The Dark Art of Email List Building: The Step By Step Guide To Growing Your Revenue With An Invisible List

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If you are wanting to grow your email list, then listen up. The tide is changing.

I’ve got an update that will save you tons of money…and make you lots more.

Growing your email list = growing your income. True statement. I can attest.

The following strategy is an example of what I dive deep into with my coaching clients inside The Groovy Collective. It is a short term AND a long term strategy wrapped into one. 

Yes. It is possible to do short and long term work at once.

The New Day of Email List Building Begins With Value Content

Here’s the deal.

The powers that be(like Facebook) have changed the rules a bit.  

You see, traffic is a commodity these days. You can buy it. Super easy.

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Get ALL My Online Business Hacks For Just $29 !

You can buy the kind you want, the quantity you want, when you want it.

Traffic + Conversion Tools(i.e. landing pages, pop ups, email capture widgets,etc) = Growing Email List.

So we all know that Facebook has completely taken the guessing game out of traffic. BUT…

What worked a year ago, doesn’t work as well now.

You see, used to, you could just set up a landing page with a “gated offer”…drive qualified traffic to it…people would give you there email in exchange for a valuable piece of content.  

That content is a lead magnet. Good value that builds trust and authority.

This is classic direct response marketing.

You can STILL do this, but it’s more expensive than ever.


Cause the social media platforms that offer advertising want the value in their feeds to be truly valuable. They want engagement.  The perception being created by the advertising community is spammy, thanks to the bozos out there offering bad gated offers.

And by gated, I mean they are asking for your information in exchange for the offer.

I remember the days of driving qualified traffic using that strategy and it would average $1 cost per lead, or email gathered.

Now, depending on your niche, it’s double, triple or quadruple that.

Of course, if your lead has an incredible R.O.I. then it’s ok to pay a little more for a lead.

Let’s say, you pay $10 per lead(heaven forbid), but you are converting a $500 product really well. That R.O.I. might be great for you.

But, most people need lower costs per email address acquired than that.

Never fear, there’s a new way.  Follow along below as I show you the new sequence and how to build the “Invisible List” that will save you tons on building your email list.


Run ads that send people directly to the goods.

These ads are VALUE, VALUE, VALUE. You still have to be “catchy” to get people to engage with your ad, but if your content is high quality that won’t be a problem. Video ads and Link ads are what you want to run with.

NOTE: Videos are the way to go.  After viewing for 3 seconds, Facebook will place your viewer into video views custom audience. This is HUGE. Here’s where you set the custom audience up for VIDEO VIEWS only in Facebook Power Editor.


 Get Your FREE Copy Of Funnel Hackers Cookbook Here!

Get Your FREE Copy Of Funnel Hackers Cookbook Here!

Sending them directly to a page chalked full of goodness with no strings attached is the key.

NOTE: Here is the KEY moment that you can’t miss in this entire strategy. Before you start running your ads, make sure you have the Website Custom Audience pixels injected to the header code on your page that you are driving traffic to.  This will mark all visitors and add them to your “invisible list”. Go to this link for official instructions from Facebook on how to set up your custom audience. It’s super easy.


Now that you are building your custom audience that visited your ungated, value content, you can “retarget” them with gated offers with a new set of ads.


This step is important because you need to make sure you are in line with the previous steps.

If you’ve been sending them to value content that talks about parakeet training…

…then make sure your gated offer now is in that funnel of interest.  They likely won’t be interested in something completely off topic, even if they recognize your brand in the retargeting.


I’ve seen and am seeing cost per lead metrics dropping as low as 50%-75% less than when using the traditional direct response method.

That’s the way Facebook and their competitors want it. That’s the way the world is turning…for now.

I hope this was helpful. If it was, would you share it with someone you know could benefit from it?


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