5 Easy Steps To Create Higher Converting Facebook Ads

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With more than a Billion people to target, Facebook has become the go-to-platform to reach new customers.

Facebook Ads are here to stay, like it or not. Now, with the forthcoming rollout of Instagram ads under the same platform umbrella, Facebook is only strengthening their position in the market place.

But, the secret sauce to Facebook Ads is knowing which ad creative and which audience targeting will work the best.

How do you know which ads to use?

Which ads are your competitors, who already have put a lot of thought and experimentation in it, use effectively? This guide will help you find which ads others (including your competitors) are using so you can copy their success.

These 5 steps will help you create more engaging Facebook Ad campaigns.

1. Go to The Facebook Ad Gallery Provided By Ad Espresso

Visit the gallery here.

2. Search Relevant Facebook Ad Templates That Are Really Being Used By Successful Competitors

You can use the search bar, or dropdown menus, to filter the gallery and find ads that are relevant to your industry or product. If you are providing an online education platform, search for the term ‘Education’. If you are selling electric vehicles, fill in the name of your competitors. Try out different searches to discover ads of major players in your industry, that are very likely to have put in the effort and expertise to create effective Facebook ads.

3. Select A Facebook Ad

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Now that you have a bunch of ads listed, select an ad that grabs your attention. Choose something that you think has a chance of appealing to your target audience.

4. Analyze the ad

Once the ad is selected, you’ll get a bunch of details that are useful for you to replicate a similar effect. You’ll see where this ad was placed (in stream or on the right side), The industry it’s targeting and the landing page it was linked to.

5. Learn and copy success

After reviewing a couple of ads, try recreating similar ads for your Facebook ad campaigns by using the lessons learned. Use your own images and adjust the text to fit your specific business and start experimenting. Creating ads is a science. Stand on the shoulders of giants to create better ads.

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