The Only Focus You Need For More Business Growth Now

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Get Your FREE Copy of Dotcom Secrets Here!

So many entrepreneurs that I coach come to me because they aren’t making enough money to reach their goals…

…you know, the goals constantly nagging at you in the cortex of your brain?

There’s some evil spell(I’ll cover that in a sec) that most people are stricken with that keeps them from doing the one thing they need to do in order to grow a business:


News flash: You have to sell to get that freedom you are reaching for. Especially when you are small or just starting out.  

You have to sell something NOW to start the road to autonomy, hiring new people, increase cash flow or go to Disney World every year with your family…

Whatever it is…your dream.

That evil spell?  It’s the one that makes you feel like you’ve got to get everything JUUSST right before you start or continue selling.

Stop it. Stop it right now. Go sell something.

And hey…if you’re waiting for the internet king to drop by and knight you “worthy of selling to people because I’ve proven myself” don’t hold your breath.

That’s not going to happen.  Go sell something this week.  Put money in the bank account.  Heck, pre-sell something…

…or sell someone else’s product and get a commission.

Don’t go building castles(i.e. business frameworks/systems) that nobody is going to move into.

That’s a waste of your time and time is your golden currency.

Put Evernote, Google Docs and that $19 course you bought on Clickbank down.

Create an offer today and sell it. JUST. GET. SALES.  

To whom?

Well, do you already have customers? Great. Go sell them something else. They are 1 million times more likely to buy from you.

The first dollar is the hardest to get. The second dollar is the easiest.

Customers hold the “skeleton key” that unlocks the door to your goals. Never forget that.

No customers? That’s fine. Do you have subscribers or an email list? Email them this week and sell them something.

And if you don’t have an email list…good chance you have Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Open up to them. 

Go one-to-one.  You may have to do the non-scalable activities before you have a proven method that can be scalable.

Tell them you are trying to get a business going and this is what you are doing. Tell them you’d love their help growing it and that you are looking for fantastic early customers.

Then serve the heck out of them…use them as success stories.

And hey, don’t short change yourself on pricing.  Be aggressive.  If you are going to give someone your time, charge them 2-3 times what you think you should charge them.

When people pay, they pay attention. 

Bottom line, find someone and sell them something today. If you need help fixing or creating your business revenue, let me know. 

Stay Groovy,

Josh “sell something” Rhodes
Groovy Marketing

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