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Funnel Scripts – An Essential Guide To The Copywriting Magic Machine

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Creating compelling content is the backbone of any business and today I want show you what’s possible with Funnel Scripts, the tool brought to you by the geniuses at Clickfunnels.

Great content allows you to connect with your audience, drives them to take action and ultimately increases sales.

Mastering copywriting is an important skill for business owners who want to be head and shoulders above their competition.

In fact, it’s predicted that content marketing will be a $300 billion industry in 2019.

This means that you have to find ways to create compelling content for your blogs, sales letters, sales funnels, etc to send the right message to your audience.

Your communication needs to show that you:

  • Know your audience’s needs.

  • Understand their pain points.

  • Are convinced your goods or services provide the solution.

Although we all know the importance of creating compelling content to grow our business, copywriting can be hard because it’s not the same as the writing we learned at college.

But how do you reap the rewards of great copy if you don’t have the skills or the time?

One way is to outsource. But this could be expensive because good copywriters don’t come cheap. Top copywriters can charge up to $150 per hour.

It would be great if you could benefit from compelling and great copy, even if you don’t have the skills, the time or the budget to outsource your copywriting.

You’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to be a sales copy guru to create content that converts.

What if I told you that there was a simple way to create the perfect copy for your sales funnel (and other content) to increase engagement, conversions and ultimately sales?

This is where Funnel Scripts come in.

Funnel Scripts includes script writers that help you to create copy that focuses on your target market’s pain points, needs and how your products or services address or solve their problems.

How does Funnel Scripts work?

Funnel Scripts is web-based, so there’s no need to download to your computer and no software to install.

You simply need to know the information requested for different scripts. This is easy because it’s information that’s related to your business.

With Funnel Scripts, the inconvenience, hard work and time involved in creating the perfect content is a thing of the past.

To help boost the power of your content, Funnel Scripts provides training videos to implement the best copywriting practices.

So, you get done-for-you copywriting and also get to improve your copywriting skills at the same time.

Simple to use

Funnel Scripts presents what you want to say in the most compelling way. It’s also super simple to use.

All you do is complete the information that‘s requested, click submit and then your compelling copy is created.

It really is as straightforward as that.

You receive ready-made copy that’s individualized and tailored to your business, your audience and your needs.

If you’re ready to generate powerful and dynamic sales copy in as little as 10 minutes, sign up for the Funnel Scripts free training today

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Funnel Scripts Categories

There are seven categories of script writers with different types of scripts. They include:

• Sales copy and video scripts

• Bullet scripts


• Content creation

• Email

• Titles

• Sales letters

You can create a wide variety of content with Funnel Scripts, including:

• Email scripts

• Sales copy

• Lead capture scripts

• Ad copy

• Headlines

• CTA copy

• Webinar opt-in

• Product descriptions

Most scripts cover general factors, like:

  • Your product or brand name

  • Your type of product type

  • Your target audience

But each script will cover specific factors to generate the ideal copy, every time.

Here are the different types of scripts that fall into each of the seven categories with some of their customized and amazing features.

1. Sales copy and video scripts

  • Amazon and E-commerce scripts

There’s so much to consider when writing the perfect Amazon listing. This new script writer allows you to create high-conversion Amazon and ecommerce scripts with ease.

This script writer includes:

• How your product can help your target audience.

• The benefit of your product for your target audience.

  • Call to action (CTA) scripts

Tailor this script writer to create CTAs to actions to suit your brand. You can use text, images and buttons. Use this script for CTAs that drive your audience to take action.

This script writer includes:

• The item or the service that you’re selling.

• How the customer benefits from using your product or services.

  • Lead capture scripts

Writing lead capture copies can be difficult. If this is the case for you, this type of Funnel Script is tailor-made for you.

This script writer is suitable for running any lead generation campaign and includes:

• The must-know secret they need to know to succeed and much more.

• The freebie gifts that they will get for opting-in to your screen page.

  • Magic bullet scripts

If you have a try-before-you-buy offer, this magic bullet script is for you. This script is all about the major reward that your customers will get when they’ve used your product or your services.

This script writer includes:

• The target audience’s dream that seems too good to be true.

• How this big dream can have its drawbacks.

  • Million dollar testimonial scripts

Glowing testimonials build trust in your brand. Use the million dollar script to create exciting and believable testimonials for your website or sales copy.

This script writer includes:

• The name of your product or service.

• What you want to be reviewed.

  • Order bump scripts

This order bump script goes well with the order bump feature in ClickFunnels. If you want an order bump, use this script writer for the best results.

This script writer includes:

• The big reward your audience will get.

• The action your audience needs to take to get the big reward.

  • Origin story scripts

Great storytelling sells. Use this script writer to create stories that match your brand.

This script writer includes:

• A negative episode or situation that your story centers around.

• The purpose or dream that you are not willing to give up on.

  • One-time offer (OTO), Need Help, Done-For-You scripts

If you are a coach or offer different types of services, this script writer gives your customers a one-time offer to use your expertise and get quicker results.

This script writer covers:

• How their lives will be improved by using the done-for-you service.

• The big reward they will get from the done-for-you service.

  • OTO Next Thing Scripts

This script writer is a one-time offer, service or product, which shows the next step you want your customer to take after they’ve bought your product.

This script writer includes:

• The name of the next service that you want them to buy from you.

• The big reward from the new product or service.

  • PowerPoint (PPT) Opt-In Video Scripts

This script writer provides a first draft of your video script to use on your website for more opt-ins. 

This script writer includes:

• The secret they need to know.

• The special offer they will have when they opt-in.

  • Special offer scripts

Do you want to make a sales announcement? If so, a special offer script is the one for you. It creates copy with all the elements to make a fantastic sales announcement.

This script writer includes:

• The precise deal on offer.

• The name of the service or product that you are providing the deal on.

  • Webinar Opt-In Scripts

If you have free events, like a webinar, use this script writer to create the perfect opt-in sales copy and video script to get people to sign-up.

This script writer includes:

• The big reward that your target audience wants.

• The big secret that they need to know.

  • Who, What, Why, How Scripts.

If you want to create copy for low-cost offers and offers like free shipping, then use the Who, What, Why, How Scripts. This script is ideal to create sales copy that addresses the main points of your audience quickly and simply.

This script writer includes:

• The big reward.

• The big obstacles and problems that your audience wants to avoid.

2. Bullet Scripts

Use the bullet scripts to make your bullet points more convincing and engaging using quick, sharp, short and to-the-point copy.

  • Brunson Bullet Scripts

If you are using Brunson boxes, the Brunson bullet script is what you need to create the ideal bullets.

The Brunson bullet scripts include:

• What your product or service can do for your target market.

• How your product or service makes doing a task for your target market effortless.

  • Feature Benefit Meaning (FBM) Bullet Scripts

This script is for creating bullets that show your target market what your product or service is and what it can do to help them. 

FBM bullet scripts include:

• How your target market will benefit from using your product or service.

• How your product or service practically benefits your audience.

3. Advertising

Choose the advertising script writers to create engaging copy with a high conversion rate.

  • Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts

Use curiosity to spur your audience on to click and engage with your copy. Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts looks at the biggest problems facing your audience and how your product or service will help them to overcome them.

The Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts include:

• The amount of time or money that has been made or saved. 

• The result that your audience will be the most interested in.

  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts

This scriptwriter is for you if you use Facebook ads since it’s specifically designed to increase the engagement of your Facebook ads.

The Facebook Newsfeed Ad Script includes:

• The niche or audience that you are targeting.

• The biggest issue that your audience wants to solve.

  • Stealth Close Scripts

This script creates barely noticeable, but effective, CTAs. 

This Stealth close script includes:

• The main question that you want your audience to answer.

• The main reward that your audience wants.

4. Content Creation

Use the content creation category of scripts to create copy to promote your content.

  • Free Report Scripts

Offering a free report? Use the Free Report Scripts to create cover letters for opt-in pages, ads and more to promote your free report.

Free Report Scripts include:

• All the questions you answer in the report.

• The main result and reward that your audience wants.

  • Seinfeld Email Topic Area Scripts

If you’re a beginner to content marketing and writing scripts, this scriptwriter is for you because it’s ideal for using in emails, blog posts, your social media and articles.

5. Email

We all want to create high-conversion promotional emails. Use the email Funnel Scripts category to create click-worthy emails.

  • Auto email follow-up script

Use this script writer if you want to create copy for your email marketing sequence. You can create a webinar, Ebook or free report with your follow-up script.

This funnel script includes:

• The name of your service of product.

• Your business phone number.

  • Fast Teaser And Tweets.

Create email teasers about your products and events with tweets.

The Fast Teaser And Tweet Script includes:

• The hardships that your target audience is dealing with.

• Something difficult that needs to be done, but they have no idea where to start.

  • Promote Your Webinar Scripts

This script will be perfect for you if you have free or paid webinars.

The Promote Your Webinar Script includes:

• What your webinar will be covering.

• The main issue that your audience is facing.

  • Webinar Follow-Up Scripts

When your audience has attended your webinar, this follow-up script enables you to send emails with CTAs.

The Webinar Follow-Up Scripts includes:

• Something that’s of high value that you will be sharing on your webinar.

• The major reward and payoff from the webinar.

6. Titles

There’s no need to struggle to create the perfect subject line or titles when using this group of script writers.

  • Email Subject Line Scripts

Email subject lines are one of the most important aspects that determine whether emails are opened or go straight into the recycling bin. Using this scriptwriter, you can create the perfect and engaging subject lines to your emails.

The Email Subject Line Scripts include:

• The main outcome your target audience is looking for.

• How your products will provide a solution.

  • Killer Headlines V2.0.

Create the best and attention-grabbing headlines with this script writer and get people to notice your content.

The Killer Headlines Version 2.0 includes:

• The number one issue that your audience wants to avoid.

• The stumbling blocks, problems and difficulties they face.

  • Short Headline Scripts

Create short, precise and to-the-point headlines using this scriptwriter.

This script writer includes:

• A bad event.

• The required result.

  • Profitable Titles Script

This script writer helps you to come up with unique titles and different domain names.

Profitable Titles Script includes:

• Your main keyword phrase.

• The number one result that you provide.

7. Sales Letter

This is the last type of category Funnel Scripts. These types of scriptwriters will help you write the best sales copy in different formats.

  • Long-Form Sales Letter Scripts

This script writer helps you go into detail about every single point that you offer to convert your audience.

The Long-Form Sales Letter Scripts include:

• Explanation of why your product or service is critical to your target audience.

• Relevant statistics to grab attention.

  • Short Sales Letter Script

This short sales letter script is the opposite of the Long-Form Letter Script. It’s more condensed, but just as effective.

What is included?

• The description of what you have to offer.

• Regular price of your offer.

  • PPT Video Sales Letter Script

This script will be useful for you to get ahead in PPT presentations or video sales letters.

PPT Video Sales Letter Scripts include:

• A curiosity statement to get people to view your video or presentation.

• Your solution.

Funnel Scripts Training

Before you dive into the Funnel Scripts above, you might need guidance. The Funnel Scripts training includes past training, so you can choose the ones you want.

You can also get trained on extended script demos. This section has all the demo videos to walk you through the step-by-step creation of different scripts.

You also have Funnel Fridays. This is a live talk show at 11:00 A.M. EST. Find out everything about funnel building, funnel hacking and various types of funnels.

Conclusion On Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts is designed for business owners who are at different ends of the copywriting spectrum. It can be used for complete newbies and professional copywriters.

The best thing about Funnel Scripts is that it provides customized copy according to your business, your audience and your needs. It’s not a run of the mill, cookie-cutter scriptwriter that you will normally find.

Here are some quick pros and cons of using funnel scripts:

The Pros:

• Very easy to use forms and simple interface.

• Save time when trying to think about ideas for creating the best copy.

• A complete newbie can get great results from Funnel Scripts.

• Access to a library of training videos.

• You can edit every script.

• You can get live training every single month.

• If you do not see a script that’s available, you can make a request for it.


• This is not really a con, but you might need to proofread and edit your script.

Are you ready to supercharge your copywriting?

Your business depends on copy that converts. Use this link to save your seat at the next training event to take a deep dive into how to benefit from the best copy without being an expert or hiring expensive copywriters.

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