5 Private Parts In The Anatomy of A Fantastic Landing Page…And…What The Experts Are Hiding From You In Plain Sight

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 You'll Want To Use This Image As The Key For This Whole Post

You’ll Want To Use This Image As The Key For This Whole Post

Written from my basement, during a tornado, down south, by candle light.

Today is about private parts. Yep. 

And one “secret sauce” to converting more leads that the gurus simply won’t tell you in plain language.

I am going to expose the full anatomy of what I call a “super page” or a landing page that works really, really well.

Now, contrary to my pics, I build all of my landing pages EASILY with Click Funnels(you can test it out for free here with my link...and when you do, I’ll send you 6 pre-built sales funnels you can clone directly into your account…I get a commission if you choose to buy at no extra cost to you).

Sending digital traffic to my Evernote moleskin journal would be tricky…

…now buckle up.

5 Private Parts In The Anatomy of A Fantastic Landing Page

1. Your Headline Needs To Crush It

 Get ALL My Online Business Hacks For Just $29 !  

Get ALL My Online Business Hacks For Just $29 !  

I could rattle off some sort of stat like 80% of the people who read your entire page do so because of the landing page.

Well there, I did it.

Your headline is the plow horse, the steam engine of your landing page. Learn how to write headlines and learn how to make lots of money.

2. Use A Sub-Headline To Draw Them In

The main headline knocks them over the head. The sub-headline drags them back to the cave.

I’m not kidding, think about the pain your prospect has. The sub-headline should intensify their pain…twist the knife.

Now they are psychologically in this thing with you. Or, rather, you are now in it with them.

3. Bullet Points: Sell The Better Version of “Themselves”

This part of the anatomy should include the brighter future. They don’t care about your sexy widget. They don’t care how much time you spent creating it.

They only care about themselves. They only want you to fix their problem. They want to taste the honey from the promised land.

So, give them a taste…in three to four bullet points. Quick. In and out.

This private part normally has to do with what your lead magnet will do for them. I can’t tell you enough: make sure your lead magnet makes sense for your audience. More on this later in the post.

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4. Use A Picture or Video

People are like apes. They love the shiny object.  They’re like my kids. Turn on Dora The Explorer or American Ninja Warrior and they are all in.

One well curated image alone could do all the work your copy wants to do. One raw video from your iPhone could be the level of candid trust they are thirsty for.

At the end of the day, trust and authority sells. Period.

5. One Call To Action Per Page

Ok, this is where I get a little sassy. You only put ONE call to action(CTA) on your landing page. Pretend your landing page is Houdini’s water tank trick. 

No escape…but one. They either close their browser or follow through with what you want them to do. Whatever it is you want from them, take it. 

Don’t give them an About Us link to click on. Don’t give them a blog link. Don’t have any other live links on the page that take traffic away from the primary call to action.

Conversion rates will suffer every time you add a new link. Each link represent escape hatches.

The human nature always wants to find a way out. They want to enter fast and by choice. They want to exit fast and by choice.

Your job is to create a landing page that makes them want to stay, hold hands with you and listen to how you are going to solve their problem.

BONUS: The Secret Sauce

This is the framework that few will talk about and all the successful marketers use.  It’s secret marketing bbq sauce.

1. Right Offer


2. Right Audience


3. Right Medium

Keep these tightly married together and you’ll win big on the revenue side of things.

I’ll let you noodle on this one. I’ll expound more on a later post.  Just know, that if you have an obstacle or a bottleneck in your sales funnel…

…it has to do with one of these three things not working well with the other two.

Now, hopefully, after this post you can go create this.

By the way, I fully endorse building your landing pages in Click Funnels. If you don’t have a landing page builder already(see my post on why I ditched Leadpages and some of their buddies here…and retreated to Click Funnels).

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