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The Top 6 Mistakes People Make When Implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy

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The Top 6 Mistakes People Make When Implementing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Hey guys! Today I want to talk to you about digital marketing strategy. Now, I realize this is an expansive topic, and there are literally a million things I could say about this, but today I want to tell you about the biggest mistakes I’ve seen people make when they try to execute their digital marketing strategy.

Now you may be wondering what I know about digital marketing. Well, I should probably start out by saying, I have two successful online businesses. One of them is a 6 figure business, the other is a 7 figure business, but that didn’t just happen overnight. I had to get my hands dirty just like everyone else did to figure out the in’s and out’s of digital marketing, but my hope is that this article will save you from having to start from scratch and pioneer it all on your own.

I’ve grown both of my businesses with Clickfunnels. I’m a pretty big fan of Clickfunnels. In fact, I’m one of their top affiliates, a 2 Comma Club Winner, and one of their dream car winners. I drive both of my businesses with this tool, and all of my sales funnels are built with Clickfunnels

Ultimately, I use Clickfunnels because they’re passionate about the same things I am: Sales and ROI. If you’re not receiving ROI on your digital marketing, then you’re doing it wrong.

Yet I see so many people get caught up in the minutia of digital marketing, and it’s because they’re thinking in “Marketing Campaigns” instead of “Sales Funnels.”

What’s A Sales Funnel?

I’m sure you know what a marketing campaign is, but if you’re unsure of what a sales funnel is, think of a funnel in real life. 

At the top of a funnel, a substance is poured in and it filters down towards one inevitable destination. In sales, something similar occurs.


A sales funnel is the marketing term for the journey your potential customers go through on their way to a purchase. At the top, lots of visitors arrive, but as the funnel moves along, a smaller part of that group may want to learn more, and then an even smaller part may actually want to buy. Unlike the real-world funnel, not all who enter the sales funnel will reemerge out from the other end.

Clickfunnels is the BEST online software around to build sales funnels!

What’s The Bottom Line?

I know when most people think about digital marketing it can go everywhere from social media posts to email, but the bottom line is to drive revenue, right? Ulimately, you want to leverage a digital marketing campaign for the sake of sales. Often times when people think of their digital marketing strategy, the main issue is that they’re not thinking of sales, they’re thinking of how to get likes, hearts, brand awareness, and data. But for what purpose? You can’t build an online business on heart-eye emojis.

So, today, I’m going to help you cut through the forest to show you the big picture of a digital marketing strategy, and how Clickfunnels is the best way to get there. Let me tell you some of the pitfalls people fall into when it comes to digital marketing so I can help you see what really matters.

Digital Marketing Strategy Mistake #1: They don’t know their goals or their audience.

Going in without a strategy and without knowing who you’re even trying to reach is worse than slinging paint on a chalk board, honestly. It’s just going to create a lot of confusion and mess. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with split testing, but at some point there needs to be a reason and a purpose as to why you do things the way you do them. So before you go in with guns a-blazing, know your plan first. Know the desired outcome for your digital marketing efforts and know who you’re trying to appeal to. You can’t just expect things to work out and fall into place on their own, you have to be aiming for a target. A very specific target in order for you to clearly see and analyze your results.

Identify your Target Audience

Finding your target audience is of the utmost importance as it helps you reach people who are likely to convert. Not only does this increase the number of relevant leads you get, but it also improves brand perception through positive word-of-mouth. This is why it is such an important part of all marketing strategies, not just your product marketing strategy.


To identify your audience, you first need to first create a consumer persona, and get specific on their pain points, goals, hobbies, and priorities. For example, when you run ads on Facebook, it allows you to choose the audiences you want your ad to be displayed to. You can select specific locations, age groups, genders, and even interests. This ensures that your ads are only displayed to people who are likely to be interested in your products or brand.

Honing in on your target audience and identifying your customer will also help you craft your message in a specific way to your specific audience to best entice them.

Have Clear Goals

When you’re starting to build your digital marketing strategy, make sure that you set clear goals. You need to know your desired amount of leads and what type of engagement you’re hoping for. This will give you a better idea of where to even start, where to send your leads to, etc. It can be difficult to implement your product marketing strategy without having clear goals, and it can be harder to measure the success of your campaign and put metrics in place if you don’t even know your objectives.

Make sure your objectives are achievable, specific, and measurable. If you don’t know your audience or your goals, then you don’t even know how to begin building your sales funnel with Clickfunnels.

Digital Marketing Strategy Mistake #2: They don’t attract traffic.

If you build it they will come is false, false statement. Even if you’ve built the best website, the best blog, you need to market yourself. Customers will never show up on their own accord. Attract traffic, build the list, and convert sales.

There are millions of ways to do this, but once you’ve crafted your message and pinpointed your audience, attracting traffic is the next step. I know it seems obvious, but even if you’ve invented the greatest product or service to cure the bleeding neck pain of your customer, people just aren’t going to automatically know who you are.

So, how exactly do you attract traffic? 

Organic SEO

One way to attract traffic is to figure out which keywords people most search for each month within the realm of your business or product. You can then write blog posts about those keywords and try to rank in Google to appear at the top so that people will click on your site and visit organically. This way of attracting traffic is free.

Facebook Ads

Another way is to do paid social media ads like Facebook. This is a great way to attract traffic because you are able to get so specific on who you want to target, which ensures that leads are more likely to convert to customers.

Udimi Solo Ads

There are these things called Udimi solo ads, which at the end of the day, is really just email blasts or various kinds of list marketing. They’re almost like a sponsorship or a sponsored email list where you pay them for visitors or clicks, and in exchange, they create money literally through their email list. You in return get to leverage that traffic, those clicks, that body, that volume of visitors, while maybe you don’t have a specific list that you’ve built yet, or maybe you’re entering into a new industry or whatever, or you just need a larger amount of volume and you don’t have the time or the money to build your own list fast enough.


Udimi Solo ads are great because they are very little terms and service restrictions like you run into with Facebook ads or with Google specifically where they have policies and user engagement agreements and all that stuff that prohibits a lot of different kinds of offers. With solo ads, you’ve got a lot of flexibility because you’re dealing with individuals out in the internet.

Cost Per Lead

I’ll say that really your fastest results will come from paid advertising, which is why ROI is so important when it comes to digital marketing. You don’t just want ROI on your time, you want an ROI on your advertising cost.

As you become more mature in online business and digital marketing, you’ll learn how to target your audience and craft your message in such a way the will decrease your cost per lead.

The Cost per Lead metric measures how cost-effective your digital marketing is when it comes to generating new leads. This metric is closely related to other key business metrics such as the cost to acquire new customers. The purpose of this metric is give you a tangible dollar figure to understand how much money is appropriate to spend on acquiring new leads.

Three Types of Traffic

There are three types of traffic:

Cold Traffic- People who don’t care about you, your logo, and who don’t know your business at all.

Warm Traffic- Potential customers. People who you’ve had a conversation with or maybe they’ve even given you their email address. They’re interested in your offer, but are still considering.

Hot Traffic- These are the people with their credit card out asking, “Where do I buy?”

No matter what tier of traffic someone is in, your job everyday needs to be to get them further down the sales funnels and one step closer to closing a sale. Everyday, convert cold traffic into warm traffic. Get their email, get them to shake your hand. Also focus on converting warm traffic into hot traffic. Give warm traffic an offer they can’t refuse.

This statement should inform your marketing decisions everyday: Micro commitments get people closer to closing sales.

If you want to learn more about attracting traffic, check out Russell Brunson’s (the founder of Clickfunnels) latest book called Traffic Secrets.


Digital Marketing Strategy Mistake #3: They don’t capture contact information.

No matter what the end goal is of your digital marketing strategy, you should always capture contact information. Why?

To Message Prospects Again and Again

Emailing a prospect and putting them on an email drip campaign that will continuously message them is a great way to drive the sale!

According to Radicati Group, there are over 3.6 billion email users. That’s more than half of the planet. By 2022, that number will reach 4.2 billion! Studies also show at least 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day.  These numbers are part of why building an email list is a no-brainer for an online business, and you can set up repeatable emails using Clickfunnels. You can even set up abandoned cart emails with Clickfunnels!

Turn Your Customer Into a Repeat Customer

According to____more than 70% of people leaving your website never come back. 

What you don’t want is miss the chance to turn a casual web surfer into an avid fan and a repeat customer. Email is the way you can reach out and either continue to drive the sale, or even push for a second sale and make them a repeat customer.When you have someone’s contact information, you can email them about new products, coupons, and special offers.

Ultimately, getting contact information and setting up contact through Clickfunnels is a great way to drive sales and build a relationship with your customers and not-yet customers.

Digital Marketing Strategy Mistake #4: They don’t give away something free.

I know it sounds crazy, but trust me. The way you get new customers is to get them to know, like and trust you by providing value. This free item, or lead magent, sits at the top of your sales funnel which you can build with Clickfunnels. It’s hard to get people to convert to a sale if they don’t know anything about you. In order to get them to trust you and your brand, you often times have to give them a taste of it first. 

Let me provide an example. Let’s say your online service is you teach people how to get published. Something that could be great to give away in order to get them to become a customer is a mini course on the basics of publishing. Ultimately, what you’re doing is building credibility. You’re showing people that you know what you’re talking about and that they have something to learn from you.

Also, if you have an online business that sells software, a great way to get them on board is to provide a one week, two week, or even 30 day trial. Once someone sees how great your product is, they become hooked and can’t live without it.

So with that credibility and that value you just provided for free, that entices the customer to keep going further down your sales funnel. You need to be thinking of your digital marketing strategy as a sales funnel. Entice prospects with value and quality until they’re ready to take the leap and become a customer.

Digital Marketing Strategy Mistake #5: They don’t tell stories.

Guys, this is another area of missed opportunity. The online digital marketing space is not a place to be humble. It’s your space to brag.

Origin Story

Some people may want to know the history of your business and how it all started.

Product Origin Story

Some people may want to know why you decided to make your product. What bleeding neck pain inspired your product or service? Others may also be interested in how your product is made.

Customer Success Story

As you leverage your digital marketing campaign as a sales funnel using Clickfunnels, really what I’ve found to be most successful is utilizing your customer success stories in your digital marketing strategy, also known as social proof. It shows the amazing results that your product has given to your customers. An example could be two pictures side by side showing the before and after. If done well, this will make your customers want to use your product.


If you have testimonials, use them as you build out your sales funnel. It’s another way to establish credibility, and get people to convert to be your customer. If you have lots of happy customers, tell people about it. Advertise it. Show it off to move prospects further down the sales funnel.

Digital Marketing Strategy Mistake #5: They miss their chance to sell.

This is the BIGGEST mistake people make when it comes to digital marketing. They don’t present a clear call to action at all. Don’t waste the time and the advertising money just to send someone to the homepage of your website, ok? Drive the sale. You need more than website views to sustain an online business. Ultimately, you need conversions and purchases.

People are scared to think sales first. They want to perfect their product and brand, and believe everything needs to be perfect before they can start selling. The thing is, you have to create revenue to go to the next base camp.

So as you build out your digital marketing strategy, make sure to give them an offer they can’t refuse. Don’t just use digital marketing to promote your brand. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but don’t just stop there. There’s no ROI on that.

I think the best way to think sales first is to take a look at your sales funnel. What I mean by that is, focus on the pathway that leads a prospect from initial interest to checkout. Is it an obvious, easy path? And most importantly, is there a clear call to action? Using Clickfunnels can help you ensure that there is an easy, simple, intuitive path for customers to follow.

Check out all these amazing features Clickfunnels has to offer:

digital-marketing-strategy-featuresAt the end of the marketing campaign, when it’s time for a prospect to take action, make sure that it’s clear and give them an offer they can’t refuse. 

Digital Marketing Strategy Conclusion

To conclude, I think there is way more to a digital marketing strategy than just building your brand and growing awareness. What you ultimately want to do is leverage your digital marketing campaign as a way to drive sales, get an ROI, and a tool that makes that easy is Clickfunnels.

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