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My Biggest Epiphanies That Made Me A Top Clickfunnels Affiliate

By June 15, 2020 No Comments

My Biggest Epiphanies That Made Me A Top Clickfunnels Affiliateclickfunnels-affiliate-banner

Hey guys! Today I’m going to share with you all my secrets of success when it comes to being a top Clickfunnels affiliate. I should probably start out by saying, I’m a pretty big fan of Clickfunnels. In fact, I’m one of their top affiliates, a 2 Comma Club Winner, and one of their dream car winners. I drive both of my businesses with this tool, and all of my sales funnels are built with Clickfunnels. One of my businesses is a 6 figure business, the other is a 7 figure business.

Now, as an original Clickfunnels blogger, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite secrets on maximizing your commissions with Clickfunnels. I’m going to walk through on how I started being a Clickfunnels affiliate and why Clickfunnels is the BEST product to be an affiliate for.

Now let me assure you my success as an affiliate with Clickfunnels didn’t happen overnight. I had to just start, and it was when I started that I began having my biggest learning moments as a Clickfunnels affiliate, an online marketer, and business owner.

What if I Know Nothing About Being a Clickfunnels Affiliate? Can I really do this?

Yes you can, and you really should. What a great opportunity to earn for your family, quit your day job, save for a house, school, or a vacation!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Things holding people back from creating an online business (or at least a side hustle to pay for a few things) often include:

– “I don’t know what I could sell, I don’t have a product…”

– “I really just don’t understand how the technology works”

– “I don’t have ANY marketing skills”

– “That stuff is over my head”

– “If only I had more time I would do it”

I understand that’s not easy to overcome, but according to Azrespes, the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program gives you everything you need to get past that mindset! It’s a FREE resource sitting there asking, “Are you freaking out? It’s ok. I’ll show you how to do it!”

The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

If you’ve ever been interested in affiliate marketing, the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program is possibly the best program on the internet. As a top affiliate for Clickfunnels, I was recently asked to record my own training session in the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

No purchase is required to enjoy the training, all it asks is for your focus, your commitment, willpower and time to make it worth your while.


As a side note, I would suggest joining some Clickfunnels Affiliate Facebook groups to surround yourself with like-minded people to motivate and encourage you. This can be a great place for you to ask questions and will make it more fun too.

Ultimately, don’t let fear hold you back! Be patient and give yourself the freedom to learn as you go. I wrote an entire post about the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program that you can check out here.

NOW…without further ado, let me share with you my most valuable epiphanies I’ve learned along the way that have made me a top Clickfunnels affiliate.

Clickfunnels Affiliate: The Best Product to Use

For me, being a Clickfunnels affiliate has been as easy as talking about tools I’m passionate about and use every day. 

Clickfunnels, by the way, isn’t just an affiliate marketing opportunity. It’s actually the best sales funnel software on the internet. Don’t let that pass you by. At first, I did.

I’ve personally had so much success with growing my business with Clickfunnels, and honestly that’s the first thing I would ask someone looking to become an affiliate of a product. 

Are you in love with the product and is it a part of your everyday life? My first epiphany is that this has to be true of any product you’re an affiliate of.

If you’re just selling something just to sell it, people can tell. People can smell phoniness from a mile away, BUT if you are enthralled by Clickfunnels and use it regularly, it’s going to help your potential customers know, like and trust you.

When I began my affiliate marketing venture, it felt like a hallway with a thousand doors and that all said “opportunity” enticing me to walk through. But when I came across Clickfunnels and started using it for myself is when I fell in love, and that’s the key when it comes to becoming a top Clickfunnels affiliate.

It’s not hard to fall in love with Clickfunnels.

Just take a look at what all Clickfunnels can do.

clickfunnels-affiliate-featuresYou may be wondering, “Aren’t there other softwares that could help me grow my business that I could be an affiliate for?” Sure there are, but trust me, nothing even compares to the capabilities of Clickfunnels. Here are some of my favorite features to capitalize on as an affiliate.

Split Testing

ClickFunnels won’t let you access certain types of pages and funnels based on account level (ClickFunnels pricing of $97+ gets you all the access), but you can always split test. The major issue with Clickfunnels’ competitors such as Leadpages is that you sometimes don’t get to split test, but split testing is crucial when building any funnel to grow a business. Split testing actually allows you to make the necessary changes based on solid data to turn your sales funnel into a converting machine. When one of your landing pages outperforms the other, you can make strategic decisions to reach your marketing goals. So the more you test, the more money you make. If you want a deeper dive on split testing, check out this post.

The Trainings

Something that I absolutely love about Clickfunnels is the trainings they have. They’re a FANTASTIC resource and the gift of the trainings shows me (and any customer) that Clickfunnels really does want you to succeed, and they really want to help you start your online business so you can get that Dream Car and income you’ve always wanted. Clickfunnels knows it can be intimidating when you first start out, so they offer a ton of support for you to get started.

Page Editor

You’ll find there is a time when you need to make changes to your sales funnel to perpetuate more efficient conversion rates. The ability to easily make these critical changes based on the data you get from split tests is crucial.

Unlike some of Clickfunnels’ competitors that limit how much you can edit your page, (even basic things like the headline) Clickfunnels makes this so easy with its drag and drop page editor.

That being said, I’m a huge fan of the ease ClickFunnels offers.


An area where Clickfunnels just can’t be beat is the amount of softwares they integrate with, making online business so easy.

Email Integrations:

Payment Integrations:

Webinar Integrations:

All of these things and more is what made it so easy to grow my business with Clickfunnels, fall in love with Clickfunnels, and promote Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels Affiliate: A Good Way To Make Money

Like many people, when I started my journey as a Clickfunnels affiliate, I was just wanting a way to create another stream of cashflow for my family. As I researched tons of online passive income ideas, I came to the conclusion that passive income ideas aren’t always as passive as they seem. In my already busy work, social, parenting schedule, I was looking for something to create a continuity of income that would pay me predictably every month.


So aside from loving and knowing Clickfunnels like the back of my hand, another question I had was, “Is Clickfunnels a good product to sell? Is it a good way to make money?”

The answer is YES!


Here’s my second epiphany…to be a successful affiliate marketer, you NEED to be an affiliate of a product that operates under a subscription-based revenue. You should invest your time into creating a passive income funnel that requires your customer to sign up for a subscription.

Don’t even get me started on one-time sales. There’s a time and a place for them, but they DON’T fit into affiliate marketing ideas.

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to build your MRR, your monthly recurring revenue. This is a cash forecast machine that will create a layer of passive income to help you break free from whatever context you are trying to currently escape (job you hate, economic class you hate, etc).

Remember, the best way to grow a business is to create a repeat customer so that your income ACCUMULATES. What better way to do that than promote a subscription-based revenue service? This ensures that your business grows, and that you’re making recurring commissions, rather than just one-off sales.

Amazing Commissions

Not only does Clickfunnels‘ business model operate as a subscription, but you also get amazing commission earnings.

With the Clickfunnels’ affiliate program, you receive a 40% lifetime recurring affiliate commissions for every sale you send their way.

Clickfunnels Pricing

The standard plan of Clickfunnels costs $97 a month and the platinum plan costs $297 per month. So at a minimum, you make approximately $40 off of each customer EACH month. Those earnings are incredible, and far higher than any affiliate program I know of on the internet.


Take it Slow When You Start as a Clickfunnels Affiliate

Here’s my third epiphany: if you’re going to be in it for the long haul, you need to first understand the psychology of why people use Clickfunnels. And to do that you need to take a non-scalable approach. Don’t try to scale Facebook ads at first. If you’re just starting out, you probably don’t even have the means to put up an ad spend that will make you competitive. Instead, try to get 5 local businesses in your community to sign up for Clickfunnels and ask to build their funnels for free. That’s exactly how I got started. In fact, some of those affiliates are still with me to this very day for a funnel I had to built one time!

Your compensation is now you have 5 affiliates.

Keep doing this until you get 15 to 20 affiliates until you have saturated your psychology and understanding of what the customer out there needs. That is when you start to scale because you’ll start to see patterns in the market place that will be so valuable to you and set you up for a successful business. Do the work, take the action.


Also, a good way to take it slow is to take advantage of Sharefunnels. Sharefunnels is a unique feature inside Clickfunnels where you can share a funnel you’ve already built with someone, and it imports directly into their Clickfunnels account. However, if someone doesn’t have a Clickfunnels account, that link acts as an affiliate link to land another customer!

(Side Note: Clickfunnels has Lifetime Cookies, so if someone clicks on an affiliate link of yours and doesn’t decide to purchase until 6 months later, they’re still your customer!)

Provide Value as a Clickfunnels Affiliate

My fourth epiphany is that to be a good marketer, you have to provide value. There are lots of ways to provide value as a Clickfunnels affiliate, but the BEST thing to capitalize on as an affiliate for Clickfunnels is that they offer a 14 day free trial. Before a customer even signs up for a subscription, they have the opportunity to sign up for a 14 day free trial. This gives a customer the chance to realize that they can’t live without Clickfunnels before they purchase.

The most powerful word in the world is free. Everything you do in your messaging, always encourage people to start a free trial. Because when you push people to use the free trial, the greatness of Clickfunnels takes over and sells itself. Russell Brunson is great at converting free trials to customers. Leverage his strength to get you customers!

Clickfunnels Bonuses

I definitely reccommend starting a Clickfunnels blog like Marketing Leap does, and when you do, Provide a value stack, provide a stack of bonuses, teach people, provide people the opportunity to sign up for Clickfunnels. Give people the opportunity to take action, and give people the assistance they need to take the first step. I’ll sneak bonuses in here now 😉


You can sign up now to be a Clickfunnels affiliate, and when you do, I offer a ton of bonuses to get you going and point you in the right direction.

Sales Funnel Blueprint: This is my Clickfunnels Basic Training Course, with everything you need to know about how to build the highest converting funnels and how to drive traffic to them. There’s great stuff in this course that you don’t want to miss. From copywriting to driving sales, this course has everything you need to market your product.

Dream Car Marketing Course: This course is a comprehensive training teaching you all my secrets on how I became one of Clickfunnels’ top affiliates and a Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner. This course gives you access to a 100 Day Social Media/Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp. If you’re looking to make some extra vacation money for your family, (and looking for your dream car) this course is for you.

Youtube Traffic Formula: It shouldn’t be a secret that now more than ever people are consuming content through video instead of reading online. That’s just the world we live in today, and if you’re looking to be relevant in the online marketplace with video, you need this course! This course teaches you how to get people to see your product and service on Youtube by giving you the tips and tricks you need to rank your Youtube videos fast. Want your Youtube videos at the top of the search? You need this course!

The Funnel Hacking Playbook: My funnel hacking playbook so you can mimic what other successful online entrepreneurs do with their sales funnels

The Moneyline Adshop Facebook Training:  Facebook Ads can be frustrating for many people to use. But I’ve built my 6 figure and 7 figure businesses by garnering traffic through paid social media ads. If you want to know how to build and launch high converting Facebook ads in any industry, this course is for you.

My Roadmap to Email Marketing Course– You may think that email marketing is dead, but it actually one of the most effective ways to get people to become your loyal customer. This course is all about increasing your open rate by teaching you how to provide value to people so that they will start to know, like, and trust you and become one of your biggest fans. Want to increase your open rate in emails? This course is for you!

Two Comma Club Funnel Blueprint– This training is on everything you need to know about setting up custom domains for free inside your Clickfunnels Account! Need to know the ins and outs of Clickfunnels and setting up domains? This course is for you!

All My Other Bonuses:

– 23 Pre-Built Sales Funnels that you can import directly into your Clickfunnels account.

– Unlimited email support so I can help you with your sales funnel that you build with Clickfunnels

– 1 Free Copy of Russell Brunson’s book, DotCom Secrets

– Free Training Video On How To Increase Sales By 150% with ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels Affiliate Conclusion

If you’ve never thought about being a Clickfunnels affiliate before, you should. It’s a fantastic passive income stream that my family and I enjoy, and luckily, it’s not that hard to start. You can set yourself up as an affiliate, place links on your website, and jump on the path to earning commissions, all within a couple of hours.