The “Learning Curve” That I Was Rescued From and Resulted In Predictable Income At Last

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 Get Your FREE Copy Of Funnel Hackers Cookbook Here!

Get Your FREE Copy Of Funnel Hackers Cookbook Here!


There I was. Clawing for every dollar I could get my hands on.

Trying everything to “get someone to buy SOMETHING from me online”.  I didn’t know what I was doing. Just throwing stuff on the wall…

…seeing if it’d stick.


All my dashboard widgets said $0.  I couldn’t move the needle.

Building landing pages. Launching ads. Writing blog posts.

Nobody came to my party.

Then, someone gave me something. Not just anyone. And not JUST something…

A famous internet marketer, by the name of Russell Brunson, gave me one of his funnels.

Game changer.

Now, my family gets to live in the best zip code in my state…

Kids go to the best school…

We’re able to take that trip to Disney we’ve always wanted. 

All because someone helped me through the “curve”. The learning curve.

Knowing what other pioneers learned the hard way is the secret sauce.

Pioneers all have arrows in their back.  They have all the scars.

If you’re sick of the scarring work that will suck you of time and life, listen up.

Today, I’m offering you the same gift. When you start your ClickFunnels account(Russell’s website editor/funnel builder software) with my link(at no extra charge to you) I will give you THREE sales funnels that you can pick up and run with.

ClickFunnels works for beginners and pros. It has everything. And I’ll give you SO MUCH for free in addition to the value you’ll be getting.

You can choose from:

  • Webinar Funnel
  • E-Commerce Funnel
  • Opt-In Funnel
  • Free Course Funnel
  • Survey Funnel
  • Sales Funnel

I’ll let you choose three of the above that I’ll send you directly from my account. Proven. They work.

Start your account here and I’ll send you the funnels for free.


ClickFunnels lets you literally import someone else’s funnels at the click of a button.

Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

No recreating the wheel. No long nights of computer hacking.

You’ll have the tools you need. All you have to do is add your details to the templates.

PLUS, when you start your ClickFunnels account…you actually save money.

The Pro Plan replaces many of the technology subscriptions you have now.  It’s an all in one solution.

You can do auto-webinar funnels too!

Start your funnel hacking life today for FREE at this link.

PLUS, you get to join a private Facebook group FULL of online marketers that use ClickFunnels for their full-time livelihood. 

You’ll never be alone in your money making ventures again.

Join us today!

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