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Clickfunnels Pricing 2020 – The Ultimate Review of Clickfunnels Sales Funnel Builder

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Clickfunnels Pricing 2020: The Ultimate Review of Clickfunnels

Hey guys Josh here with Groovy Marketing and this post is all about Clickfunnels Pricing 2020. I want to tell you how to get the best deal on what you need to grow your business because the cost of Clickfunnels is different depending on what you need and where you are in the lifespan of your business.

In this post I’ll be talking about some of my favorite features (old and new), sharing some tips on getting the best deal for you business, and even throwing in a few secrets. I’m going to walk through the different pricing categories and what you get with each one so that you can determine what pricing option best fits the needs of your business.

I should probably start out by saying, I’m a pretty big fan of Clickfunnels. In fact, I’m one of their top affiliates, a 2 Comma Club Winner, and one of their dream car winners. I drive both of my businesses with this tool, and all of my sales funnels are built with Clickfunnels. One of my businesses is a 6 figure business, the other is a 7 figure business.

Now let me assure you my success with Clickfunnels and my online businesses didn’t happen overnight. I had to just start. And that is the BIGGEST thing that keeps people from starting an online business is literally just starting.

Let me go ahead and tell you, you just aren’t going to figure it all out from the beginning. You have to be willing to learn as you go. If you find yourself reading this post, congratulations. You’ve started, and I want to help you learn as you go.

The next step is to start your 14 Day Free Trial and join my email list to access your bonuses. I’ll send you all kinds of insights on how to build a sales funnels that can grow your business.

After your 14 Day Free Trial ends, you’ll be presented with these pricing options.

Clickfunnels Pricing 2020 and Features

There are two primary plans to choose from after you go through the 14 Day Free Trial.

The first option costs $97 a month and the other costs $297 per month plan.

Now, I want to talk about what plan is best for what kind of person.

The $97 Standard Plan is completely adequate for about 83% of the people reading this post. The 83% that have just started their business or are still in the process of dreaming and launching.

The other 17% to 20% probably already have an online business that has a cashflow. If you fall into this category, that $297 Clickfunnels Platinum Plan is really powerful.


What Comes With The Standard Plan?

Something else to consider when comparing the two plans is the difference between the number of landing pages and funnels allocated.

For the $97/month plan, you get:

 20 funnels

100 pages

20,000 visitors per month

3 custom domains

Aside from that, here are some of my favorite features that are included in the Standard Plan.

Share Funnels: This is great because it allows you to share the funnels you make with others and vice versa. If you have a sales funnel that is high converting, you can share it with anybody that shows interest.

Funnel Hacker Forum: Clickfunnels is great about creating community to help you learn. The Funnel Hacker Forum is a great opportunity to become an expert at Clickfunnels. This is an official community of Clickfunnels paying members only. The Funnel Hacker Forum gives you the rare opportunity to see what other people are doing within your industry, or an industry you want to be in, and how they’re achieving profit with their funnels. It allows you to borrow each others’ success.

FunnelFlix: This is a newer feature of Clickfunnels and it is absolutely my favorite.
FunnelFlix is basically like Netflix for Clickfunnels. It has all kinds of trainings to teach you how to be successful with Clickfunnels. I’ll talk about it more in depth later in this post, but here’s a teaser with some of the courses.

The FunnelFlix course includes the following:

  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • Ad Skills Training
  • Tony Robbins Private Collection
  • 100+ Funnel Templates
  • Free Book Funnel Template
  • Product Secrets
  • Free Webinar Template
  • Funnel Hacking Live
  • 10x Documentary
  • John Reese’s money Mindset training
  • Affiliate BootCamp

What Comes With Clickfunnels Platinum?


Your second pricing option is ClickFunnels Platinum which is basically a massive rebrand of the existing ClickFunnels Etison Suite plan, which was also priced at $297 per month. So if you are an existing Etison Suite member, you will automatically be put on the ClickFunnels Platinum, and Clickfunnels Platinum will continue to offer these amazing features:

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited landing page traffic
  • Email integration
  • A/B split tests
  • Multiple Users
  • Connect 9 Different Domains
  • Connect 9 Different Payment Gateways
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Actionetic (Replaced)
  • BackPack (Affiliate Program)

With this plan, you’ll be able to create Follow-Up Funnels, automate emails, texts, and messages so you can be connected with your customers and audience.

Ultimately, this plan is great if you are processing a high volume of sales.

In addition to all of these amazing features, the rebrand is provided even more value with new features exclusive for Clickfunnels Platinum members only.

These are the new features with Clickfunnels Platinum that are going to equip you to succeed with Clickfunnels software.

These exciting new features are:

  • Daily Virtual Hackathons
  • The Funnel Hacker Forum
  • (And my favorite) FunnelFlix

What is Funnel Flix?

If you want to know more about the features of Clickfunnels Platinum, you can check out this blog post here to learn more about it’s functions and features. But I do want to take a second to talk about FunnelFlix since it comes with the standard plan as well.

FunnelFlix is like the Netflix for entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and online business owners. Anything you’ve ever wanted to know about online business, I guarantee you, the answer is here.


With FunnelFlix, you have access to all these amazing licensed next level courses from Two Comma Club, Three Comma Club, and authoritative business gurus like Jay Abraham and Tony Robison!

On any given day, you can be faced with a situation and rest assured that FunnelFlix has your answer.

When you upgrade your account to Platinum, you’ll also unlock the PLATINUM section inside Funnel Flix, Clickfunnels course and training vault. 

Why I Use Clickfunnels Platinum

I want to emphasize again that I would really only recommend Clickfunnels Platinum to an established entrepreneur. Khris Digital agrees that the Platinum Plan is only needed for a large amount of business and traffic. If you’re just starting out, the Standard Plan is going to work great for you, and my tips and secrets on getting the best price are coming up. But I do want to tell you why I personally use Clickfunnels Platinum.

Choosing tools is what normally trips up online entrepreneurs.

It’s actually amazing that ANYONE has been successful online when you look at everything it takes just to get ONE sales funnel up and profitable.

But with ClickFunnels, you can accomplish an amazing amount of ROI actions with this “shortcut software” that literally makes this processes SO simple, that anyone on your team (even NON-techies) can do it!

The Clickfunnels Platinum provides me with enough digital “elbow room” to get maximum productivity out of my time–my most valuable resource and yours too– without constantly switching between accounts trying to keep everything congruent.

Let me give you a real life example.

In my experience leading an INC. 5000 listed company, I noticed that whenever our subscription payments to different online accounts went up on our budget, our productivity went down.


Because we were splitting our focus and activity into different “widgets” and tools rather than doubling down on STRENGTH.


Clickfunnels Platinum suite of tools became my oasis in this situation and allowed me to scale multiple revenue lines.


80/20 principle.  20% of your activity produces 80% of your results. So, if you are sharing activity between 3-6 different accounts trying to tape a sales funnel together, you are losing time and money. But as an online business owner, Clickfunnels Platinum has had everything I need.

The Best Deal on Clickfunnels Pricing 2020

Now that I’ve told you all about the two primary pricing options with Clickfunnels and all the value that comes with each, I want to tell you how to get the best deal on Clickfunnels. The way to get the best deal on Clickfunnels is by making an upfront payment. 

Funnel Builder Secrets – Start Here – $1997 for 6 months (includes the entire FARM!) 

Funnel Hacks 1 Year – Start Here – $2997 a year (Save $567 on Full Suite!)!

What’s great about both of these is that you’re GETTING THE CLICKFUNNELS PLATINUM with all its amazing features. The 6 month is really great because it allows you to have an arsenal of the best tools that Clickfunnels can provide for you. That is so powerful for you as you are just starting out, and saves you lots of time from having to shop other tools that are already included in this package. You’ve got your entire marketing stack for $1,997 for 6 whole months! If you’re looking for the best deal on Clickfunnels for 6 months, click here!

The $2,997 is the 12 month commitment and I would say that is the best deal for a current business owner. If you’re doing more than $15,000 to $100,000 a month, I would just go ahead and take the 12 month deal. If you’re looking for the best deal on Clickfunnels and want to save over $500 for their marketing suit, click here!

Clickfunnels Pricing 2020 Secret

Now, theres another plan out there that you just won’t be able to see except in one place. And that is through a shared funnel link. With this link, you can get Clickfunnels for just $19 a month.

Now, before your mouth starts watering, this plan is very much a back door to the functions of Clickfunnels. I know you’re thinking, “What’s the catch?” Well the catch is, it may not be as good as what it sounds because its a limited account.

With the $19 a month plan, you can only have 3 funnels, and you can’t add or subtract pages from those funnels. You can remove those funnels to then add new funnels.


I should probably explain more what a shared funnel is. It is one of the greatest features of Clickfunnels. It is a link that you click on and, boom. It automatically brings an entire sales funnel from anyone else’s account that shares with you into your account pre-built and ready to go. Now you’ve cut down on tons of time and all you have to do is customize the funnel to your brand and service/product.

(As a reminder, if you subscribe to my email list, I send you 23 of these for free.)

But after you click on the shared funnel, you will be directed you to a page where you have the option for the $97 plan, the $297 plan, and then the limited $19 plan.

I wouldn’t necessarily jump on this plan if you are still not sure about your business or Clickfunnels. I would encourage you to use the 14 Day Free Trial as a test run because it doesn’t have the restrictions that the limited $19 plan does.

Clickfunnels Pricing 2020: Why Clickfunnels Beats The Competition

At this point, you may be wondering, “Aren’t there other softwares that can help me grow my business?” Sure there are, but trust me, nothing even compares to everything Clickfunnels can do. On top of all of the other features already mentioned, here are some of my all time favorite features.

Split Testing

ClickFunnels won’t let you access certain types of pages and funnels based on account level (ClickFunnels pricing of $97+ gets you all the access), but you can always split test. The major issue with Clickfunnels’ competitors like Leadpages is that you don’t always get split testing capabilities. Split testing is crucial when building any funnel to grow a business. Why? Because it actually allows you to make the necessary changes for your sales funnel to become a converting machine. The of split testing is to have one page outperform the other according to your marketing goals. So the more you test, the more you make. If you want a deeper dive on split testing, check out this post.

The Trainings

Something that I absolutely love about Clickfunnels is the trainings they have. It shows me that Clickfunnels really does want you too succeed, they want to help you start your online business so you can get that dream income you’ve always wanted. They know that Clickfunnels can be intimidating to figure out and use when you first start out, so they offer a ton of support for you to get started.

You get tons of support through FunnelFlix, which is what I discussed in an earlier section.

Also, there’s a great Clickfunnels training called the One Funnel Away Challenge. Basically, the One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30 day challenge to get your first sales funnel launched. If you want to know more about the challenge, check out this post.


Page Editor

You’ll find there is a time when you need to make changes to your sales funnel to perpetuate more efficient conversion rates. The ability to easily make these critical changes based on the data you get from split tests is crucial. Luckily, Clickfunnels makes this so easy with its drag and drop page editor.

On the other hand, some of Clickfunnels’ competitors limit how much you can edit your page. Even basic things like what your headline is.

Their logic, I suppose, is that they don’t want you to mess up, but shouldn’t you be the judge on whether you’re able to create a proper landing page?

That being said, I’m a huge fan of the custom pages that ClickFunnels offers.

Affiliate Program

If you are an online marketer, blogger, or podcaster there’s a lot of passive income to be made by taking advantage of affiliate programs, and Clickfunnels has one of the best affiliate programs around!

With the Clickfunnels’ affiliate program, you receive a 40% lifetime recurring affiliate commissions for every sale you send their way.

That’s pretty amazing, and the more you use Clickfunnels to grow your own personal business, the easier it will be able for you to talk passionately about it and sell it.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Click Funnels and get paid a commission if you choose to start an account by using one of my links in this post. There is no additional cost to you. Plus, if you do use my links I will share bonus materials AND I will include my best converting funnels directly from my account. 


ClickFunnels Integrations

An area where Clickfunnels just can’t be beat is the amount of softwares they integrate with, making online business so easy.

Email Integrations:

Payment Integrations:

LeadPages Integrations:

Email Integrations:


Webinar Integrations:

Clickfunnels Pricing 2020: Other Products

Going along with the trainings, there are even more Clickfunnels products created by Russell Brunson to help you learn how to build a successful sales funnel and grow your business.

Dotcom and Expert Secrets Pricing

Dotcom Secrets is a great book written by Russell Brunson. This book will teach you you how to create a sales funnel from the very beginning. You’ll learn how to sell and market your products and service online.

The book also walks you through the entire process of maximizing your profits through strategies like upselling and downselling according to Entrepreneurs Class. If you’re serious about building a sales funnel and maximizing profits online, this book is a great read.

Expert Secrets is another great book written by Russell Brunson. The book covers strategies on how to create a following of amazing fans who will buy your product and service.


It’s a really great resource teaching you the art of storytelling and how important that is when marketing your product. The Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets books work together to help you become a sales funnel genius.

You can get both books at a discount when you go through their free plus shipping funnel. The only thing you have to pay for is shipping. You’ll pay $7 if you base in the US and $14 for international.


Now that you understand the Clickfunnels pricing, cost, plans and other products, it is time to decide which one fit your business. At the end of the day, I happily pay the top tier because Clickfunnels is the central nervous system to my business.

No matter what industry or niche you’re in, whether you’re a restraunteur, a consultant, or you have physical good that you sell, Clickfunnels is your platform to acquire new customers, increase average transaction value, and ultimately have the longest customer value possible. And those are the three ways to grow any business.

I would encourage you, if you’re still in the “I don’t know,” phase after reading this, you just need to start.

The best way to do that is to start your 14 Day Free Trial and join my email list. I’ll send you all kinds of insights on how to build a sales funnels, and what you need to grow your business.


Now, how do you get the best deal? We all know that you can’t beat FREE…and you can certainly experience free with their 14-Day Trial here. Disclaimer: At no extra charge to you, I get paid a commission when you sign up. As a “Thank You” I provide you with bonuses–LOTS OF THEM!

Sales Funnel Blueprint: This is my Clickfunnels Basic Training Course, with everything you need to know about how to build the most high converting funnels and how to drive traffic to them. There’s great stuff in this course that you don’t want to miss. From copywriting to driving sales, this course has everything you need to market your product.

Dream Car Marketing Course: This course is a comprehensive training teaching you all my secrets on how I became one of Clickfunnels’ top affiliates and a Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner. This course gives you access to a 100 Day Social Media/Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp. If you’re looking to make some extra vacation money for your family, (and looking for your dream car) this course is for you.

Youtube Traffic Formula: It shouldn’t be a secret that now more than ever people are consuming content through video instead of reading online. That’s just the world we live in today, and if you’re looking to be relevant in the online marketplace with video, you need this course! This course teaches you how to get people to see your product and service on Youtube by giving you the tips and tricks you need to rank your Youtube videos fast. Want your Youtube videos at the top of the search? You need this course!

The Funnel Hacking Playbook: My funnel hacking playbook so you can mimic what other successful online entrepreneurs do with their sales funnels

The Moneyline Adshop Facebook Training:  Facebook Ads can be frustrating for many people to use. But I’ve built my 6 figure and 7 figure businesses by garnering traffic through paid social media ads. If you want to know how to build and launch high converting Facebook ads in any industry, this course is for you.

My Roadmap to Email Marketing Course– You may think that email marketing is dead, but it actually one of the most effective ways to get people to become your loyal customer. This course is all about increasing your open rate by teaching you how to provide value to people so that they will start to know, like, and trust you and become one of your biggest fans. Want to increase your open rate in emails? This course is for you!

Two Comma Club Funnel Blueprint– This training is on everything you need to know about setting up custom domains for free inside your Clickfunnels Account! Need to know the ins and outs of Clickfunnels and setting up domains? This course is for you!

All My Other Bonuses:

– 23 Pre-Built Sales Funnels that you can import directly into your Clickfunnels account.

– Unlimited email support so I can help you with your sales funnel that you build with Clickfunnels

– 1 Free Copy of Russell Brunson’s book, DotCom Secrets

– Free Training Video On How To Increase Sales By 150% with ClickFunnels