Sales Funnel Madness

Wizardry….marketing wizardry. 

That’s what it takes, right? To dominate in business? To make tons of money and find “Freedom”?

I use to think that.

Until I discovered that there wasn’t a single version of Gandalf’s hat to fit me.


Normal guy here fighting all the hype the internet sells you. Plenty of that crap to go around.

And you know who eats it up?

Everyone.  At some time or another.

“Get rich quick”, “The easy way to do business”, “I made $13,567 in my pajamas eating Lucky Charms”.

Why do we want these schemes to be real?  Because we have something that is special to us.

Something that means a lot.

A dream. An escape. A better place in time. 

Greener grass to smoke…

This is me and my family. Cute.

They mean a lot to me.  They are why I work smarter than I use to.

I want more for them. End of story.  But, that’s just me…

Who/What do you care about?  What makes you wish that you could be a gray marketing wizard(or even white if you’re a LOTR nerd…)?

I don’t know much. But…

Here’s what I know.

There’s no magic wand when it comes to marketing or building a business.  

There’s a framework needed. It’s more like architecture than finding a silver bullet.

That doesn’t mean you have to wait forever for construction to be done on it though to see results.

So, that’s where people get tripped up.  They get discouraged when the street drugs that internet bozos sell them don’t deliver a life full of ecstasy.  

Street drugs.  Lots of them out there in advertising land that make you feel like that freaky caterpillar in Alice In Wonderland.

Nah, you need a system. Think like the old board game, Mousetrap…

Each part of that multi-colored wonder board works together for a common purpose.

In marketing, things should be systematic.  Measured. Optimized. Measured again. Optimized again.

You feel me?

Thing is, most of our empire building attempts usually end up looking like this…


You been there?  Bunch of pieces laying around and you don’t know which to pick up first…

That’s ok. It ain’t over yet.

This is what you want, right?

Big. Awesome. Functional.


Something that delivers with a bang while you sit back and watch it twirl.

That’s what I’m packing into memberships.  Weekly, done-for-you systems that deliver business growing firepower.

You can stop looking for magic wands and silver bullets.

If you need leads, I’ll show you how.  If you need to know how to increase your brand, I’ll show you how.

I’m basically pushing out weekly marketing experiments that worked for me and will give you quick results.

Check it out. It’s super affordable and you cancel whenever you wish.

For example, if you want me to coach you one on one, I’m happy to, but it’s $600 an hour.  Groovy Marketing Membership is a whopping $17 per month.

I’m even starting a V.I.P. Facebook Forum where I can give unlimited coaching to members. 

If you have an online or offline business, my Groovy Marketing System will deliver more leads and more customers.

Bottom line.

But this may not be for you.

If not, then you are more than an honored guest at my humble blog where I hide gold in the hills.

Josh “mousetrap” Rhodes
Groovy Marketing