10 Successful Jedi Mind Tricks That Will Make It Rain Money

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The human mind is a funny thing. It’s a maze full of trap doors that customers use to escape the sale.

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Your “pitch” can disappear through one of those trap doors faster than a steroid driven fastball. 

Then…you’re gone in their mind and the customer has moved on.

So, let’s not let that happen. After all, we’re the good guys right? Our products are noble and our customer’s best interest are in mind.

Let’s “Jedi Up” with these 10 hacks to make sure our little Houdini’s don’t escape.

Jedi Persuasion Trick #1  – VIP Them – Ask Them To Be In A Group

People want to feel special. It’s primal. You set me apart from “them” and I feel special. Pick me for your kickball team and I’m a prince.  So, ask them to be part of a group like my private facebook group for marketers/entrepreneurs you can join right here for free(I’ll have to approve your request).

Jedi Persuasion Trick #2 – Threaten What They Value

Mention that they are wasting, saving or losing the things they desire the most. Most people value money, time and how much energy they have to put into activity to obtain it all. Threatening these values is like a kung fu touch of death. 

Except it’s a kung fu touch of persuasion(stupid illustration I know).

Jedi Persuasion Trick #3 – Ask Them For Help

People love themselves. Let’s just face the brutal facts. This means they love what they know.  Ask their opinion on something and you’ll hold their attention longer.

Long enough to take control of the conversation and get the sale.

Jedi Persuasion Trick #4 – Leverage Peer Pressure(social proof)

Show that large amounts of people have taken the action you are asking them to take. They are 20 times more likely to trust you.  This gives them scapegoats to blame too if something goes wrong(AKA they don’t execute).

Jedi Persuasion Trick #5 – Do A Flash Sale

Giving people a limited amount of time to act is a huge leverage point. All of the over-achievers in your customer base will instinctively feel like they need to take action. You’ll end up doubling your sales just by using time, which is out of their control, to limit their escapability.

Jedi Persuasion Trick #6 – Tell Them Not To Do Something

Again, people love their own desires more than yours. Tell them not to do something and they will do it when you aren’t looking. “Don’t open this email” is a great subject line. “Don’t read the rest of this blog post or else…”. Damn. Lost you.

Jedi Persuasion Trick #7 – Introduce Something NEW

Fear of missing out is a real psychological pressure point. People love being the first to know something. That’s why the grocery stores still sell celebrity gossip magazines.  Tell them something is new and they have to engage. It’s in their nature to do so.

Jedi Persuasion Trick #8 – Don’t Give Too Many Choices

If people have to entertain more than three buying options they will not likely convert. Don’t segment your offer into weakness. Keep options scalpel-like. Use precision when surgically delivering the offer to your customer and they will convert.

Take for instance my favorite sales funnel/website builder weapon, Click Funnels. Their pricing table is perfect. No more than three options…

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                                                (sign up here for a free trial of Click Funnels now if you want to save time and make more money)

Jedi Persuasion Trick #9 – Use The “Yes Path”

People are 1000% more likely to purchase instantly if you get them to answer questions with a  “YES” before you ask them for money. No matter how obvious the questions, just get them nodding their head and they will give you their credit card.

Jedi Persuasion Trick #10 – Be Relatable

Tell a story that highlights your struggle so they can see you struggling too. This rips your out of the ivory tower and puts you on level ground with the commoner that you want to be your customer.  They need to know that you understand what they are going through.

Now what?

Go be a freaking Jedi…you don’t have to be a genius to do the above. I’ve told you what to do. Don’t wait on Yoda to come along. Use the force.

Comments on my dazzling use of graphics are welcome. That is all.

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