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How Super Mario and Online Entrepreneurs Are Alike

Ever find yourself in a place where you feel stuck? As an entrepreneur that is...

On an island? No one to give you answers except the vast internet in all it's glory?

Before you answer that, remember this little guy?

Thought so. He wasn't much to write home about.

Sure, he had great intentions and was dead set on saving Princess Toadstool from Bowser...

...but there was no way this little plumber was set to win as is.  

He needed to be more. He needed a better, stronger, bigger version of himself.

Then he found this.

That's a fire flower.  The effect it had on Mario is what I design my coaching around for folks like you.

Coz this is what little man turned into after the fire flower...

And he get's the girl.  He wins the day.  He beats the dragon.

If you want the same results for your business, you should strongly consider enrolling in the Groovy Collective.

I promise I can provide you with coaching, skills and tools that you need to create freedom in your life as an entrepreneur.  

Here's what one of my coaching clients has to say:

"As an entrepreneur there is so much to learn and know. Josh helped me connect everything together which transformed my business. My revenues have exponentially grown since coaching with Josh. If you're on the fence, do your business a favor and start working with Josh asap. You'll thank me later." - Justin Trapp, Online Business Owner - Marketing Matters

You will make more money faster.

You will create or repair a business model that you can sustain for the long haul. We will build an ironclad fortress together.

Build a profitable business online or off with me today.

That's what Groovy Marketing is all about. Learn more about The Groovy Marketing Collective here. I posted the following video on the Groovy Collective page.

I talk about "going to the next level". What does that mean for you? Leave your feedback in the comments section.

How I Steal Traffic From Other Websites...Legally

Wanna quick trick that will help you add email addresses to your email list?

I've found a great partner that allows you to share great value while at the same time capture qualified email addresses for your email list.

It's called Sniply and you can get a free account here.

It's amazing. Here's how it works:

1. You see someone else post an amazing article or blog decide to share it with the world.

2. You grab that URL and take it to your dashboard...I even use their Google Chrome Browser tool and it works like a charm. You enter your URL into the "Create Snip" bar at the top.

3. Click "create snip".

4. This bad boy pops up...

From here you can customize a short call to action and hit "Create".

Then you'll get this:

Grab that link and share it...and no matter what content you share, you'll have a sexy little call to action box on someone else's website to redirect and "steal" that traffic back to your desired landing page like this:

This is EASY traffic and GREAT qualification to build a healthy, clean list...the most important asset you can build in modern commerce.

The best part of this is that it allows you to CURATE content as much, if not a ton more, than you have to originate content.  My site traffic spikes every time I use links because I share valuable stuff that other experts have written.  That simply leads to further trust, loyalty and commitment from my followers.

Give this a shot. Sign up for Sniply today and give it a test drive.  What's the worst that could happen, you get more traffic to your site for free?