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5 Top Sales Funnel Builders – A Quick-Fire Cost Comparison

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Using A Sales Funnel Builder?

If you’re building a new website to sell a product or service (or maybe you’re thinking that there’s a better strategy than using an existing website), you’re probably considering a sales funnel builder to help you increase conversion.

Some online businesses struggle to get off the ground (or grow) because they don’t have the experience to build a sales-generating website or the funds to hire someone who has this experience.

Never fear! There are a lot of tools at your disposal to help you build sales funnels, no matter what your experience level.

Depending on your business and your budget, different platforms may be better suited to you.

In my humble opinion (and thousands of others), ClickFunnels is one of the best sales funnel builders.

But, how does the cost compare to the other platforms available?

Here’s a brief summary of ClickFunnels pricing (and features) versus some of the other sales funnels platforms.

1. ClickFunnels – Sales Funnel Builder

Let’s start with ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is great for beginners and experienced online businesses alike.

Its user-friendly interface allows users to drag and drop sales funnel features into place without any coding.

It also offers a wide range of templates for web pages, marketing emails and sales funnels, so you can have your website up and running fast.

If you prefer to have more control over the design of your website elements, Click Funnels also allows for customization.

You can change anything you want, right down to the code, so you can create exactly the website or sales funnel that suits your brand.

Click Funnels also offers great features, like email automation, 1-click upsells, an analytics dashboard and multiple sales funnel templates to generate leads, sales or interest in an event.

How much does ClickFunnels cost?

Depending on the features you’re interested in, the cost of ClickFunnels varies.

The Basic package is $97 per month and here’s what it gets you:

  • 20 funnels–including sales funnels, membership funnels, webinar funnels, hangout funnels, upsell funnels and all advanced funnels.

  • 100 pages.

  • Max 20,000 visitors.

  • Unlimited contacts.

  • 3 custom domains.

  • A/B testing.

  • Email integrations.

  • Opt-in Funnels.

  • ClickPops.

  • ClickOpt-in.

  • Unlimited number of members.

  • Order pages and forms.

  • Downsale pages.

The Etson Suite is $297 per month and here’s what it gets you:

  • All features included in the Basic package.

  • Unlimited funnels.

  • Unlimited pages.

  • Unlimited visitors.

  • Unlimited custom domains.

  • Priority support.

  • Priority template requests.

  • Actionetics (create funnels that send emails, track where your visitors come from and segment your audience by different metrics).

  • Visual email builder.

  • Email list management.

  • Broadcast emails.

  • Backpack (create your own affiliate program, tracking and managing it all in ClickFunnels).

Want a complete, no-holds barred and up to date ClickFunnels pricing? Read my Clickfunnels Pricing Review: How To Get The Best Deal On Clickfunnels blog here.

If you’re unsure about investing in either of these packages, ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial, so you can get a feel for it before you decide.

DISCLAIMER: I am a proud affiliate of Clickfunnels and when you use my affiliate link, I get paid a commission at no extra cost to you. As a “thank you” I provide a TON of bonuses that I display in the below graphic. All you have to do is email me personally to get access after you sign up for Clickfunnels using my link. My email is josh at groovymarketing dot biz.

2. Unbounce – Sales Funnel Builder

Unbounce is another popular option.

Unbounce is an easy way to build landing pages, sales funnels and campaigns quickly.

Launching a new campaign only takes a matter of minutes due to customizable templates and artificial intelligence assistance.

If your campaign needs some minor changes, duplicate and launch altered campaigns in minutes.

If needed, you can perform an A/B test to find out which campaign works best with your audience.

When it comes to building a website with Unbounce, there’s no coding involved.

This makes it very beginner-friendly.

Unbounce can also toggle between desktop and mobile, so you can format your website for mobile devices too.

How much does Unbounce cost?

Unbounce has 3 membership plans:

  • Essential. $79 per month gets you 75 landing pages, 8 pop-ups and sticky bars.

  • Premium. $159 per month gets you 150 pages, 16 pop-ups and sticky bars.

  • Enterprise. $399+ per month gets you 375+ landing pages, 40+ pop-ups and sticky bars.

Unbounce also offers a 14-day free trial, so you can try it before committing. 

If you really want to get ‘under the hood’ of Unbounce, read my ‘Clickfunnels vs. Unbounce: Navigating The Strengths of Two Similar Platforms’ blog.

3. Thrive Leads – Sales Funnel Builder

Thrive Leads is a plug-in for WordPress that will generate leads and help you create mailing lists.

While that covers the basics of it, there’s a lot more to Thrive Leads.

It’s a tool specifically for businesses that host their site on WordPress.

It offers a funnel builder to help you create lead pages and lead generation forms quickly and easily.

Like the other options above, you don’t need to have any coding skills to use this tool.

The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to add pre-made forms to your website.

These forms can be selected specifically to target small audiences depending on what they do on your website.

The super-targeted nature of these forms will help you to maximize the number of leads generated from your daily traffic.

The A/B testing feature enables you to see what works best with your audience, so you can pursue similar campaigns in the future.

Once you have your site up and running, you can monitor them all through Thrive Lead’s analytics overview.

How much does Thrive Leads cost?

There are two ways you can pay for Thrive Leads: a one-time purchase or a monthly membership.

The monthly membership plan costs $19 per month.

You can use 25 licenses and have access to all Thrive services, which includes Thrive Leads.

The one-time payment plans have three options:

  • One license for $67.

  • Five licenses for $97.

  • 15 licenses for $147.

With each of these packages, you have access to all Thrive Leads features, unlimited updates and a year of support.

There’s no free trial for Thrive Leads, but they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

4. Leadpages – Sales Funnel Builder

Leadpages is a good option for small businesses who want to build a website, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars and more.

It’s popular landing page software and is used by many business owners and entrepreneurs.

Leadpages prioritizes conversion with optimized templates, mobile-responsive pages and SEO features.

These pre-made, built-in features automatically work hard to help you draw in new customers.

There are tons of templates with different designs and formats for you to choose from.

These templates come pre-loaded with pictures and real marketing messages, so you have a jumping-off point when you start to customize it.

Leadpages also integrates with a number of third-party apps to build customized workflows.

Leadpages does everything for you, so you don’t have to be an SEO expert or coding master.

Checkouts are done through Stripe and are designed to increase sales and revenue.

And, you can easily add digital content for your audience, like webinars, downloadable files and appointment scheduling/management.

Once you have your site up, you can evaluate the success of different funnels and pages in the analytics dashboard.

How much does Leadpages cost?

The cost of Leadpages depends on whether you want to be billed monthly or annually.

Monthly costs are:

  • $37 per month for Standard.

  • $79 per month for Pro.

  • $321 per month for Advanced.

If billed annually, these prices divide out to:

  • $25 per month for Standard.

  • $48 per month for Pro.

  • $199 per month for Advanced.

Each package offers different features.

Standard package features include:

  • One website.

  • Unlimited landing pages.

  • Unlimited pop-ups.

  • Unlimited alert bars.

  • Unlimited traffic and leads.

  • Free custom domain.

  • Free hosting.

  • 200+ landing page templates.

  • 40+ standard integrations.

  • Facebook and Instagram ad builder.

  • Weekly group coaching.

Pro package features include:

  • Everything from the Standard package.

  • Three websites.

  • Online sales and payments.

  • Unlimited A/B split testing.

  • Email trigger links.

  • 10 opt-in text campaigns.

Advanced package features include:

  • Everything from the Pro package.

  • 50 websites.

  • Advanced integrations.

  • Five Pro sub-accounts.

  • 50 extra opt-in text campaigns.

  • 1-on-1 quick start call.

  • Leadpages virtual workshops.

As Leadpages is one of the closest competitors to ClickFunnels, I’ve done a super in-depth review to help you decide between these two sales funnel power houses. Read “ClickFunnels Pricing Review Vs LeadPages Pricing Review – What You Need To Know About The Funnel Hacking Tools of Choice” here.

5. OptimizePress – Sales Funnel Builder

Like Thrive Leads, OptimizePress works in conjunction with WordPress.

OptimizePress helps to create:

  • Landing pages that convert.

  • Sales pages.

  • Influencer blogs.

  • Membership portals.

  • Sales funnels.

  • Webinar and event signup pages.

With OptimizePress, you have access to templates for landing pages, opt-in forms and blog themes.

These items are tested and optimized and are meant to give the highest return for your business.

All templates are completely customizable, so they can fit your vision for your website.

OptimizePress can also work with Paypal and Stripe for fast, reliable checkouts.

It can also integrate with any email marketing and CRM systems you may already be working with.

How much does OptimizePress cost?

There are three different packages offered by OptimizePress and the features available in each are different.

The Core package:

  • $97 for one year.

  • Use on three sites.

  • Build unlimited pages.

  • Unlimited leads and traffic.

  • Membership plug-in.

  • You control your site.

  • Site-building flexibility.

  • One year of support and updates.

The Publishers package:

  • $197 for one year.

  • All core package features.

  • Use on 10 sites.

  • A/B split testing.

  • Advanced elements library.

  • Video backgrounds.

  • Page engagement actions.

  • Exclusive plug-ins archive.

The Pro package:

  • $297 for one year.

  • All current OptimizePress features.

  • Use on 30 sites.

  • Designed for pro marketers.

  • First access to new features.

There is no free trial, but there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

After having hands-on experience of OptimizePress, I decided to use ClickFunnels instead. Find out “Why I Ditched LeadPages, OptimizePress and Infusionsoft For Click Funnels” 


The above are all good options for business owners, but they may benefit different people based on their business and their needs.

However, ClickFunnels offers online business owners the most in terms of features, customizability and support.

But don’t just take my word for it!

Find out what ClickFunnels has to offer with free online training where you’ll learn how to set up a profit-generating sales funnel in as little as seven minutes.

Click here to reserve your spot at the free ClickFunnels training today.

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