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14 Things Your Customer Wants More Than Anything...but Will Never Tell You In Public: Periscope Edition

The other day I broadcast this short, but rich, training on periscope(you can follow me at @jrhodesbiz).  

The business that succeeds is the business that understands the customer the best.  Enjoy!

-PERISCOPE EDITION - @jrhodesbiz -

People want to GAIN: 1. Health 2. Time 3. Money 4. Popularity 5. Improved Appearance 6. Security 7. Praise From Others 8. Comfort 9. Leisure 10. Pride of accomplishment 11. Advancement 12. Increased enjoyment 13. Self-confidence 14. Personal prestige Follow Me On Periscope @jrhodesbiz

Sell Features or Sell Benefits? How To Get Your Customer To Bite

Want to know what marketers get confused more than anything else?

Features and benefits.  

They mix up the use of these two things and the result is deadly to your conversion rate.

Prospects can't handle confusion. The moment they become confused, they bail.

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