When X-Ray Vision Won’t Get You In Trouble – How Marketers and Entrepreneurs Can Find Out Everything They Need To Know About Their Customers

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X-Ray Vision Leads To Customer Happiness

So, you want to launch or sell a product to the masses that will actually work. 

Do you know what to create? Do you know what WILL sell?

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What the heck should you develop?  

You may already have plenty of great products/content developed, but knowing which to offer and when to offer is a delicate balance.


You’ve never created a product and you need to…now what?

These are all great questions and areas of thought for entrepreneurs. They are also very crippling without good visibility.  In a previous post, I covered the four questions every marketer must answer, check them out here.

At the end of the day, the #1 most powerful weapon in sales is this: ask questions and ask the right questions.  Questions are the X-ray vision of marketing. 

Why? Because they are the only device that will accurately extract the potential customer’s pain, desires, passions and behavioral drives from their head. Immediately, you have precise information injected directly into your cerebral cortex so that you can effectively develop a product that matters.

So how do you get to this point?

Surveys. Questionnaires. Applications. 

I know. It doesn’t sound sexy.  However, setting up a scalpel like survey that is painless, yet precise, will give you the one or two nuggets of information you need to make your client avatar happy.

You can use surveys as research AND qualifiers.  Here’s how to get set up quickly with a great survey that will bring you results.

  1. Pick an online survey tool. I like to use Typeform, FluidSurveys or you can use most autoresponders like MailChimp
  2. Get basic info like First Name and Email Address.
  3. Ask only 1-3 more questions that are specific to their industry. For example, “What is your annual revenue?” or “How many times do you order new inventory per month?”
  4. Then, ask the nuclear question: “What is the #1 obstacle that stands between you and where you are trying to take your business?”…or something along those lines.
  5. Make sure you have the survey tied into your database, CRM, autoresponder, etc so that you can automate the retrieval of the data. Below is an example you can model from.

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