Traffic Secrets: Everything You Need To Know About Russell Brunson’s Greatest Traffic Resource

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Traffic Secrets: Everything You Need To Know About Russell Brunson’s Greatest Traffic Resource


Hey guys! Josh here and today I want to give you the complete in-depth review of Russell Brunson’s latest book called Traffic Secrets.

Instead of gathering information from multiple somewhat credible sources, what if you could read just one single book, that taught you everything you needed to know about driving traffic to your funnel.

You’re in luck. Traffic Secrets is that that book. No one can deny the success of Russell Brunson and the way he’s helped millions of online entrepreneurs (like me) succeed with Clickfunnels, and in this book he’s sharing all his secrets on how to attract an audience to your fantastic offer.

I can’t tell you how much Russell Brunson and his products have changed the game for my business. I’m a pretty big fan of Clickfunnels. In fact, I’m one of their top affiliates, a 2 Comma Club Winner, and one of their dream car winners. I drive both of my businesses with this tool, and all of my sales funnels are built with Clickfunnels. 

One of my businesses is a 6 figure business, the other is a 7 figure business.

And I’ve learned all the tricks from Russell Brunson’s previous books, which is why I’m super pumped to tell you all about his latest book Traffic Secrets.

This is the most complete and in-depth review of Russell Brunson’s new Traffic Secrets book out there.

One minor (but important) detail: The book hasn’t come out yet, but when it does, Russell will probably give it away with his usual FREE + shipping and handling funnel. 

Before we get any further, a full disclaimer: I’m an affiliate for Traffic Secrets and other Clickfunnels products, which means that if you buy through my link, I’ll make a commission. However, this in no way affects my decision to recommend Russell’s products. 

Traffic Secrets: Why You Need Traffic To Grow Your Business

I know what you’re thinking. Why is traffic so important anyway? What does traffic have to do with anything?

To have a real effect on your bottom line you need to know that traffic and conversion rates go hand in hand. You cannot convert anything without traffic, and without conversion your traffic is pointless.

Let me break down for you some reasons why knowing how to drive traffic is so important.

Biggest and most obvious reason is: You need to be generating more targeted traffic to ultimately generate more revenue.

Driving traffic strategically from a specific niche (ie: people who identify with the bleeding neck pain your product ails) increases the likelihood of your traffic converting.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most fantastic website, most fantastic product, most fantastic offer EVER—if people don’t know about it, your website is bound to get lost in the vastness of the internet and you risk never being found.

Everybody needs traffic. If you had a brick and mortar store, you would need bodies to be in the store to make sales, right? And you would try to advertise to get people to your store, right? Billboards, ads, etc. It sounds so simple, but so many people make this mistake guys. Many people forget that it is people who view your website and do business with you online. You need to be attracting human eyeballs to your website or else no one is going to know its there. No one is going to know that it exists. Without traffic, you won’t be generating sales or achieving your goals with your business.

How Traffic Secrets was Born

Traffic Secrets offers strategies to help users drive traffic to their specific website and products. Russell Brunson is a $100 million dollar entrepreneur who invented Clickfunnels. He has extensive experience with driving targeted web traffic. He has made millions of dollars helping people build funnels and get customers. Russell has written many books for individuals looking to improve their business’s profits.

• DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online. This was released in April 2015.

• Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice. This was released in June 2017.

And now he’s releasing Traffic Secrets.

Like all of Russell’s books, Traffic Secrets originated as a course. When Russell comes up with new books he teaches them first to help him nail down the content.

Traffic Secrets teaches businesses and website owners the proven strategies on how they can help generate traffic for their sales funnel and how they can grow their business. The course is structured in 24 modules, each available at a very affordable price and offering insights on every strategy that needs to be further developed to drive considerable traffic to websites to increase and generate more sales.


What’s Inside Traffic Secrets

In this section, I want to talk about the biggest take-a-ways I had from Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secret course and Traffic Secrets Book.

Traffic is People

Again, this is a big fundamental, but traffic is people. As internet marketers, we can get lost in all the jargon when we start talking about our business. Ads lead flow, traffic, etc. Traffic isn’t a graph. It’s not click-through rates or earnings per click.

At the bottom of all the jargon, traffic is people. Human beings.

That being said, in order to master traffic, you have to master people. When you understand people, you can understand how they behave, where they congregate, why they buy, and then you can understand how to get them to your site.

There are three types of traffic that Russell focuses on in his book:

1. Cold Traffic- People who don’t care about you, your logo, and who don’t know your business at all.

2. Warm Traffic- Potential customers. People who you’ve had a conversation with or maybe they’ve even given you their email address. They’re interested in your offer, but are still considering.

3. Hot Traffic- These are the people with their credit card out asking, “Where do I buy?”

No matter what tier of traffic someone is in, your job everyday needs to be to get them further down the sales funnels and one step closer to closing a sale. Everyday, convert cold traffic into warm traffic. Get their email, get them to shake your hand. Also focus on converting warm traffic into hot traffic. Give warm traffic an offer they can’t refuse

Need Vs. Desire

Once you learn that traffic is just people, you can begin identifying behaviors. One thing Russell discusses in his book is that there are two types of traffic behavior. 

There is search and interruption, and one is based on need and one is based on desire.

Search Traffic

If someone is on Amazon or if they’re using Google or Pinterest or YouTube, it’s based on need. The reason they’re searching is because they know they need something. They have a specific problem they need a solution for or they need to figure out what the solution is to their problem, but it’s driven by need. This type of traffic has a big advantage because people are usually ready to buy.

Interruption Traffic

The second type of traffic is called interruption traffic and it is based on desire. This can be harder to master because there a few things to take into account.

You have to understand where these people just “hang out” on the internet. Where do they spend their time and scroll?

Typically scrollers are on Facebook or Instagram, and to get their attention, you have to pull them in with desire instead of need. Why? Because these people aren’t intently searching for something specific on the internet. They’re just using the internet for recreation, and we have to interrupt them with something they can’t refuse.

So not only do you have to figure out where these people hang out, you also have to figure out how to appeal to their desires.

And with that said, social media matters. What a person sees or feels before they get to your funnel is as important as the funnel itself. So the content that you publish on your Instagram and Facebook (ad or organic) has significant importance.


Dream 100

In his book, Russell also talks about the Dream 100. Most people say the Dream 100 is a list of 100 influential people that you want to attract. You do everything you can do get their attention in hopes that they’ll help you grow your business.

But Russell elaborates on this further and says the Dream 100 should really be a list of a hundred congregations of humans that are already gathered in one spot under a particular influencer.

So this could be a Facebook group, a webpage page, an Instagram account, or even a podcast. So it saves you time because now you’re just looking for the influencer that has already created a congregation of humans in one place.

That’s all I’ll say about the Dream 100. You’ll have to get the book to learn more. 


Something else Russell covers in the book (which is a SUPER important topic) is retargeting. 

If you don’t have practices in place to retarget people, you’re leaving money on the table. Lots of it.

You need to be retargeting people who have fallen out of your funnel for some reason, people who didn’t complete their purchase, and you need to be retargeting people who have purchased from you already with different offers. There’s plenty of ways to retarget prospects: through ads, email campaigns, marketing campaigns.

How to Retarget

In Traffic Secrets, it says that when you retarget a prospect, it should hit three points. You really need to hit all three points for an effective retargeting strategy when people fall out of your funnel.

1.The Emotional Close

2.The Logical Close

3. Scarcity and Urgency

So when you’re creating an ad campaign for your funnel, do you have a retargeting ad that hits all three of these points? 

Traffic Secrets FAQ


Here is a recap and all the other important information you need to know about Traffic Secrets. 

Q: What is the Traffic Secrets Book?

A: Traffic Secrets is a new book by Russell Brunson that details best practices to drive traffic to your website and funnels. The content is focused on traffic strategies to drive targeted customers.

In addition to the book, Traffic Secrets is also a course that includes 24 modules on the best practices of attracting traffic to your offer.

Q: Who Is Russell Brunson?

A: Russell Brunson is the creator of Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is an easy-to-use software that can build high converting sales funnels for you to churn revenue for your company.

Q: What is Clickfunnels?


A: Clickfunnels is an funnel builder that helps you sell your products and services online. The software has transformed into a multimillion-dollar software company (with affiliate marketing opportunities) that helps entrepreneurs create direct marketing campaigns based on their products and programs.

Q: How much Does Traffic Secrets Cost?

A: The price of the Traffic Secrets Hardcover book is $24.29 and the Kindle digital version is $16.99. However, when the book comes out, be on the look out for a free plus shipping funnel where you’ll be able to get the book for free if you just pray for the shipping. In addition to the book, you can also purchase the course which includes 24 modules about specific traffic strategies.

Q: Who is Traffic Secrets Book For?

A: Traffic secrets is for individuals, businesses, and product creators, looking to create more revenue by strategically driving more visitors to their site to purchase their products or services.

Q: How many pages is the Traffic Secrets book?

A: The traffic Secret Book is 256 pages.

Traffic Secrets Conclusion

If you want to learn how to drive traffic to your site and increase revenue more predictably, then this book is going to be a great resource for you. 

Russell Brunson is an expert at internet marketing and will continue to be successful in his endeavors and with Clickfunnels.