickly, with any product, so that you can enjoy more than a fixed paycheck or "stuck" business model. VALUE $997
  •  Affiliate Income Plan: Discover How To Create Affiliate Marketing Income...Don't have a product or time to to create one? Affiliate marketing allows you to sell someone else's product for straight profit. No dealing with customers, and if you choose the right offer, you can ride the wave for a long time thanks to one simple funnel. VALUE $1297
  •  Attract Traffic Strategy: You'll get access to my preferred traffic sources, how I get qualified eyeballs opting in and converting regularly, along with step-by-step walkthroughs of every single traffic medium. VALUE $1387
  •  List Building Secrets: You'll get how I leverage and build massive lists of prospects who are aching to hear what I will tell them next and desperate for the solutions I provide. List building is still the biggest asset activity you can participate in, but there are new secrets emerging with the emerging social media platforms. VALUE $997
  •  Sales Conversion Secrets: Pick up my tested and curated library of sales conversion techniques that allow you to master persuasion and convince prospects to become customers. This is the "icing on the cake" of every funnel and you can't live without it. VALUE $497
  •  BASICALLY, I'M SHOWING YOU EVERYTHING: After this masterclass, you'll be able to launch a new business of your choosing without the mystery or brain fog that would otherwise keep you from acting quickly and efficiently.
  •  TOTAL VALUE = $7,172

You'll also have access to:

  •  My Favorite Clickfunnels Share Funnels: Get my top three favorite and most used Clickfunnel share funnels so you can duplicate, swipe and deploy fast inside your Clickfunnels account. VALUE $499
  •  Youtube SEO Ranking Checklist: The total checklist that I use to attract FREE, qualified traffic for my affiliate income business. VALUE $1297
  •  Local Lead Generation Drop Box Folder: Get access to my master Dropbox folder where I've hidden my favorite local marketing hacks. I only give these to my personal coaching clients. VALUE $997
  •  Total Value + Bonuses = $9,965

And all of this can be yours for just $29.99!

 If you want to go deep and get a great framework and structure of funnels that are done for you. If you want to access the skill set that I've used to build my affiliate businesses, then buy Sales Funnel Blueprint!

14 Online Marketing Secrets To Grow Your Business

Today I’m going to tell you my 14 marketing secrets that are going to help you grow your business. Get ready, these are not in perfect crescendo by any means. This is the Indian Jones version of the marketing class you always wanted in college. 

Truthfully, there’s only three ways to grow your business:

1. Create new customers

2. Get them to pay more than the average cart value

3. Get customers to order from you again and again

So how do we do this? We have to go back to the basics of human psychology. In order to grow your business you need to know how to make your product appeal to human behavior, basic needs, and desires so you can persuade your prospect to buy your product. 

So here goes the secrets. Hold on tight. Some of these you’ve heard. Some you haven’t. Some you haven’t applied.

1. The Right Offer, the Right Medium, and the Right Audience

It sounds crazy, but most people don’t know who their audience is. They may have a vague idea, but can’t exactly write it out or articulate it. Truly, your business needs to revolve around your audience. You cannot start with your offer first. Your audience needs to dictate your offer and your medium, not the other way around. Knowing your audience is going to help your figure out your offer—What is the bleeding neck pain of this demographic that I can create a product to alleviate? This is true of the medium as well— Is my audience more likely to shop online or in retail stores? If you ever get lost in the kudzu of your business, remember to start with your audience and form your offer and medium around the customer.

2. The Anatomy of Good Marketing Starts with the Story You Tell

A story doesn’t always have to be the length of a JR Tolkein classic. It can simply be a picture or even a word.

Here are three types of stories you can share with your customers:

Origin Story

Some people may want to know the history of your business and how it came to be. 

Product Origin Story

Some people may want to know why you decided to make your product. What bleeding neck pain inspired your product or service? Some people may also be interested in how your product is made.

Customer Success Story

This story can also be called social proof. Really its’s showing the amazing results that your product has given to your customers. An example could be two pictures side by side showing the before and after. If done well, this will make your customers want to use your product.

The right medium would include the stories in interchanging fashion.

3. People Buy For Different Reasons

If you take any secret from today, take this one! There’s usually 5 to 7 different reasons customers buy your product. Don’t assume they are buying for the same reasons you would. Maybe some people purchase something because it looks cool, some because someone told them about it, and some wanted to buy something they’ve never tried before. Whatever it may be, you need to identify purchasing behavior and psychologies ASAP. You won’t have any predictability otherwise.

If you’re having trouble identifying behaviors, the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs is a great place to start!


The Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is an illustration of human needs. This is why restaurants will always be in business because food is the most basic need. What’s interesting is that the higher your the higher the need is that your business addresses in this hierarchy, you become less of a commodity and more of a premium. Think about it; people who are asking the question, “What’s my purpose in life?” and looking for self-actualization are going to pay more for that than a meal. However, know that going up higher in this hierarchy also means less customers. If your product addresses a more complex need it, it doesn’t mean that it’s better than a fast food restaurant. Just scale your business around the need you’re addressing, and I assure you you’ll understand your business more and it will grow.

4. Get Outside your Own Assumptions About What the Customer Wants

When creating your business or product, don’t go off your own assumptions. Don’t assume that your potential customer feels and behaves the way as you. You do not represent your customer. Again, know your audience and know their bleeding neck pain. What do I have to do to know my customer? You need to have conversations with them. Do some focus groups. And as soon as you feel like you know your customer, be ok with mutating and accommodating new needs and desires. Learning your customer never stops.

5. Don’t Build Baseball Fields In Cornfields

If you build it they will come is false, false statement. Even if you’ve built the best website, the best blog, you need to market yourself. Even a restaurant in the best location of town still needs advertising! Customers will never show up on their own accord. Attract traffic, build the list, and convert sales.

6. Understand Traffic

I don’t mean go stand on the street and watch cars go by. I mean understand eyeballs and impressions that see your offer. There are three types of traffic:

  1. Cold Traffic- People who don’t care about you, your logo, and who don’t know your business at all.
  2. Warm Traffic- Potential customers. People who you’ve had a conversation with or maybe they’ve even given you their email address. They’re interested in your offer, but are still considering.
  3. Hot Traffic- These are the people with their credit card out asking, “Where do I buy?”

No matter what tier of traffic someone is in, your job everyday needs to be to get them further down the sales funnels and one step closer to closing a sale. Everyday, convert cold traffic into warm traffic. Get their email, get them to shake your hand. Also focus on converting warm traffic into hot traffic. Give warm traffic an offer they can’t refuse.

This statement should inform your marketing decisions everyday: Micro commitments get people closer to closing sales.

7. Think in Funnels, Not in Websites

If you need help understanding the differences between sales funnels and websites, check out this recent post Sales Funnels vs. Websites. It will tell you everything you need to know.

8. Automation Trumps Determination


I stole these next two from Casey Graham, but you need to automate everything you can! You are only you, and you do not have the capacity to do it all. You are going to run out of time.

Create email automations, create delivery automations. Automate everything you can.

If you’re looking for an email automation service, I myself am a ConvertKit affiliate. ConvertKit to try ConvertKit today. I also just wrote an extensive review post on ConvertKit.

9. Nail it, then Scale it

Again, from Casey Graham, don’t try to do something before you nail it. Don’t set up an ice cream shop until you have nailed the flavors and their recipes. You need to be the most credible on opening day, because first impressions are really the only ones that matter.

And don’t outsource your marketing until you’ve nailed your brand. Ad agencies will always be happy to take your money, but you need to crack the code and make decisions about your business before handing over your marketing efforts. If you cut corners, you’re going to lose momentum, and we all know that losing momentum for entrepreneurs is the death of a thousand paper cuts. 

10. Leverage the Power of Contrast

This goes back to secret 2, but everyone loves a great success story. Leverage the power of before and after.

11. Find the Villain in Your Industry and Pick on the Incumbent

Have you ever seen those Samsung commercials that passively pick on Apple? The guy with his Samsung phone is walking past the Apple Store and laughing at all the people in line. People love that stuff. Find your villain and only act like it’s you two in the boxing rink. Make them look like a dummy. 

12. Model the Masters

Why would you ever try to create anything from scratch these days? Absolutely pick on the incumbent, but also recognize what they’re doing right. Find your top two or three competitors and do what they do. Model their business, model their sales funnel.

Even if your business is online, you don’t need to create your sales funnel from scratch either. I am Clickfunnels affiliate, which is full of sales funnels templates. Click here to start your 14 day free trial.

13. One-One-One Formula


Every business can be energized by this formula. In business, all you need is one skill, one technology and one funnel. What do I mean by this exactly? I was once in a sales funnel for a career coach. Her skill was helping people get their dream job. From this skill, she had designed technology— her own course with information and content people needed to write amazing resumes and nail job interviews. See how that one skill intimately animated a technology? And with her audience of young professionals in mind, she did this all through a webinar funnel.

Attract traffic with the one skill, and close the sales with the technology through one funnel.

14. Hire a Coach

If you want to go to the next level, you need to get coached by someone at the next level.

Don’t get a free coach. Because you need to pay to go to the next level; it’s something you need to invest in and not take for granted.

Those are my 14 Marketing Secrets. Hope this was helpful. Check out the video for more information and a Q and A portion.