About Josh Rhodes

Sales funnels…marketing funnels…that’s what I do. I absolutely love making them work for entrepreneurs and businesses.

The art and science of sales & marketing is the most fascinating topic on the planet to me.

I know. Weird.

More than anything, it’s about understanding humanity. It’s about harnessing the discipline of persuasion so that a customer will purchase what will solve their “bleeding neck pain”.

Despite their often weak objections.

I’m a father of three girls and husband to the greatest woman on earth.

Groovy Marketing? It’s my sales funnel sand box:)

The name Groovy Marketing is actually a derivative of an online business that I started(and stopped) called Groovy Bicycle. It was a Shopify storefront where I drop shipped bicycles from some warehouse in San Francisco to anywhere in the U.S. that you wanted to buy them from. Alas, I did not know how to market the business very well, and it wasn’t profitable.

That was my first crack at “online business”. And I learned a ton!

However, I really loved the brand, so I decided to resurrect it here at my personal site and dedicate the site to marketing, sales and business in hopes that a phoenix will rise up out of the ashes of a poorly executed online business.

Honored to be placed with some of the top marketers in the industry!!!

 Honored to be placed with some of the top marketers in the industry!!! https://whatsyourdreamcar.com


I help people every day reach their online/offline business goals by providing razor sharp insight on how to build sales funnels that actually work.

I am an affiliate marketer, obtaining one of my personal goals not long ago as one of Clickfunnels’ Dream Car Winners.

I sell other affiliate products successfully too, mainly from the Clickbank Marketplace.

Another business that I own and operate as CEO is Agent Leads.

We are a lead generation service and coaching company for Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and Insurance Agents.

In less than 9 months, we cracked $1 Million in sales.

Additionally,I previously served as the President of three-time INC. 5000 listed company(and one of the coolest companies on the planet) called The Rocket Company. We served two verticals with our training resources and done-for-you products: Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs and Church Leaders.

We eventually sold that company to a larger conglomerate in a market roll up.

I’m fully dedicated to helping people who need help going to the next level with their sales funnels.

I even provide a sales funnel building service for those who want to “hurry up and win”.  I only take 3 clients per month, so it is an application only process.  You can apply for a 30-minute breakthrough session with me here.

Stay Groovy.

Josh Rhodes