5 Ways My Emergency Root Canal Can Teach You How To Get More Customers

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Wanna know exactly what the customer wants from you?

I’ll tell you.

He wants you to take his pain away.

He doesn’t want you to dance around talking about all your skills.

He doesn’t want you to counsel him.

He wants you to extract the pain.

Let me illustrate this with a recent emergency I found myself in.

I was driving on interstate 20 eastbound into Atlanta, GA…home of the Braves, the CDC and tons of rappers.

Go figure.

I stopped to get a healthy snack.  Kettle chips, of course.

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BBQ ranch, Cape Cod brand…scrumdiddlyumptious.

Half way through the chip bag and an old U2 album I bit down on what should’ve been bliss.

Instead, that chip cracked my tooth in half like a Manhattan jackhammer.

Ninety seconds later I’ve got an exposed nerve screaming at my brain.

It was after hours and dentists tend to go home at 5pm.

I knew exactly what was happening.

It had happened to me before back in ‘Nam.

Crack tooth = exposed nerve = ROOT CANAL.

I can’t explain to you the pain. To say the words “icepick to the brain”, does the situation no justice.

It’s a pain unlike any other. Throbbing pain would actually be a massive act of mercy. 

This is piercing, relentless pain. Inescapable agony.

I had to drink ice water every 90 seconds to numb the pain so that I could function.

I calculated 260 ounces by the end of the experience.

I stop at 3 different Walgreen’s cause I’m Youtubing home remedies that I should try.

Nothing works.

I bootleg some prescription pain-killer from a friend in town.


I wish you could’ve been there.

All I wanted was for you to take the tooth and all the pain away.  I wanted it gone.

Finally, my buddy gets a dentist on the phone.

But there were conditions:

– I have to drive 45 minutes.
– I have to bring all cash.

Shady to say the least, but I didn’t care. I want it gone.

It was 8:39PM.

By now, the lortab has settled in nice and firm.  I’m dizzy and in pain.

Can’t drive.

So my buddy drives me down the most nausea filled roads in north Atlanta.  

We pull up in a grocery store parking lot.

The dental office resides on the side of the grocery store.

I kid you not…

Shady characters sitting outside. Bent metal blinds in the windows…

…I think they are about to take a kidney from me too.

I don’t care. Take it with my tooth.  Just get this exposed nerve the hell out of my head.

I step out of the car and won’t go into the details of me divulging all my dinner due to the nausea.

Plus 260 ounces of water…reminded me of a bad college experience.


I go inside and get in the chair as fast as they will let me.

Within seconds a lovely dentist is hovering over me telling me it’s all gonna be ok.

Sticks a needle in my mouth…

And she took away the pain.  Then she fixed it all.

Then, she said that will be $1800 and I gladly paid her.


Why? Because I am only concerned with a life without pain.

Why? Because I’m human and that’s how I’m wired.

When you are writing your sales copy…or any copy…

…remember that the listener only cares about themself.

Not being harsh. It’s just psychology.  It’s human nature.

So, apply this to your business. What are denying your customer right now that they want?

What are they suffering from?

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Give them an out.

In summary:

1. Take away their pain and they will pay you.

2. Sell to them while they have an exposed nerve.

3. Identify the “bleeding neck” problem they have by talking to them. Get inside the everyday pain that your customer will keep paying you for.

4. Structure your headlines and body text around the pain they want you to extract.

5. The customer only cares about them self.

If you do these things alone, you’ll multiply sales with little optimization.

Apply optimization techniques and you’ve struck gold.

Maybe even a golden tooth?

Not my style, but hey go for it if you want.

What business are you in? Tell me about it…what’s your customers “pain”? Let’s talk it out right here on this crazy blog in the comments or just sign up for a chance to win a built for you sales funnel here:

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  • Josh, This is fantastic. Can you consult my company? Amazing.

  • Hi Josh. I must say that I’m extra grateful today that I’ve been blessed with great teeth. My husband, on the other hand, has suffered plenty with teeth that seem little sturdier than a piece of chalk.

    This is a fantastic analogy. We hear all the time about ‘taking away their pain’, but this is such a graphic illustration.

    My company develops marketing courses that are broken down into simple, actionable steps that anyone can understand. My clients’ pain is losing business because they don’t know how to effectively use digital media and can’t pay someone else to do it. I take away the ‘this is a waste of time because I’m too stupid to do this’ pain.

    Thanks for a wonderful article.

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning

  • Josh Rhodes says:

    Leslie, what is your company? Post a link here…thanks for your comment:)

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