How To Get People To Pay You For Your Product Or Service

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So you want to get people to pay you for your product or service.

Excellent. You are in the right place.

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Here are the main essentials to making sure your sales funnel doesn’t have any “leaks”.  Leaky funnels, after all, equal diluted sales.

1. Take A Step Back – Get Clear

Ok, you crazed fanatic. I know you’re excited.  Just pull the reigns back a bit and think there Sparky.

…Oh, you’re scared…fearful, even, that your idea won’t work?

Or you’re so fired up that you can’t think straight…like The Tazmanian Devil?

Join the club. It’s natural. The fear and/or the craziness comes from a lack of clarity.

Often times, thinking gets bypassed in the scurry we call entrepreneurship.

“Close your computer(after you read this whole thing, of course). Dust the cobwebs off your notebook and write.  Write out what you want to do.”

Write down your goals and when you want to achieve them by.

Write out why you want to sell your “thing” to begin with. More money? Save the planet? Feed more animals?

You don’t have to write a ton…just get some thoughts out of that crazy ass brain of yours.  When in doubt, use the below to give you structure.

2. Identify Your Customer

Who is he? Or is it more likely a “her”? Could be both…

Dial this in super close right now.  

Do your best to identify the following about them:

-What represents their desires?
-Who/What do they see as a villain?
-Who/What do they see as a hero?
-What do they want?
-Who gets their attention te most?
-Do they have money to spend?
-Who is their best friend?
-What do they hate?
-What do they love?

These are great guide rails for your copywriting. Copy will be CRUCIAL as you begin to persuade them to buy with your emails and sales funnel pages, etc.

3. Pinpoint The “Bleeding Neck” Pain

Spend a ton of time right here.

Picture the customer that you identified in step 2 running around like they are in an episode of The Walking Dead.

What’s wrong with them? How can your product heal them RIGHT NOW.

“They don’t care about your product. They only want you to fix their problem. They only want a better version of themselves.”

If you know what their bleeding neck pain is, you will know how to hook them in your approach…

…earn the right to have a conversation with them.

This piece is massive.

4. Agitate The Pain

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This isn’t a sadistic tactic. It’s for real. The point isn’t to make them wallow in self misery.

Humans are dull. Humans are disctractable. Humans self medicate.

That mixture of natural flaws(that we are all born with) is a recipe for no sales.

So, you have to twist the knife a little to remind them that if they don’t reach for the solution, there are consequences…

…like living with that pain a second longer.

5. Make A Compelling Offer

Now that they are downright angry with their problems/pains, it’s time to be the good guy.


Remember, they don’t care about you or your widget.  They only care about the greener pasture…the other side of the fence…the better place.

You need to sell them that in order to you sell your product. 

Pro Tip: Leverage scarcity and limited time offers to immediately increase sales.

Pro Tip #2: Provide only ONE call to action. If it’s an email…one call to action. If it’s a sales page in your funnel…one call to action.

Options confuse and water down decision-making.

“A large percentage of people who read an ad and decide to act will forget that decision in five minutes” ~ Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising

Don’t turn your offer into a Subway Sandwich shop with a thousand different combinations.

Focus your customer…for them.

In summary:

1. Take A Step Back – Get Clear
2. Identify Your Customer
3. Pinpoint The Bleeding Neck Pain
4. Agitate The Pain
5. Make A Compelling Offer

Now, drive traffic to your sales funnel and make that cash register sing! (or make those credit cards swipe…whatever)

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