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5 Essentials For Profitable ClickFunnels Plus Bonuses To Help You Super-Charge Your Results

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Building a profitable sales funnel can be both easy and awkward. 

The good news is that setting up a sales funnel is simple with ClickFunnels.

The software makes it possible to set up a funnel literally in minutes.

This blog walks you through the elements you need to build a sales funnel and turn it into a profit-making machine on autopilot. 

There are five essentials involved:

Making An Enticing Offer

Your offer is the foundation of your sales funnel. Without a good, solid offer, you simply don’t have a profitable funnel.

No matter how great your funnel, if no one wants your offer, then the effort you put in is wasted.

Your offer can be the difference between making no money and becoming a multimillionaire.

Find out whether your offer is viable and if there’s a hungry market for it. Spend time researching whether people will bite off your hand because they’re so excited about what you’re offering.

Pat Flynn, from Smart Passive Income gives some good tips on how to validate  your idea before wasting your time and money.

Basically, you’re looking to create an enticing offer that provides massive amounts of value.

For example, if a product or service is worth $10,000 and is being offered for $200.00, then, of course, it’s an irresistible offer. 

Another way to make your offer irresistible is to give away a ton of free bonuses. Here are my personal free gifts you’ll get when using my affiliate link to sign up to ClickFunnels:

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Write Irresistible Copy

This is a major part of your hard-to-resist offer. Creating irresistible copy helps form an emotional connection with your readers so they are compelled to take action.

Great copy will pull readers who want to know more about you and your offer. 

Write it well and they’ll want in!

The thing about writing great copy is that it normally takes months or even years to master. Copywriters demand a lot of money, with an average rate of $150 per hour.

But, with Funnel Scripts from ClickFunnels, you don’t have to be a professional copywriter to create engaging and compelling copy.

Funnel Scripts is specialized software that includes scriptwriters that can help anyone, from the novice to the experienced copywriter. 

Funnel Scripts is your secret weapon when creating excellent copy that focuses on helping your target market solve their problems. 

Click here to read my Essential Guide to Funnel Scripts to find out more about turning yourself into a copywriting magic machine.

Focus On Your Flow

The third essential of a profitable funnel is getting the flow right. You have to find out how your different offers work together throughout the entire funnel. 

You’ll be sending more than one item in the sales funnel unless you’re hosting a webinar to sell one thing.

It pays to have the mindset of maximum profitability when you’re creating the flow of a sales funnel. Think about how each of your offers will create an increased desire for the next one. The best flow in a sales funnel is getting your products to interact together seamlessly.

You don’t want customers to be bombarded with offers so they get tired and turned off your whole sales funnel.

 You should test the right timing, so there’s not too much of a lag between one offer and the next.

To flow properly, the products you sell in your sales funnel must match each other so when you present the next one, your customers will say, “of course, I need this to make it better.”

You will see this strategy with ClickFunnels. 

The software on its own is awesome, but you also get additional discounts and offers to give the fundamental functionality a boost. You can get things like, special codes to make the funnels more effective and different add-ons to make your life easier and your funnels more profitable.

For example, the Clickfunnels Clickstart Program helps you to achieve a higher customer satisfaction and boost your bottom line by providing personalized 1-1 attention and support. 

Click here for the full rundown of Clickfunnels Clickstart Program.

One thing to keep in mind when designing the flow of your sales funnel, is that your first and lowest offer, has to have almost the same (or equal) value as your one-time offer. 

Although this may sound confusing, it’s logical because without customers buying into your low-cost offer, you won’t have the chance to sell them your one-time offer.

 In short, your low-cost offer will need to blow them away even if you take a small hit on the profits.

So, make sure that the first offer is the best so people will come to expect value and will trust you when you present your next offer.

Be Determined To Follow Up

Even if you build the perfect sales funnel, you will still have to follow up on potential customers. 

It’s not because there’s anything wrong with your sales funnel, but because people lead busy lives.

They may have the intention to sign up, but then they get distracted. You need to use different tools to make sure you follow up. You can use tools like:

  • Text messages

  • Emails

  • Messenger bots

  • Retargeted ads         

Take the following action to get the most out of your follow-ups:

  • Create a follow-up schedule

Creating a schedule for your follow-up messages is an important part of creating a profitable funnel because the stats show that 47% of people make larger purchases when they’re nurtured.

Your follow-ups should be timely without being annoying. You need to set a time limit on how long you’ll follow-up with potential customers, whether three, six or twelve months. 

You should also have a way of analyzing the amount of interest after a follow-up to determine important factors, like:

  • Do your prospects ignore your follow-ups altogether? 

  • Are your messages being opened but not clicked-through? 

You should have a plan to use more than one follow-up platform. Templates can save you a ton of time if you opt to use email. ClickFunnels’ Actionetics email templates make it easy to send the right follow-up messages. 

With Actionetics, you can create personalized and branded email templates to segment your list so you can send the right follow-up emails to different prospects. This will help to:

  • Nurture your leads better.

  • Assess your follow-up strategies.

  • Reduce the time to send follow-ups.

  • Increase the chances of conversion.

Drive The Right Traffic

The last essential for building profitable funnels is driving traffic to your sales funnel. Without traffic, no one will see your sales funnel. 

Most people use Facebook ads to get qualified leads and send traffic to their sales funnel.

Want better performing Facebook ads? Check out my “Facebook Marketing Madness – How To Launch High Converting Ads in Any Space” free bonus.

You can also use the following sources to send traffic to your sales funnel:

  • Start a Facebook group

Facebook groups are getting more and more popular.  According to Adweek, Google indexes more than 620 million Facebook groups. When done right, Facebook groups help establish and maintain your brand. Because these groups are a place where you give value, you become a trusted source of information.

Use your Facebook group to give free advice to your members. After you’ve proven you’re an expert and gained your members’ trust, you can then drive traffic to your sales funnel.

  • Host a podcast

You can document your journey with a podcast. It will engage listeners if you talk about how you started your business and what’s happening in your everyday life, while also giving them tips on how to succeed.

A podcast develops a relationship of trust with your audience so they’ll feel like they already know you before they invest in your sales funnel.

  • Create educational YouTube videos

 The power of video is growing. After Google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world.

Shooting educational videos can drive a huge amount of traffic to your sales funnel, while building your audience. Again, giving away free and valuable information will allow you to build an element of trust with your audience.

If you keep showing up with your YouTube videos, you will become familiar and people will listen to you if the information provided is useful.

If you want the inside scoop on how to use video to boost your income, read my blog on How Video Marketing Can GREATLY Increase Your Revenue with the Best Affiliate Programs.

  • Make use of Pinterest

Pinterest can sometimes be underestimated, but the platform has a dedicated following of active users. There are 250 million monthly active users on Pinterest.

Pinterest does take some time to build an audience, but when you gain traction by creating the right pins and joining the right boards, it can make a huge difference to the traffic driven to your site and your sales funnel.

Looking for a way to make the most out of social media to get your sales funnel in front of the right audience? Click here for the official “100 Day Social Media/Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp”.

The main thing when driving traffic to your sales funnel is to ensure that you’ve built up your authority on the subject and you’ve developed some degree of trust.

When building traffic, you should aim to focus on one or two strategies at one time.

Find out where your ideal prospects hang out and then attack that platform with all your might and resources and when you’ve mastered it, move onto the next.

Final thoughts

Now that you know the five essentials for building a profitable sales funnel, I’d like to help you get there even faster with my free bonuses.

Grab 23 Done For You Sales Funnels absolutely FREE when you start a free 14 Day Trial of ClickFunnels Using My Referral Link. I’ll send your 23 ready-to-use sales funnels straight to your email account after you sign up.

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