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5 Sales Funnel and Business Growth Hacks From My Recent Mastermind

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5 Sales Funnel and Business Growth Hacks From My Recent Mastermind Video Transcript

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Hey, what’s up guys? Josh here at, that’s my blog. If you’re an entrepreneur or a sales funnel architect, or a business owner, you might find it interesting. I do all of the above; I’m an entrepreneur, I’m a blogger, I’m a coach, I’m a sales funnel guy, I’m a ClickFunnels guy, I love Facebook ads, I have a family and I’m living [00:00:30] the dream because I get to work from wherever I want to work from, I get to be my own boss, and I get to basically do whatever I want because of multiple streams of revenue, which are all possible because of entrepreneurship and sales funnels.

That’s kind of where we’re at in a modern environment of marketing and business growth, and I have five things I wanted to go over with you that I learned from my recent mastermind. If you’re watching this video, but depending on where you’re watching it [00:01:00] and when you’re watching it, would love for you to either subscribe or like, or comment, or give me a thumbs up if you’re on YouTube. If you’re on Facebook, please comment, let me know if this is helpful.

Basically, I pay monthly to be a part of a group of seven, eight, nine digit businesses that come together, just 15 of us, and we work on each others’ business problems, we help each other with personal problems, you name it. It’s a very exclusive [00:01:30] group that’s very helpful and resourceful, and I just drink water from a fire hydrant every month. I brought five very practical applications home with me, and I just wanted to share them with you to maybe, hopefully, give you value as well.

I’ll jump right into it. Whether you’re a huge business, or you’re a small business, or a solopreneur, I think any [00:02:00] of these will help you grow. The first one is, get rid of the B and C players as soon as they show up. If you have B players and C players on your team, whether they’re employees or they’re freelancers or contractors, you know if they’re A players or not. B and C players are holding you back. Subtly, oftentimes, they will hold you back and you have to cut the cord.

You have to be emotionally detached [00:02:30] at times; it doesn’t mean that you do some kind sort of authoritarian regime change, you know. Do it with class, and help them find their next step, because we are talking about humans here. But when it comes to the integrity of your business and the trajectory of your business, you’ve got to only deal with A players, and that’s just a huge learning that I took away. I’ve seen the impact of B and C players on businesses [00:03:00] that I’ve owned and ran in the past, and I completely agree with that point that was made by one of our mastermind members. So, point number one is remove B and C players.

Number two, you need to dream big on your product’s future, okay? The other thing about these five tips is there’s tension between them, which in my opinion is healthy. It’s not like a perfect recipe formula, it’s stuff that you have to grapple [00:03:30] with in your particular station of life, and the particular place your business is in, but the second one being, dream big on the future of your product.

Maybe right now you have an existing product, right? You may have what I call the repeatable unit; something that says, “Hey, I’m selling this every day like hot cakes. It’s easy …” I mean, it’s not easy, but it’s repeatable. And that’s how you grow your business. But you also don’t [00:04:00] need to just become status quo, you need to be thinking down the line and be thinking about the future of your product, and how it’s going to evolve, because I’m telling you, with internet and technology, evolution in the marketplace happens more than ever, so you’ve got to be ready for that.

Number three: look around for inspiration in other industries. Look around for inspiration in other industries. [00:04:30] Steve Jobs went to Xerox, where he found the first graphical monitor interface connected to a computer. He took that, and now we all are on iPhones. I’m streaming live on an iPhone now that’s propped up on a MacBook Pro, or a MacBook Air, and that’s how you get new, fresh ideas.

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Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!

Don’t always look to your competitors, but look at other verticals and industries so that you can make your industry better, your marketplace, [00:05:00] your economy that your product is a part of. Go to other industries and get new ideas.

Number four: stop doing exactly what you did yesterday. Your current results are a product of your current systems, and your habits, and your processes. Here’s some tension, right? You’ve got your repeatable product, the thing that you can sell all the time and make more money, and get new customers, but you also have [00:05:30] this tension of, “Is that enough now? Do I need to be trying new things?”

Jim Collins in “Good to Great” … I think it’s “Good to Great,” says, “Bullet, bullet, cannonball. Test, test, launch.” And so it’s very important for you to use that kind of method. You know, use your 80%, your 90%, on what’s working but reserve 10 or 20% for some R&D, for some new status quo challenging activities; systems, [00:06:00] processes, whatever that might be. Always be thinking ahead, don’t let a crash or a competitor sneak up on you.

Lastly, this is a great quote. “A great amount of craftsmanship stands between a great idea and a great product, or a great product execution.” That is, there’s a lot of work that goes into creating [00:06:30] a sustainable product that you can build a business around. Don’t take that for granted. If you’ve got something that’s working, don’t … or if you’re a startup, for instance.

If you’re going all over the place, you’ll never get the momentum that’s required of you to grow a business, and go up into the … right on the line chart graph with your revenue. You can’t bounce around, so you don’t need to take for granted [00:07:00] what momentum and velocity takes behind the product. It takes a lot of effort, a lot of concept proving, a lot of sales marketing research, and testing, and testing, and testing.

Really, one of the big tensions is, do I act in hesitancy, or do I just go all in and double down? There’s a tension there in entrepreneurship, and there’s no perfect answer, there’s no silver bullet. But you don’t need to take for granted [00:07:30] the amount of craftsmanship that goes into the execution of a great idea.

I’ll leave you with that. Kind of open-ended; I didn’t provide any rainbows, or unicorns, or silver bullets, I’m sorry. If you’re interested in more of my content, check out I’m a ClickFunnels user, I always mention that if you are not a ClickFunnels user, you should be. I build all of my sales funnels in ClickFunnels because it’s the best tool on the planet for that, in my [00:08:00] humble opinion.

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Hope this content was helpful. Picasso once said, “Good artists copy, and great artists steal.” Take that for what it’s worth. Talk to you soon. Thanks.

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