How Marketing Magic Happens – Four Points of Structure For Any Marketing Process

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I mentioned in this blog post that there’s no such thing as a magic wand when it comes to sales & marketing.

Marketing is the air support to any successful sales mechanism. 


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Learn more marketing magic with Sales Funnel Blueprint TODAY! Only $29!

Most businesses do one of the following:

  • Completely neglect the marketing process.
  • Implement a marketing process that is disconnected from their audience’s needs.

Both of these bullet points create a huge problem: lots of attempted sales with little to no results.

So, you remedy that with a system, a well developed marketing system to make sure things are effective.  The more acute and clear your marketing message is, the more efficient your sales cycle will be.

Four Points of Marketing Magic

1. Message – This is utterly and completely the most important thing you have to perfect. Your message is the one thing that the audience, dizzy with the white noise of today’s advertising onslaught, can cling to. Spend the most time on this piece.

Ask the question: What can I say to make sure we are clearly understood and set apart from the rest? 

Domino’s Pizza has a great message along the lines of “Hot, fresh pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less.”  Unmistakably clear.  


2. Vehicle – This consists of the delivery methods needed to extend your Message to your audience in a qualified manner.

Ask the question: What mediums can we/do we use to systematically deliver the story to prospects and customers?

The most common include blogs, social media, email marketing, case studies, etc.  These are all VERY common mediums, but also commonly misused.  YOU MUST use mediums, however, that your client avatar is most likely to be interacting with.  You also want to build a Vehicle that consists of at least two high traffic examples of these mediums for maximum exposure.


3. Content – This is the value, education, tools and “meat” that you will offer your audience in very specific ways.  Content is why your audience will keep listening to you, should listen to you and will ultimately crown you as an authority in your vertical. If the Message is in the driver’s seat of your Vehicle, then Content is sitting in the passenger seat.  Your Content will ultimately tell people WHAT they need to do, but not necessarily tell them HOW to do it.  Knowing what they need is half the battle and the beginning of breakthrough for them. You offering that knowledge to them is a great use of your Content.

Ask the question: What can I offer my audience that will validate and support my Message?


 Learn more marketing magic with Sales Funnel Blueprint TODAY! Only $29!

Learn more marketing magic with Sales Funnel Blueprint TODAY! Only $29!

4. Solution – Your solution is going to be the offer you can make to your audience in order to convert sales.  This is your product.  Your Solution should deliver the “How” that your Content did not give them.  Often times, marketers try to perfect the solution too soon and neglect their message and content.  This is the item you will drive revenue with only after your Message has been reinforced properly with Content that is delivered with the proper Vehicle to your audience.

Ask the questions: What offer/solution can I make that tangibly delivers the hope that my Message talks about? 


Which of these four points do you need the most help with?  

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