Why Business Owners, CEO’s and Salespeople Should Love Automated Marketing

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Systems are great, unless you are the system.  John runs a car dealership and he has a system. His system consists of him being customer service with a personal touch. It also consists of him generating sales leads. Oh, and it also consists of him managing inventory and closing sales.

His business is only as good as his personal capacity.

He notices that leads who visit or contact his dealership come in three forms: Tire Kickers, Price Shoppers or I Need A Car Immediately!

He loved the latter of the three the most. Wouldn’t you?  Yet, John spent as much if not more time with the Tire Kickers and the Price Shoppers as he did with the I Need A Car Now people.

 Learn To Structure Your Sales Funnel Around Automated Marketing with Your Free Copy of Dotcom Secrets!

Learn To Structure Your Sales Funnel Around Automated Marketing with Your Free Copy of Dotcom Secrets!

This was not cost effective. His system looks like many systems out there.

Every time a new contact appeared, he had to qualify the lead himself…with his own brain in real time. He would try his best to use pre-written emails that he had created to help answer their questions based on their classification.  He was doing a lot of one-to-one marketing.

But, John had a life too. He had a spouse, kids, civic responsibilities, hobbies and an all around zest for doing things that he loved.

His system did not accommodate for those things.  A vacation was as foreign as the Theory of Relativity.

Are you in John’s shoes? Or in a similar situation?

Let me help you…

Automated Marketing Is The Answer

If your sales cycle consists of you or you and another person always being present to do everything John does, then you are leaving TONS of money, and more importantly time, on the table.

A well thought out and crafted automated marketing system can be the difference maker.  

Delegate to the machines people….

Within seconds of people visiting your website, seeing a Facebook Ad, engaging with your social media outlet or sending you an email, you can have them magically segmented into classifications.  Then, an email pops up in the prospects inbox with a relevant message to them based on where they are qualified(Tire Kicker, etc).

This email is giving them valuable info as well as giving them a call to action.  Call this the “racking the shotgun” email(You should watch this video from one of my marketing heroes, Perry Marshall…).

Then, periodically in the following days or weeks, they receive more emails that were pre-written and tailored to teach and convert based on the automatic qualification process they went through initially.  You are taking them through the sales cycle without even being in the room.

Heck, you’re now at that soccer practice, date with your spouse or long overdue vacation while your SYSTEM is doing the job.

Your family gets more of you.

Plus, your sales team is getting pre-qualified leads(they’ll love that).

And your leads are getting fast answers to their questions and quick customer service…not to mention sales conversions happen in the email box…that’s a definitive fact. Email is king.

 Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels!

Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels!

Automated Marketing Conclusion

Email led automated marketing:

  • Saves you time that you could use creating higher levels of money, value or experiences with.
  • Makes your customers and your prospects much more happy.
  • Allows your sales team to close more deals because leads are being vetted automatically instead of one by one.

Automated Marketing can work for any business. Whether you are a consultant, brick n mortar, retail, online or outer space….email marketing at the very least gets you maximizing the most important equity you can build and retain…TIME.

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