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We’re doing a little experiment over at Groovy Marketing for you who want growth hacks for your business income.

It’s not open to the public. This private beta round is only open to Groovy Marketing Insiders(that’s you.

This feature will fast track start ups and existing businesses alike.

There are roadblocks that you face in your business. Questions you don’t have the answers for.

This keeps you from making more money.

Introducing Groovy Advisor. Your personal marketing advisor for $100/month.

Here’s How It Works

1. You subscribe to the beta period of one month for $100.

2. Your personal marketing advisor (yours truly) will personally email you once a week with advice, based on your specific product and industry… 

..Tips, tricks, what to focus on throughout the week. I’ll be doing research around your niche, product and audience to help you the best possible way. 

You also can email me as often as you want, to ask for advice, guidance, feedback, etc. and you’ll get a reply within 24 hours.

3. If by the end of the month you feel you haven’t gained any value from the service, you can ask for a full refund. Zero risk on your side. If it’s helpful, we’ll keep rolling to the next month.

 Get Your FREE Copy of Expert Secrets Here!

Get Your FREE Copy of Expert Secrets Here!

Interested in joining the private beta for 1 month?

Send me a message using the short form below(There are only 5 spots left for this batch. Don’t miss the opportunity.)

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