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Clickfunnels vs Everybody: The Mega Review of Best Known Sales Funnel Builders

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Clickfunnels vs Everybody: The Mega Review of Best Known Sales Funnel Builders

If you’re building a new website to sell a product or service, you’re probably considering a sales funnel builder to help you increase your conversion.

Some online businesses struggle to get off the ground (or grow) because they don’t have the experience to build a sales-generating website or the funds to hire someone who has this experience.

The good news is there are a lot of tools at your disposal to help you build sales funnels, no matter what your experience level. There are tools out there that make it easy to do yourself. You don’t have to hire anyone!

Depending on your business and your budget, different tools may be better suited to you, and this post is going to cover an array of sales funnels builders.

However, I want to start out by telling you why, I like Clickfunnels the best.

I’ve found that not only is Clickfunnels increasing my ROI, it’s increasing my ROE(return on effort). Simply put, I’m able to create an entire funnel with “the click of a mouse” as founder Russel Brunson likes to say. I’ve grown my 6 figure and 7 figure businesses with this tool alone. All of my sales funnels are built with Clickfunnels. And it all started with using Clickfunnels to generate leads.

Clickfunnels Review:Why Clickfunnels Rocks


When it comes to integrations, Clickfunnels syncs with all your favorite applications. Auto-responders, shopping carts, marketing automation and more.

Here is a quick list of just some of the applications Click Funnels can integrate with:




Active Campaign











Go To Webinar

Webinar Jam

and much more…

Click Funnels Excellent Affiliate Program

Click Funnels presents an affiliate program that pays great commissions. Basically, if you acquire 3 affiliates you have your own account paid for…in continuity. If you’re looking for recurring revenue, sign up as an affiliate as soon as you start your CF account.

Full disclosure: I am an affiliate of Click Funnels and will get paid a commission if you choose to start an account by using one of my links in this post…at no additional cost to you. Plus, if you do use my links I will provide you with bonus materials…AND I will share with you my highest converting funnels directly from my account. Sound crazy? See the section near the bottom of this post for a full list of bonuses.

Share Entire Marketing Funnels With Click Funnels

Click Funnels is all about skipping learning curves now with the ability to share funnels from one account to another.

If you know someone who uses Clickfunnels that has a successful funnel, they can just share it with you. You can just tweak it for your own use, and then you’re done. Amazing.

Want some of my funnels? Sign up for Click Funnels at this link and I’ll email you share links that will magically put my funnels into your Click Funnels account.

Clickfunnels Pricing and Features

Depending on the features you’re interested in, the cost of ClickFunnels varies.


The Basic package is $97 per month and here’s what it gets you:

  • 20 funnels–including sales funnels, membership funnels, webinar funnels, hangout funnels, upsell funnels and all advanced funnels.

  • 100 pages.

  • Max 20,000 visitors.

  • Unlimited contacts.

  • 3 custom domains.

  • A/B testing.

  • Email integrations.

  • Opt-in Funnels.

  • ClickPops.

  • ClickOpt-in.

  • Unlimited number of members.

  • Order pages and forms.

  • Downsale pages.

Clickfunnels Platinum is $297 per month and here’s what it gets you:

  • All features included in the Basic package.

  • Unlimited funnels.

  • Unlimited pages.

  • Unlimited visitors.

  • Unlimited custom domains.

  • Priority support.

  • Priority template requests.

  • Actionetics (create funnels that send emails, track where your visitors come from and segment your audience by different metrics).

  • Visual email builder.

  • Email list management.

  • Broadcast emails.

  • Learn more about Clickfunnels Platinum here!

Now that I’ve told you the major reasons I love Clickfunnels, I’m going to give you an in-depth review of all these other sales funnel builders you may be shopping, and tell you how Clickfunnels stacks up against the rest.

Clickfunnels vs. Instapage


Instapage pricing

Instapage offers two packages: Core and Enterprise. The Core package is $99/month and includes:

  • Landing page builder.
  • Advertising and marketing integration.
  • Instablocks.
  • A/B testing.
  • Heatmaps.
  • Conversion analytics.
  • Multi-step forms.
  • Dynamic text replacement.
  • Branded lead notifications.
  • Automatic SSL certification.

The cost of the Enterprise package is different for each user, depending on their needs. It includes:

  • Everything from the core package.
  • Editable global blocks.
  • AMP page and experiences.
  • 1:1 ad-to-page personalization.
  • Real-time visual collaboration.
  • Ad spend by variation data.
  • Direct lead-bypass.
  • Guaranteed uptime-enterprise SLA.
  • Single sign-on.
  • Professional page launch services.
  • Page migration services.
  • Dedicated CSM.
  • Custom fonts.
  • Custom feature implementation. 

ClickFunnels vs. Instapage: Pros and Cons

ClickFunnels Pros

  • A more comprehensive all-in-one sales funnel building platform.
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop landing page and funnel builders.
  • Customizable pages and sales funnels.
  • More cost-effective.

ClickFunnels Cons

  • Less control over coding customization than Instapage.
  • Landing page builder doesn’t offer much flexibility in design.

Instapage Pros

  • Designed specifically to build great landing pages.
  • More templates.
  • Higher level of customization.
  • Large number of fonts and stock images to choose from.

Instapage Cons

  • Less cost-effective.
  • Fewer features on Instapage platform.
  • Integration required with several third-party apps and tools for a complete solution.
  • No sales funnel builder.

Instapage Summed Up

Instapage does one thing and it does it very well. It helps you to build great landing pages to optimize conversion. There are hundreds of customizable templates for you to choose from, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Instapage can integrate with many popular apps, like MailChimp, Drip, Facebook and Google Ads.

Final verdict: Clickfunnels vs. Instapage

If you’re only looking for something strictly to help you improve your landing pages, Instapage may be a good option for you. However, ClickFunnels is the cheaper option and it offers a landing page builder with so much more. You can do everything with ClickFunnels because it’s as close to a complete online business toolkit as you can get. Because of its price and extensive features, ClickFunnels is the better option of the two.

Clickfunnels vs. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft Pricing


Infusionsoft has recently simplified their pricing. You can now get started for $199/month, which gives you 1 user login and 2,500 contacts.

Clickfunnels vs. Infusionsoft: Pros and Cons

Infusionsoft Pros

•The landing page builder in Infusionsoft has much more power than Clickfunnels.

•Infusionsoft has sales and customer relationship management tools included in Infusionsoft which is huge if your business has a dedicated sales team.

•If your business depends heavily on email marketing for lead generation and revenue, Infusionsoft has a range of templates that can be super helpful.

Infusionsoft Cons

•Of all the sales funnel builders on the market, Infusionsoft has the steepest initial learning curve.

•Getting started with Infusionsoft costs $699 or more!

•Some users have reported that Infusionsoft emails don’t always reach their intended recipients.

Clickfunnels Pros

•If you’re a solo marketer, you’ll find almost everything you need to promote your products, collect leads and build funnels in Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels comes with shopping cart and checkout tools so there’s no need to integrate with a third party service.

•Shared funnels are extremely convenient for small businesses that don’t want to build a funnel from scratch.

Clickfunels Cons

•Clickfunnels all-in-one toolbox means there’s a much bigger focus on including a range of different tools.

•While the Clickfunnels landing page builder is easy to use, it’s not as powerful as the landing page builder in Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft Summed Up

Infusionsoft’s biggest strength is its power. If you run a mid-sized or large business and need a powerful marketing arsenal, you’ll enjoy Infusionsoft. But with the steep learning curve Infusionsoft has means it may not be the best option for entrepreneurs or small businesses.

Clickfunnels vs. Infusionsoft: The Verdict

In short, Infusionsoft requires a development-bandwidth, and if you don’t have that, Clickfunnels is the way to go.

The major benefit of Clickfunnels is its simplicity. It is easy to use and everything you need is accessible.

Clickfunnels vs. Unbounce


Unbounce Pricing

There are three different pricing plans for Unbounce. The Essential plan starts at $79 dollars a month. The Premium plan is $159 dollars a month, which includes client sub-accounts and more published landing pages. The Enterprise plan is $399 a month and offers all features on Unbounce.

Clickfunnels Vs. Unbounce: Pros and Cons

Unbounce Pros

  • Dynamic Text Replacement is a real-time solution that allows you to personalize a landing page using different custom keyword parameters.
  • You can design a mobile-friendly landing page with just a few easy clicks.
  • You can send your pages out of Unbounce easily. This is a great advantage if you work with clients.

Unbounce Cons

  • Unbounce cannot form a complete sales funnel.
  • Unbounce lacks an inbuilt autoresponder which can help a ton with follow up through the sales process.
  • Unbounce does not allow you to build a membership area.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • It’s more than a landing page builder! The main goal of this tool is to help entrepreneurs build their entire sales funnel.
  • You can build out your entire online course and training using Clickfunnels membership site features to just give access to members.
  • Clickfunnels gives you follow-up funnels, an email autoresponder, and texting feature which allows you to follow up with prospects.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • It will take a little bit of time to master Clickfunnels, but the good news is there are so many free resources to help you!

Unbounce Summed Up

More than anything else, Unbounce is an aesthetic landing page creator that is great at building the front-end of your sales funnel. Unbounce is an extensive drag and drop editor, allowing you to customize almost all elements of your landing page. Much like Kajabi, it has a strong focus is on web page aesthetics.

Clickfunnels vs. Unbounce: The Verdict

If you are serious about starting an online business and converting prospects into customers, you need more than just landing pages; you need sales funnels. Ultimately, Unbounce’s focus is building the front end of a funnel whereas Clickfunnels can build your entire sales funnel.

I would encourage you to try a free 14-day free trial by clicking on my affiliate link. I am a Clickfunnels affiliate and do get paid a commission at no extra cost to you, and I offer a ton of bonuses.

Clickfunnels vs. Kajabi

Kajabi Pricing

click funnels-vs-kajabi

The basic plan is $119/month and allows:

Three products.

Three pipelines.

Unlimited landing pages.

Unlimited marketing emails.

10,000 contacts.

1,000 active members.

One website.

One admin user.

Growth, the best value and most popular plan, is $159/month and allows:

15 products.

15 pipelines.

Unlimited landing pages.

Unlimited marketing emails.

25,000 contacts.

10,000 active users.

One website.

10 admin users.

Pro is $319/month and allows:

100 products.

100 pipelines.

Unlimited landing pages.

2,000,000 marketing emails.

100,000 contacts.

20,000 active members.

3 websites.

25 admin users.

Clickfunnels vs. Kajabi: Pros and Cons

Kajabi Pros

  • If you’re wanting to be able to build highly custom websites from scratch, Kajabi would be the better option for you.
  • Whereas ClickFunnels’s main goal is creating excellent sales funnels, Kajabi is a little bit more branched out with a focus on online courses.
  • They offer a bit more in terms of website building, blogging, etc.

Kajabi Cons

  • Kajabi’s platform is more expensive and more limiting in some ways than Clickfunnels.
  • Kajabi requires users to have a bit more technical know-how than Clickfunnels does.
  • You can only sell digital products like online courses.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • Clickfunnels is very user-friendly and has plenty of training for people who are running an online business.
  • Clickfunnels is more cost-effective than Kajabi.
  • If your priority is building strong, effective sales funnels, ClickFunnels is your best option.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • ClickFunnels’s main priority is user-friendliness. Because of that, you may be limited in terms of design options if you have advanced developer skills.

Kajabi Summed Up

Truthfully, comparing Clickfunnels to Kajabi is like comparing apples to oranges. They’re both fruit, but their taste, bite and texture are incomparable. They both have the same mission of helping your online business succeed with easy drag-and-drop, but their approaches are completely different. If you visit their websites, you’ll see how each use language totally independent of one another to harp on their own distinctive strengths.

Clickfunnels vs. Kajabi: The Verdict

Kajabi is not sales driven in the way Clickfunnels is. In an office, Kajabi would be the public relations department. Kajabi values customer relations, content delivery and aesthetics. Their software is designed to turn your content into products and build beautiful online courses, membership sites, etc. If you visit their website you’ll see that they believe that you’re not just selling your content or product, but also the experience and aesthetic in which your content is delivered. More than sales, there is a clear emphasis on helping you create your brand. They want to help you make your content valuable to a variety of customers and for your content to be easily consumed. Kajabi wants to help you be available to your customers with its interactive discussion feature where your customers can engage with you and others.  Ultimately, Kajabi’s goal is to get your customer in the door, while Clickfunnels wants to help ensure your customer doesn’t leave empty handed. If you’re trying to build a sales funnel online, you need Clickfunnels. Read more about Clickfunnels vs. Kajabi here!

Clickfunnels vs. Kartra


Kartra Pricing

Kartra offers five different tiers of pricing, which allows a lot of flexibility for growing businesses.

•    Starter plan – $89 per month 2,500 contacts

•    Silver plan – $199 per month 12,500 contacts

•    Gold plan – $299 per month 25,000 contacts

•    Platinum plan – $499 per month 100,000 contact

Each plan starts with a $1 14-day trial! Look below to see what all comes in each plan. (Insert picture)

Clickfunnels vs. Kartra: Pros and Cons

Kartra Pros

  • Easy Drag and drop editor.
  • Includes tons of landing page templates.
  • Can integrate your pages directly with Kartra’s other features like video hosting and email marketing.

Kartra Cons

  • Pages take longer to load than Clickfunnels.
  • While user-friendly, it’s still not as easy to edit pages compared to Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • All pages load extremely fast and have been optimized for speed.
  • Creating and designing pages is super easy with the drag and drop editor.
  • Includes lots of landing page funnel templates.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • There’s a little bit of a learning curve that support and free resources can help with.

Kartra Summed Up

I think when trying to make a good buying decision, it’s important to look at the convenience of the tool, and the companies’ strategies and values.

Kartra gives you a lot of creative space over what you want to happen within your funnel. At no point does it guide the way Clickfunnels does. If you need to build easy sales funnels FAST without a lot of tinkering, Clickfunnels is the way to go.

Clickfunnels vs. Kartra: The Verdict

Don’t get me wrong, Kartra is an amazing tool, but with Clickfunnel’s strong emphasis on sales, and converting leads into customers, I have to say that with that mindset, Clickfunnels will absolutely grow your business.

If you are serious about starting an online business and converting prospects into customers, you don’t need sexy pages; you need sales funnels. Clickfunnels can build your entire sales funnel!

Clickfunnels vs. Leadpages

Leadpages Pricing

The cost of Leadpages depends on whether you want to be billed monthly or annually.

Monthly costs are:

  • $37 per month for Standard.
  • $79 per month for Pro.
  • $321 per month for Advanced.
  • If billed annually, these prices divide out to:
  • $25 per month for Standard.
  • $48 per month for Pro.
  • $199 per month for Advanced.

click funnels-vs-leadpages

Each package offers different features.

Standard package features include:

One website.

Unlimited landing pages.

Unlimited pop-ups.

Unlimited alert bars.

Unlimited traffic and leads.

Free custom domain.

Free hosting.

200+ landing page templates.

40+ standard integrations.

Facebook and Instagram ad builder.

Weekly group coaching.

Pro package features include:

Everything from the Standard package.

Three websites.

Online sales and payments.

Unlimited A/B split testing.

Email trigger links.

10 opt-in text campaigns.

Advanced package features include:

Everything from the Pro package.

50 websites.

Advanced integrations.

Five Pro sub-accounts.

50 extra opt-in text campaigns.

1-on-1 quick start call.

Leadpages virtual workshops.

Clickfunnels vs. Leadpages: Pros and Cons

Leadpages Pros

  • If you just want to create an inexpensive landing page, then Leadpages might be the way to go.
  • Leadpages offers a landing page builder exclusively making it less expensive than Clickfunnels.
  • The drag-and-drop visual editor that makes creating your landing pages quick and easy.

Leadpages Cons

  • Leadpages only creates landing pages. If you want an entire sales funnel that will convert visitors like clockwork, then Clickfunnels is what you want.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • Clickfunnels creates the entire sales process.
  • Clickfunnels can do everything! You can register your domain, create landing pages and forms, and even stay in touch with subscribers.
  • Clickfunnels has proven to be high-converting.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • Clickfunnels is a little more expensive than LeadPages, but it has way more capabilities.

Leadpages Summed Up

Leadpages is a good option for small businesses who want to build a website, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars and more.

It’s popular landing page software and is used by many business owners and entrepreneurs.

Leadpages prioritizes conversion with optimized templates, mobile-responsive pages and SEO features.

Leadpages vs. Clickfunnels: The Verdict

Since Leadpages only builds landing pages, again my vote is Clickfunnels. You can read more in my indepth review of Clickfunnels vs. Leadpages. 

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall

Builderall Pricing

click funnels-vs-builderall

$9.90 per month for a single domain and several features but no Mailing Boss.

$29.90 per month gives you unlimited domains and all the features above. How it differs from the tier above is that it also comes with Webmail Manager, On Page SEO Report Tool, Social Share Locker Traffic Generator, the coveted Unlimited Heat/Click Map Tool and more.

$49.90 per month gives you all features and the “BuilderAll Business.” The Builderall Business comes with Ready-To-Go Sales Funnels. In addition is has Business Plans, Ready-To-Go Sales Funnels for Commercial / Local Niches, Bi-Weekly Webinars Step-By-Step Training, and Done For You Marketing Material.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Pros and Cons

Builderall Pros

  • Count Genuis says you can create apps with Builderall and design apps that users can download on their smartphone.
  • If you have a floating video on your landing page you can use the floating videos creator of Builderall.
  • With the help of the Design Studio, you can easily insert your covers into 3D mockups and create 3D images of your product.

Builderall Cons

  • Builderall does not have shared funnels.
  • Builderall does not have an affiliate management system.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • Building landing pages with Clickfunnels is so easy that even a toddler could do it.
  • Create funnels to send potential customers to the right product. You never have to doubt if they’ve seen your high ticket offer.
  • Send followup emails and SMS messages–if someone sees your page and doesn’t purchase, you can create an automated followup and make sure there were no technical difficulties.

Clickfunnels Cons

Builderall Summed Up

Builderall is great but the one thing it lacks in is building sales funnels. It’s great to build websites with, but if you want more control over your sales, Clickfunnels is the way to go.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: The Verdict

I choose Clickfunnels because I know in order to grow my online business I need to put prospects on a path to go down. I know that to increase sales, they need to know EXACTLY where to go in order to buy my product. I know I need a sales funnel to get MORE CUSTOMERS!

Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse

click funnels-vs-getresponse

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse’s pricing starts at $15/month for up to 1,000 subscribers (Email Plan). If you have more contacts, you can get 2,500 for $25/month or 10,000 for $65/month. All plans include unlimited emails and autoresponders. There is no setup fee.

Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse: Pros and Cons

Clickfunnels Pros

  • Emails use simple formatting and can be organized into a sequence to form a user-friendly experience.
  • 14-day free trial with 30-day refund policy.
  • Unlimited contacts on all plans.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • Clickfunnels does not provide email split testing.
  • ClickFunnels does not support direct mail automation.
  • More Costly than GetResponse

GetResponse Pros

  • Unlimited autoresponder series in all plans.
  • A/B email split testing.
  • WordPress integration plugin lets you easily add subscription forms to your WordPress site.

GetResponse Cons

  • No refunds available after risk-free trial period.
  • Not a great sales funnel builder.
  • Limited Contacts.

Clickfunnels vs. GetResponse: The Verdict

Ultimately, GetResponse is an email marketing platform. While it’s added features of building landing pages and funnels, its sales funnel capacity is not nearly as powerful as Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels vs. OptimizePress

Optimizepress Pricing

click funnels-vs-optimizepress

The Core package:

$97 for one year.

Use on three sites.

Build unlimited pages.

Unlimited leads and traffic.

Membership plug-in.

You control your site.

Site-building flexibility.

One year of support and updates.

The Publishers package:

$197 for one year.

All core package features.

Use on 10 sites.

A/B split testing.

Advanced elements library.

Video backgrounds.

Page engagement actions.

Exclusive plug-ins archive.

The Pro package:

$297 for one year.

All current OptimizePress features.

Use on 30 sites.

Designed for pro marketers.

First access to new features.

There is no free trial, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Clickfunnels vs. OptimizePress: Pros and Cons

OptimizePress Pros

  • All OptimizePress packages are charged on a 1-time fee. You’ll just have to pay $39, $59 and $79 on each package yearly to access updates.
  • OptimizePress is perfect for bloggers, and other content creators because of SEO friendliness, and WordPress hosting.
  • OptimizePress is super easy to learn and use.

OptimizePress Cons

  • Not suitable for sales funnel creations.
  • Does not have an autoresponder.
  • No free trial.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • ClickFunnels hosts all of your pages and on the $297 package, you get unlimited domains.
  • Clickfunnels allows you to automatically follow up leads so you can nurture them.
  • Clickfunnels has a great support and community that you can always ask questions to.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • More expensive than OptimizePress.
  • The basic plan of Clickfunnels only allows you to create 20 funnels and 100 funnels and the maximum visitors allowed per month are 20,000, but OptimizePress gives access to create unlimited pages with its basic plan.

OptimizePress vs. Clickfunnels: The Verdict

OptimizePress doesn’t feature sales funnel templates so you have to create individual pages and then connect them to build a sales funnel. With Clickfunnels, you also get an inbuilt shopping cart, free hosting, inbuilt autoresponder, one-click downsell and upsell, inbuilt affiliate management software, and more training-support materials.

So, it is a much better option than OptimizePress for creating funnels.

If you don’t want to create sales funnel and just intend to create landing pages for your business, then you should choose to Optimize over Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels vs. Samcart


Samcart Pricing

There are three pricing plans for SamCart. The Basic plan costs $19 per month and allows for up to five products and support via email, with features ranging from coupons and checkout pop-ups.

There is a 1% processing fee applied to all transactions recorded with the Basic plan — a cost that can quickly add up as your sales grow.

The Pro plan, which costs $99 per month has additional features including live chat support, the ability to remove SamCart branding, subscriptions management, etc.

The Premium plan is $199 per month and includes all of the features available in the Pro plan, along with complete email integrations, Superscription Saver recurring payment assistance along with the Affiliate Center.

Clickfunnels vs. SamCart: Pros and Cons

SamCart Pros

● SamCart is one of the most effective cart and checkout tools on the market.
● Has one-click upsells, order bumps and abandoned cart prevention.
● SamCart is significantly cheaper than Clickfunnels.

SamCart Cons

● No email marketing or automation features.
● One-click upsells and split testing are only available in the Pro and Premium plans.

Clickfunnels Pros

● No need to use multiple applications to market and sell your product.
● You quickly develop email sequences for your subscribers in just a few clicks with pre-made funnels.
● You can easily add items to your checkout process and increase your average earnings per sale.

Clickfunnels Cons

● Because Clickfunnels includes a feature for almost everything, it doesn’t offer the same level of depth and focus as SamCart.
● The checkout page design and customization options in Clickfunnels are very limited.

SamCart Summary

SamCart does not offer any marketing features and should be used as part of a larger marketing toolkit, but if you want to create effective checkout pages that help you generate more revenue, SamCart is the stronger of the two options.

Clickfunnels vs. Samcart: The Verdict

The difference between SamCart and Clickfunnels is that they occupy different parts of the sales process. Samcart acts as a checkout tool that optimizes the final stage of the buying process. Clickfunnels builds sales funnels that creates interest at every stage of the buying process. If you are looking for software to build an all-encompassing funnel, you need Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels vs. Convertri

click funnels-vs-convertri

Convertri Pricing

The Standard Plan of Convertri is $53 per month. It gives you 25,000 impressions, 50 funnels, 500 pages.

The Pro Plan is $58 a month and it gives you 100,000 impressions, 250 funnels and 2,500 pages.

The Agency Plan is $199 each month and it gives you 400,000 impressions, 1000 funnels and 10,000 pages.

Clickfunnels vs. Convertri: Pros and Cons

Convertri Pros

  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Ability to build simple pages and full websites.
  • Page importer that allows you to import page designs in quickly and easily.

Convertri Cons

  • No affiliate management.
  • Basic plan is very limited.
  • There is no membership site functionality.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • Easy to use and can build full sales funnels quickly and easily.
  • Integrates with so many third party services.
  • The training and resources cover everything you need to know.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • Clickfunnels pricing is more expensive.
  • Doesn’t have some features that Convertri has like the dynamic text replacement feature.

Clickfunnels vs. Convertri: The Verdict

Convertri is the new kid on the block. It may be much newer to the scene than Clickfunnels, and have some tricks up its sleeve, but when it comes to the basics of building sales funnels, nothing can compete with Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels vs. Thrive Leads

click funnels-vs.-thrive-leads

Thrive Leads Pricing

There are two ways you can pay for Thrive Leads: a one-time purchase or a monthly membership.

The monthly membership plan costs $19 per month.

You can use 25 licenses and have access to all Thrive services, which includes Thrive Leads.

The one-time payment plans have three options:

  • One license for $67.

  • Five licenses for $97.

  • 15 licenses for $147.

With each of these packages, you have access to all Thrive Leads features, unlimited updates and a year of support.

There’s no free trial for Thrive Leads, but they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Clickfunnels vs. Thrive Leads: Pros and Cons

Thrive Leads Pros

  • There are pre-built pages for everything from landing pages, opt-in pages to sales pages.
  • The headline optimizer allows you to create multiple headlines for a post and then A/B test it.
  • Thrive Ovation lets you collect testimonials from your customers.

Thrive Leads Cons

  • Can only be used with WordPress.
  • In Thrive, you’d have to make all pages for your sales funnel separately.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • You can run an automated marketing campaign with Clickfunnels.
  • You can run your own affiliate programs.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • If you already have WordPress, Clickfunnels would be more costly.

Thrive Leads Summed Up

Thrive Leads is a plug-in for WordPress that will generate leads and help you create mailing lists. It’s a tool specifically for businesses that host their site on WordPress. It offers a funnel builder to help you create lead pages and lead generation forms quickly and easily. Like the other options above, you don’t need to have any coding skills to use this tool. Once you have your site up and running, you can monitor them all through Thrive Lead’s analytics overview.

Clickfunnels vs. Thrive Leads: The Verdict

With Thrive Leads, you will still need additional third-party tools.

But Clickfunnels has everything you need to create your funnel, manage your leads and automate your whole marketing process under one roof.


The above are all good options for business owners, but they may benefit different people based on their business and their needs.

However, Clickfunnels offers online business owners the most in terms of features, customizability and support.

But don’t just take my word for it!


click funnels-vs-kajabi

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