The Eternal List of Marketing Geniuses You Should Follow Now

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I’ve had a lot of people ask me lately, “How do I get better?” Specifically, in the realm of internet marketing.  I’ll be adding to this frequently, so check back often.

So, without further ado, I’ve categorized my favorite influencers by area of focus.


Andre Chaperon: I literally have read every email he has ever written…I think. The below link is his $297 course that I would reccomend over any other investment you make online. If I could pick only one investment, this would be it. Heck, you’ll learn more from his sales page than most courses out there. Just watch this guy at least…he’s a genius.

Auto Responder Madness(ARM)

Neville Medhora: Easily the most practical teacher and down to earth mind when it comes to teaching us dummies how to write “kopy”.

Kopywriting Kourse 

Nev Blog

Josh Earl: This guy is a true talent and ghost writes for some of the best marketing minds on the world wide web.

Josh’s Blog

 Get ALL My Online Business Hacks For Just $29 !

Get ALL My Online Business Hacks For Just $29 !

CoSchedule: This group of minds is a fantastic well of tools and copy magic.

Headline Analyzer


Direct Response Marketing Strategy – Funnel Experts

Dan Kennedy/GKIC – Dan is considered the “godfather of direct response marketing”. Best known for his NO B.S. Guides To Marketing, he is truly one of the greatest marketers of our time. Make sure you grab this pioneers training at every chance you can consume it.

Russel Brunson: He’s “one of us”. Normal guy who uses his 10+ years of successful internet marketing learnings to guide us through funnel hacking and sales funnel success.

Dotcom Secrets(Free Book – Total Game Changer)

Russel’s Blog 

Click Funnels Blog

Click Funnels(Russel’s software for funnel buidling/2 week free trial)

The Perfect Webinar (free training)

Perry Marshall: I call him the Doc Brown of internet marketing. He literally wrote the book on Good Adwords and I also read everything he sends out. His 80/20 platform has literally changed the way I run my business and teach others. Wow.

Perry’s Blog

Perry’s 80/20 Sales & Marketing Book(Free Book – I read this once every 3 months)

Digital Marketer: Ryan Deiss and crew. They spend millions in paid ads every year and show us all their learnings. Plus, they have some unreal resources. Don’t miss their new podcast…

DM Blog

DM Podcast – Perpetual Traffic 

Email Marketing Genius

Andre Chaperon: I mentioned Andre above in the Copywriting section, but utlimately his ability to sell to tiny email lists(which is taught in ARM below) is his true super power.  His ability to write easy to receive copy and mastermind “soap opera sequencing” is a deadly conversion combination. 

Auto Responder Madness(ARM)

Noah Kagan: I really like this guy. Great personality and uncanny email marketing skills. He also started SumoMe, an app you can install on your site to generate more leads. It’s amazing.

OkDork Blog

Brian Harris: Brian is an incredible success story that everyone can relate with. He’s a scientist of sorts and figure out how to do stuff(really well) then he shows you how to do it on his blog.  Amazing content.

Video Fruit Blog

Content and Inbound Marketing Jedi Stuff



Buffer Blog

Neil Patel: Neil is world class when it comes to content marketing. Just by visiting his blog you get smarter. Literally, like when you land on his page you immediately get 50 IQ points added to your brain. I kid you not.

Quicksprout Blog


CoSchedule Blog

Fizzle: These guys live for us little guys.  Entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere are following these guys around like a parade marshall.  They have the best chemistry on the planet that you can experience on their podcast, The Fizzle Show.

Fizzle Blog

Fizzle Podcast – The Fizzle Show

Hubspot: Where Marketers Go To Grow…great tagline.

Hubspot Marketing Blog

As I said, I’ll be adding to this blog post often. Chime in below in the comments and let me know your favorite so I can add to the list too!


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