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Adreel Review – How Local Video Marketing Will Be Better Than Ever

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Adreel Review – How Local Video Marketing Will Be Better Than Ever

For years, it’s been common knowledge that video advertisement is one of your primary weapons in developing and improving your business. However, the difference between a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ video is very easy to tell – and it can become rather frustrating trying to work out what to work with. One tool that has come on the market recently is AdReel, a very powerful and effective form of video advertisement creation.

Is Adreel the best video marketing software on the market? This post will allow you to objectively decide. 

It’s a tool that is acclaimed for its ability to create enjoyable and authentic content with the absolute minimum of fuss. Is it as good as people are suggesting, however? 

Who Made AdReel?

AdReel is created by a guy known as Ryan Phillips – a very impressive marketer who has achieved a hell of a lot in his career so far. A great business coach, he has made a wide range of video-based content and tools in the past, like Elide Video Evolution and VidCentral.

However, his latest tool, AdReel, appears to be the biggest of his releases so far. How does it match up to some of the more impressive tools out there on the market at the moment? Does it carry the same quality and consistency as other video advertisement aids? 

AdReel Basics

Designed by the previously mentioned Ryan Phillips, AdReel was released in late summer 2017 – 31st July – and in that short space of time has taken large swathes of the web by storm. With a rather fair pricing structure, too (more on that below), you can find that this comes as a highly recommended piece of video advertisement creation.

The cost of making your own videos is a huge expense, and one that puts a lot of people off making any kind of conscious effort to use video advertising. The expertise needed to do it alone or the cost needed to pay an animator is just too much for most entrepreneurs to be able to pay.

Thankfully, AdReel offers an affordable and easy-going alternative. It makes sure that you can make classy and attractive professional advertisements that looks just as you intended. As far as ambitions, few video ad packages are so diverse. 

What is AdReel?

Essentially, AdReel is the only platform of its kind out there at the moment. It’s designed to make the creation of professional quality video advertisements, in animation form, a piece of cake. At the moment, doing so can take weeks of prep and thousands of dollars in hiring someone to put it all together. 

With AdReel, though, you can do it all on your own – if you would rather. It’s a tool that offers a wide array of features, making it much easier for you to put into practice – without a single digit of coding – key video elements. 

It makes it easy for those with an e-mail list, affiliate templates, content links and background audio to make a cool video that links everything together and makes their general marketing aims and ambitions so much easier to achieve.

With full compatibility with most video ads templates, this makes composition even easier! 

The Adreel 3-Step Process

Key Adreel Features and Functions

  • One of the primary features of this rather awesome kit is that it provides you with highly converting video advertisement strategies already fused into the software. When videos are made using AdReel, they are created to be shared on the most effective platforms today. 
  • To ensure that messages are heard and that people are compelled to click on the link that they are provided with during the video, this uses the most modern and lucrative video advertisement. It can help you to tailor your image and the video itself to a specific audience, ensuring that you can turn visitors into genuine income. Without doing much at all, this can help to triple your video views!
  • Another major part of using AdReel is that it offers you a fantastic collection of templates and background tracks to work with. You might be wondering how you can make good videos with just software, right? Well, this solves that problem right away. 
  • With the templates you can throw together extensive and stylish videos that look great while ensuring that they have a more professional and eye-grabbing look and sound which is bound to help convert visitors and viewers into buyers.
  • The other primary feature about using AdReel is that it offers you all the help that you need to buy into animated video ad technology. It gives you powerful ready-to-go software capabilities that your competitors will dream of having access to.
  • It’s the first product of its kind – a fully supplied and automated video creation tool. If animated videos could do a lot for your business, and you would like to see what that could be, then it’s time to invest in one today. This can give you the easiest way to make quality videos that convert and are easily shared and seen on social media and beyond! 

Using AdReel Properly

  • To use AdReel accordingly, all that you need to do is simply log into the software and select one of the large volume of templates or add your own in if you have other templates to make use of. 
  • Choose the background audio for the video, and select from either a song you own the rights to or one of the many royalty free tracks that is included as part of AdReel
  • Add in all of the content that you need, from text Calls to Action to a description to go at a certain frame. This makes sure you can create a fun script, or add one in that you had written.
  • Use the Auto Generator to make up a script if you lack the time or invention to do on your own – it really does make working with AdReel simple!
  • When ready, hit Render and watch the magic come to life!

Who Benefits from AdReel?

Really, this is for anyone from a video hobbyist to someone looking to capture a rather simple and effective platform for making simple video ads for their business. It’s all about the simplicity, and that should never be underestimated. 

There’s a HUGE opportunity for people to get paid as local marketers creating videos for local businesses too.

It’s for you if you are looking for video traffic on anything from social media to YouTube: it can even help to make wonderful explainer videos to build up your website or your blog with cool content that is made at home.

 Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!

Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!

For that reason, you can reduce the time and cost of creating content, furnishing everything with its awesome little video courtesy of using AdReel

The Cost of Adreel

As ever, cost should always be seen as one of the most important factors when you make an invest in something like AdReel. Just like everything else about this piece of kit, though, price range is very much for the users rather than for anyone else. 

On the front-end, you will need to pay from $47-67, depending on the features chosen as you make your investment. That’s a good price, and is very affordable for something so effective.

However, you can then join the AdReel Club – a one-time offer that costs you $37/month. I would recommend it as it gets you access to far more templates and a lot of other useful help, tools and features.

Also, for $97, you can get a Store system that makes it easy for you to actually turn this into your business. You could then sell off brilliant video ads and run a website that makes you a living just by making videos on AdReel and then uploading them to your site for the rights to be sold off. 

Pros and Cons of Adreel

First, The Pros:

  • A piece of cake to use – you need NO video management or creation expertise to get the most out of this.
  • Very easy to use all of the templates and features – once you have it installed, you have access to everything.
  • Available in quite a universal style, and fits excellently in just about any niche that you can think of.
  • Great guidelines make creating cool and credible scripts so much simpler than it might appear at first.

Next, The Cons:

  • Not a great range of tutorials for actually making the most of your videos. While the bonuses do a lot to assist (see below) it’s a lot of learning to take in at first.
  • Not really made for voiceovers, too, so you would need to look to find a compromise to this if you were intending to use AdReel for voiceover videos. 

My Adreel Bonuses

So, one of the main benefits of using AdReel is that I give you access to some pretty spectacular and awesome bonuses.

*Full Disclosure – At no extra cost to you, when you purchase Adreel after clicking on my links on this page, I get paid a commission. As a way of saying “Thank You” I provide some pretty awesome bonuses!

Sure, Adreel comes with plenty of firepower to begin with, but the developers have done a rather wonderful job on putting together a more comprehensive and clear platform for you to work with thanks to those rather awesome bonuses.

The first bonus that you get is a fine collection of tools to help you master everything from creating attractive media, using Facebook Advertising correctly to Youtube SEO ranking. 

AdReel, when coupled with my bonuses, makes it much easier for you to build your empire. How so?

When you sign up for Adreel, forward/email me your confirmation receipt at josh at groovymarketing dot biz. Once I see your verified purchase, I’ll release the following bonuses:

– Facebook Marketing Madness Training Course – How To Launch High Converting Ads In Any Niche

– How To Rank Youtube Video Fast – Mini Course

– Unlimited email support so I can help you with your video marketing efforts

– Basic Training on how to use Adreel to quickly get results

– My roadmap to email marketing course

– My funnel hacking playbook so you can mimic what other successful online entrepreneurs do with their sales funnels

– 1 Free Copy of Russell Brunson’s book, DotCom Secrets

– Free Training Video On How To Increase Sales By 150% 

Other Adreel Competitors worth mentioning are below. Some are even great to use in collaboration with Adreel.

Adreel Competitors

  • Video Vibe Pro. This is the first add-on that you get here, and its bloody brilliant. It’s a great tool and one that you should almost certainly look to start picking up – it saves you $67 just getting it through here. 
  • Video Xtreme. Another great part of your new video editing armada, Video Xtreme is an absolute must for those who want a more consistent video marketing experience. Worth just under $300, and you get it for free!
  • Video Suite Pro. As the name implies, the rather angelic Video Suite Pro is thrown in here for those who want another piece of editing software. Not for everyone but it’s definitely worth having access to, you never know when you might need it. 
  • Local Video Mogul. At $47 usually, picking up this nice piece of kit should be on your to-do list even if you don’t get AdReel. Overall, though, it’s a damn strong piece of equipment and should be added to your list of reasons to buy this.
  • Video Conversion Formula. OK so you have all this cool video software sitting above – well done. However, though, does it really do what you need? You still need videos that convert. Luck this project – worth a shocking $397 – can help you make videos that are fun and actually do a good job of converting!  
  • Video Affiliate Pro. Aaaand the final bonus that you get at this early junction (keep reading – this thing is like a treasure trove of wonderful extras) is one of the best. It’s a powerful solution that allows you to take EasyVSL videos and start adding the opportunity to build a mailing list around your content. Has insane potential for boosting your revenues, and is so easy to set-up and use. A must! 

Anyone that is serious about making a successful business online has to be capable of looking at and fully appreciating the power of eCommerce. It’s your pathway to monetizing all of that hard work that you have put in until now, and could play a major role in business development and improvement. 

Below is a brilliant set of eCommerce aids that are sure to help make your life a whole lot easier. The stress and significance of setting up a powerful eCommerce platform should not be lost on you. So, what are the benefits of being able to cut away a lot of the work and effort needed to succeed in eCommerce?

  • The Physical Product System. An absolute must for anyone who is serious about taking their eCommerce aims and ambitions a touch further. Helps you to get into the idea of selling a physical product when most of your competition will be too scared to try. At $97 alone, this is a must-have for those who want all the value that they can get. 
  • eCom Premier Academy. With the help of the eCom Premier Academy, you can enrol yourself in one of the most enjoyable educational experiences that you can. An A-Z on eCommerce information, this might be one of the wisest investments that you can make at this junction in your life. A fantastic catch for anyone, not just those who are going to be using AdReel. A whopping $297 on its own, too! 
  • eCom Experts Academy. A step up on what came before this, the eCom Experts Academy is like your Degree for the pass you got above. It takes you even further into the platform and can make you feel far more secure and comfortable with using the various forms of eCommerce platform out there. A whopping $244 on its own – including the One Time Offer and Bonus content itself! 
  • 1-hour Ecom Formula. Does what it says on the tin – offers you a chance to learn how to set up a full eCommerce platform in just an hour. It’s a brilliant program and one that can give you all the help and information that you need to make a shot at success far more plausible and genuine. Even if you only get AdReel for the eCommerce learning, this is invaluable. 
  • Crushing eCom. When combined with the above bonus, you could be looking at a scarcely believable $900+ in savings you have made. This gives you access to a comprehensive, clear and easy to work with eCommerce platform that you are sure to absolutely fall in love with.
  • The eCom Accelerator. Don’t let the trendy name fool you – this is the perfect choice for those who are looking to learn the essential tenets that make it possible for you to make a life for yourself using eCommerce. A must-have for those searching for an easier and stress-free life, starting today.
  • The Insta eCom Formula. For years, the Insta eCom Formula has been one of the most reliable ways to help get yourself learning and improving all the time. At $397 standalone, though, most people are too scared to dive in. This gets you total and free access, making it easy to learn about a REALLY important part of eCommerce – and by extension making AdReel work perfectly for you.
  • eCom Sniper. What a deal this is – the eCom Sniper makes you more accurate in everything from product selection to market targeting. An absolute must-have for anyone who is serious about taking their business ideas even further. Accuracy is important in eCommerce, and this can make you an online marksman! 

SEO Tools Worth Mentioning

SEO matters and without that it does not matter how good your AdReel videos are – they will not be seen, simple. To help you avoid this irritating and annoying problem, we recommend that you take a look at some of the awesome bonuses that you are getting in the SEO section. Some of these are really worth your while having and could utterly transform how you manage and run your business for years to come. Some of the major bonuses that you get here include:

  • The SEO Catalyst. A fine starting point for SEO newbies, this is going to give you all the help that you could possibly need in building up a comprehensive understanding of both why you need SEO and how to make it as effective as possible for your video marketing business.
  • Nichesite. A rather powerful tool on its own, this gives you a lot of help in better understanding how to build smaller niche sites in a way that is optimized. It can show you how to build up a lot of interesting, cool content that gets you views and looks as soon as possible, augmenting your entire business empire long-term.
  • Niche Packs. Finding it hard to come up with good niches? Then this niche packs are a must have. It shows you some of the best niches to get into on the web and includes quality keywords that are evergreen and are likely to help you bring in more traffic easier than ever before. An absolute must-have for anyone serious about making headway into a new niche.
  • Social Signals. This package gives you all the help that you need in finding social signals for SEO management. Getting to the top of the search engines takes more than a little bit of luck, and this makes it much easier for you to do just that. Using this, you can generate more buzz around you AdReel content and beyond!
  • WordPress SEO Quick-Guide. Ever look into the inner tabs of WordPress and just want to lose your mind? Then this can help make the SEO side of WP a whole lot more hospitable to the mind and the soul equally. Make sure that you can manage your use of SEO on a WordPress website without having to go too far in a bid to make that possible.
  • RankXL. A rather interesting tool on its own, RankXL makes sure that you are always growing and improving, and that you fully understand both how to make your ranking possible and the techniques needed to make that possible. Everything can come to fruition when it comes to successfully ranking following this guide. 
  • Long-Tail University. Do you get lost when you hear people talking about things long-tail keywords? Then this can give you all the help that you need to make that possible. Using a long-tail keyword can give you a big boost in general SEO function, so reading through this brilliant product is going to make that much easier for you. 

The Social Media Collection

As we all know, social media plays a big role in the overall usage and development of our businesses today. If you are looking to make the most of AdReel then social media dominance will become a part and parcel of that. If you can’t tell a Like from a Retweet, then this can help you to get beyond that nice and easily with:

  • The Facebook Ads Blueprint Couse. A must for anyone who is going to be using Facebook’ targeted advertising platform. Helps you to get used to it and at a whopping $797 on its own, you have just saved the best part of a month’s wages investing in this, instead!  
  • Facebook Lead Capture. Being able to snag a few extra leads through social media is not something to be sniffed at – when used correctly, it could be the catalyst to rather impressive change. 
  • Periscope Marketing Excellence. Thanks to this easy-going and effective system, you can VERY easily put together a wonderful marketing experience that is going to help you turn Periscope viewers into sales and profits.
  • Twitter Marketing Excellence. This can be the perfect way to make sure you are learning how to make the most of Twitter, so that you can begin to turn those Likes and Retweets into something tangible. The perfect starting point for anyone who is serious about mastering the 140-character world.  
  • Free Traffic Mastermind, a really helpful tool to help you bring in more traffic via social media that actually converts and hangs around to see how your business is progressing.
  • Viral fan pages’ ideas – this can help you to make sure you are getting people to come and visit your social media pages and actually get something from it outside of another page to read.
  • FB Fan Page Poster Software. A great pick on its own, this works as a simple choice when you want some help in making awesome, creative marketing posters to help boost your fan pages look and style.
  • Various Facebook page templates for the best look, headers and graphical attachments to make them absolutely shine. This includes premium quality timeline covers to really make sure you capture the eyes and attention of all who are interested in your business.
  • A simple Facebook shop builder solution to help you make sure you can turn your social media page into an eCommerce platform in minutes.
  • Facebook video training to help you manage everything from criticism to enquiries in a manner that will keep all viewers on your side and in favour of your business.
  • A host of plug-ins for everything from adding in a Facebook survey to a video gallery, a hub creator and everything else that you might be looking for. 
 Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels Today!

Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels Today!

With your social media mastery sorted out, though, what are some other tools and training systems you should be aware of?


Every website that you build needs to be furnished and managed with the best plug-ins and extras to make it as useful as you can possibly make it. 

  • A massive army of themes from the likes of MyThemeShop, Junkie Themes, Elegant Themes and Tesla Themes come in handy. These provide you with numerous website designs, meaning that you should find it very easy to get something that does 100% of what you are looking for in 50% of the time you are willing to spend! 
  • WP Swift Page Plug-in. A very powerful plug-in, this can give you all the help that you need to make a telling contribution to your WordPress website. From helping you to increase website loading speed while reducing bounce rates, this is all about optimizing page speeds to get more consistent viewers.
  • WP Review Me Plug-in. A fine choice for anyone who is looking for a bit of extra resonance with their users, this makes it easy for people to leave reviews and feedback on your site. Knowing your voice is being heard is very useful, and this app makes putting that across nice and easy.
  • WP Rocket. With the help of WP Rocket, you can add a bit of extra firepower and strength to you WP site. Adds a bit more ease of use in the back-end while giving you all the help that you need to change how your website runs and operates generally.
  • Giveaway. This great plug-in should give you all the help that you need to hand out freebies and gifts through your website, boosting reputation while showing off your more eloquent, charming side!
  • Easy Opt-in Pro. The perfect pick for when you want to build a mailing list and get people opting in and giving you their contact deals. Makes it an easy and attractive proposition, maximizing your chances of building a strong, varied marketing list.
  • Lead Gen Pro. Very effective for a whole manner of reasons, this is a dream for anyone who wants to improve their lead capture rates. With this, you can use this as a reliable add-on to any kind of auto responder such as aWeber. 
  • Scarcity Builder. An interesting add-on, you can use Scarcity Builder to help utilizing this countdown timer that can let people know everything from when a product is running out of stock to when a special offer is coming to an end.
  • Lead Magnet 2.0. With the help of the super-powerful Lead Magnet 2.0, you can have all the help that you need in making your general business offering a lot more interesting and comfortable in general, giving buyers an appetite and a reason to buy. 

With all of the above, you should have all the help that you need to supercharge your business and make growth, development and improvement so much more possible and plausible. 

Each of these sectors breaks down into some very lucrative and useful bonuses, and further showcases the rich and unique power of AdReel. This isn’t just a brilliant marketing system itself – it gives you access to some of the most impressive marketing tools that you can pick up at the moment. 

Now, as mentioned, this is a package that offers you access to some rather outstanding bonuses and features. Below is a great collection of content that is more than worth your time. Some of these offerings includes wonderful add-ons such as:

  • Free and Fast Traffic Formula. Want to learn even more about getting traffic, doing it fast, while keeping the costs down? Then this is the ideal place to start. This offers a comforting, credible and effective way to make that possible. You will learn how to get traffic from all sources, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche using legitimate, white hat tactics.
  • Affiliate Marketing Excellence. A fine follow-on from the add-ons for learning about affiliate marketing in the past, this gives you all the help that you need to make your affiliate planning so much simpler. It showcases how to go from $0 a year to $20k, and then from $20k to a $100k – sounds good, right? It’s well worth your time. it’s a great marketing exercise and one that will help you to really appreciate the variety and the power of affiliate marketing – and how to get it right.
  • Affiliate Authority. A good follow-up to the above book, this gives you everything from video guides to mind-maps and cheat-sheets. A wonderful collection for helping to improve your affiliate marketing knowledge as well as how to tie it into things like social media for regular sales.
  • Social Media Traffic Secrets. In this wonderful little mini-guide, you’ll get all the help that you need to really understand the various secrets behind good and effective social media marketing. Form learning how to increase social media growth to reaching a larger volume of people, this works in your favour in so many ways.
  • Facebook Training. Want to master the art of Facebook in particular? Then this is one for you. By helping you to build up thousands of organic followers on FB to making sure it’s done at an affordable rate, this is a must-have.
  • PDF Backlink Traffic. A great tool, this shows you how to build up effective backlinks using PDFs to grow natural. It’s a fun and engaging video course that shows you how to use your SEO ranking to grow traffic, sales and revenues starting from today.
  • Free Traffic X. Free traffic is like gold in the world of online marketing – and this makes it much easier for you to get your hands on this. lists some very underrated free marketing techniques that could entirely transform your business.
  • YouTube Targeted Traffic. Thanks to the help of this great YouTube targeted traffic program, you can get in on the ground floor of one of the most enjoyable and exciting marketing opportunities out there starting today.
  • Smart Affiliate Course. The final bonus, you can utilize everything in here to the best of your needs to build up a really creative affiliate marketing program that, if done right, is a guaranteed money maker! 

Conclusion on Adreel

While the final decision should always be your own, there is no doubt whatsoever that AdReel is one of the best tools on the market for video advertisement creation. Smart, swift and suave, it offers you all the help that you need in creating authentic and engaging content, veteran or otherwise.

Even if it’s just for the armada of brilliant extras and add-ons, users will usually find that AdReel offers a masterclass in creativity, enjoyment and engagement in creating content. If you are unsure of where to start with learning how to make quality video ads, AdReel is the place.

Bonus Interview Training with Adreel Founder, Ryan Phillips

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