19 Exclusive Lessons From Sending 2 Million Emails and Rock Climbing With Navy SEALS

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I was a boy scout. Don’t laugh…

I wore those green knee socks with the red tube stripe around the top with pride.  But, that’s not my point.

They wanted to teach us how to repel down the side of a death riddled cliff one day. I kid you not. You know all those missing children out there? They went repelling with their boy scout troop.

Joking. Anyhoo…

They actually brought in two X-Navy Seals to teach us. NAVY SEALS. These guys were bad. They were smooth. They were good.  

Next thing you know, I’m circ de solei-ing off the side of a rocky gorge that should have ended my 14 year-old life.

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Get ALL My Online Business Hacks For Just $29 !

Just a rope, a very tight groin belt and a buddy anchoring me with his own body weight. Crap.

BUT, the thing that kept me alive…not only alive, but successful…was Navy Seal experience.  They had completed this task thousands of times. It was second nature. I was able to benefit, almost magically, from their experience.

Fast forward. As a marketer, I’ve sent over 2 million emails. Those emails have generated over 4 million dollars.  

I’m not saying I’m a Navy Seal of email marketing…nope. I’m just saying that if email marketing was Route 66 I’ve got tons of mileage and know where all the gas stations are.  

I hope that the below can not only keep you out of harms way, but turn you into the online business ninja that you want to be. So, without further ado…

19 Exclusive Lessons From Sending 2 Million Emails

1. Set The Tone and The Pace With Your Thank You Page

This is the page they go to after opting into your list(the page after your landing page).

Thank them for opting in. Tell them what to expect, how often to expect to hear from you and what you’ll be sending them.  It doesn’t hurt to tell them to go look for your confirmation email.

2. Stick To The Expectations You Set or You’ll Lose Subscribers

If you tell your subscriber that you’re going to email them once per week, then stick to it!

Don’t start emailing daily and having a promo in every email.

3. Make Sure Your Confirmation/Welcome Email Gets Read By Making It Stand Out

The BIGGEST opportunity you have with your new lead is with the FIRST email they receive from you…which is the welcome email.

To entice people to read them use a headline like “Boom! You’re In.”

Set their expectations in the welcome email and engage with them further by telling them more about you and how you can help them.

Make your welcome email stand out by being unusual – this will help people remember you which is CRUCIAL when they first join your list.

4. Build Trust BEFORE They Opt In Or They Won’t Open Your Emails

It’s near impossible to build up trust and a relationship with people who aren’t opening your emails. At that point, it’s too late.

Make sure you are engaging with potential subscribers with great content and honesty.  Your blog is your greatest asset to do this with.

5. Use Powerful, Emotional Headlines To Get Noticed

If you want busy people to notice your emails in their cluttered inbox you need to use attention grabbing email headlines.  Look at emails that get you reading for inspiration and customize for your own.

Example: ’10 Successful Jedi Mind Tricks That Will Make It Rain Money’ is better than “Ways To Make More Money”

If this previous post, I’ve provided a list of 179 emotional words that create powerful headlines. Go bookmark it.

6. Incentivize Your Reader To Click

If you want people to click your email links then give them a benefit driven call to action.

Example: “Discover your free online marketing treasure chest by clicking here”.

7. Qualified Is Better Than Bigger

The majority of email marketers seem obsessed with getting a BIG list. They will do anything to grow their list regardless of quality.

If you want high engagement, focus on acquiring leads who qualify as your prospect…not just any email you can get your hands on.  If someone is hungry for an apple and you tease them with an apple…give them an apple.

If you try to sneak an orange in there, they won’t take it.

8. Your List Is Full of Real People With Real Problems

They aren’t just dollar sign opportunities. Solve their problems, help them, take time to list to them.

Then you will be rewarded.

Spamming them with endless promos and offers might work for a while but it will be shortlived.

9. Tell People What To Expect In The Next Email And Open Rates Increase

A sure fire way to increase email open and click through rates is… 

…to tell people what to expect in the next email – make them curious enough to want to see it and get them looking out for it.

10. Curiosity Drives Great Engagement

Exploit the curiosity gene of a human and win the day.  If you can be cryptic without being deceptive, you will get more people reading your emails.

11. Give people many opportunities to optin to your email list and they will.

Make your site sticky with opt-in boxes, pop-ups and lead capture widgets.  Offer great copy and incentives in each of those places and you will increase your opt-in percentage significantly.

12. Split Test Everything For Best Results

Don’t just add an opt in box put an email into your follow up series and then never try and improve it.

Split test headlines, copy, colors, button text / size / color. Work on email headlines to see which receive the best open rates and work on calls to actions and link to see which get the highest click rates.

13. An Email Is A Huge Sign Of Trust…Don’t Abuse It

When someone hands over their email online it’s a sign of trust. The only act of trust larger would be giving you their credit card information via a sale.

No spamming, selling / trading, sending things you are not supposed to be sending.

14. Add More Links For More Clicks 

Pretty simple. Something a lot of people over look. The more links you have in emails the more likely you are to get clicks.

I usually have around 3-5 links (some in content and some naked URLS).  Even in small emails with different anchor texts / calls to action to give the reader more chances to click.

I also try and make sure there’s a link in the first sentence ‘above the fold’ to try and get an instant click.

15. Images Increase Clickthroughs So Use Them 

Using images in emails can increase click through rate.
Images play on the curiosity gene I mentioned earlier.  They pay off with little investment needed.

Stay away from stock photos. Think pop culture or doodle something yourself.

Don’t over use them though. Maximum two per email. They can actually work so well they become distracting.

16. Email Frequently To Stay Fresh In Your Prospects Mind Or They WILL Forget You

Ever get an email from a company / marketer and have no idea who it is?

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Get Your FREE Copy of Dotcom Secrets Here!

Me too. 

An email out of the blue drives me to one action. Unsubscribe. 

People get a LOT of emails and if you aren’t staying fresh in your audiences mind they’ll forget you.

Email every 1-2 days for the first 2 weeks when they join your list and then every 2-3 days after that for best results. Though don’t email when you have nothing to say it’ll just annoy them.

17. Copy What Successful Marketers Do Not Say

One of the best ways to enjoy success as an email marketer is to watch what successful marketers DO rather than what they say.

They may say one thing but do another. So copy their actions and not always their advice. 

NOTE: a good marketer shouldn’t be telling you to do things that they aren’t doing themselves. Be cautious with everything you hear.

18. Use Stories To Engage With People

Don’t just send people updates and promo emails. Engage them with stories, anecdotes, snippets of your life, humor etc.

This makes you seem more real, helps your subscribers connect with you, builds trust and make for a more entertaining read.

Andre Chaperone is the master at this and teaches it in his Autoresponder Madness course.

19. Ask For Help Spreading The Word

A great way to get more exposure for your emails is to ask people to forward to a friend.

If your emails are good then the person receiving it will want to sign up for your list.

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