What Are Your Core Values?

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I got a really important kind of a high level coaching tip call here for you that I think you need to be thinking about, and this is what I’ve learned as a business owner, as a top producer, as someone who understands what it takes to go to the next level. Again, I’m a learning leader, that’s just kind of one way I would describe myself, and one thing that I’ve learned by modeling the masters, like the people who are a step ahead of me, I’m always looking for someone to either coach me or immerse me in a better way of doing things. And one thing that I picked up on that the big timers do is they have core values that are very clear and articulate. 

And what do I mean by core values? I’m not talking about necessarily your belief in god or lack thereof. I’m not talking about which charity you give to. I’m not talking about those things, but I am talking about a very … Well core identity of who you are both as an individual producer and the values and characteristics and attributes of the people that you want to work with the most. Whether that be team members or customers, it’s very important for you to sit down and honestly you can probably do this exercise pretty quickly. Or you can spend a ton of time on it if you want to. And it might take you a day, it might take you a week, it might take you 20 minutes, it might be a silent lunchtime experiment for you. But I encourage you to write down on paper, type it out, print it out, laminate it, whatever you need to do, your core values.

Now I’ll show you some of our core values as an organization that allows me to hire the right team members to serve our customers to help us get along, to make sure that the PH balance of the chemical equation works well, because it also helps you know what kind of customers you want to attract, it helps you know what kind of service and deliverable you can set expectations for to your prospects and customers. It lets you know yourself better. And so having those core values are really important, I’ve written some of ours – I’m gonna try to flip this around – on this board here, I don’t know if you can read them very well. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We encourage each other. We take ownership. We don’t make excuses. We are coachable. And so we’ve got core values like that that helps me know who we can work with and who can work with us, and how to set expectations and really at the end of the day it’s as important as skill acquisition.

I’ll give you an illustration. I played college baseball. I worked 15 years of my life, well 13 years I guess, to get a scholarship to play division one baseball, and I finally made it. And I remember early on in my college career I looked around and I was like, “Wait a second, that guy over there, he said he never played baseball until he got to college.” So I started asking the questions that a freshman would ask. “Hey, how in the world is he here and he’s never played a game?” And the coaches said, “Well he runs a four four 40 yard dash, and you can’t teach speed but we can teach him how to catch and how to throw and how to hit.” And his core value was his speed.

So if your core value is that we encourage each other, or if your core value is that I don’t make excuses I just take massive action, or I take ownership, or my team members take ownership, my team members are coachable, I’m coachable, then that really sets the stage and the landscape for your business. It allows you to be way more successful and to work with people that are worth your time and they match your way of doing things and your mentality, your mindset. And setting core values allows you to now set goals at the next level that you can more tangibly reach. 

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So hope that’s helpful. If you have core values maybe comment below, state them in the comments, or maybe you’ve already developed core values that you use in your business every day. And you don’t have to have a team to have core values. You need to identify what your core values are so that your more cognizant, more aware, of what you’re trying to pull off as an individual producer. Okay? Get your core values on paper. Write them down, print them out, laminate them, whatever you gotta do. Get them in front of you so that you remember who you are, so that you can be who you are truly out there to the marketplace and not try to be everyone else, okay? You need to pick your niche, pick your scalpel not your Swiss army knife, and go into the market with your core values and present those, and then the core values work as an unbelievable marketing magnet.

Josh here signing off, hope this was helpful. See ya.

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