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2 Comma Club: The Path To Making A Million Dollars and Quitting Your Nine to Five

By October 31, 2020 No Comments


Today I want to tell you more about Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club. Most of you are probably looking to start or grow your online business, and I believe when we take on any new endeavor, it’s always important to have a vision first.

I remember when I was working in Corporate America, the 9 to 7 daily grind. (Spoiler, that’s one of the reasons I decided to leave and start my own business so that I could bust out of the grind and make my own schedule.)

Anyway, one time the director of my department had poured his heart and soul into a new project that would make our marketing process more efficient and more trackable so that we would have more data to optimize our strategy with. After we launched this new and improved process, my director came to me to vent. He said that people in our company were still doing things the old way.

“Why don’t they understand?” he asked. “Don’t they see that this is so much better than the ways we’ve been doing things?!”

When I asked him if we had spent any time doing presentations for the rest of the staff to get them excited about the new process, my director visibly tensed up and irritably sighed, “No…but that would have been a great idea.”

Moral of the story is, behavior doesn’t change without vision, and if you’re wanting to grow start or grow your online business, yet still find yourself stuck, I want to spend some time today casting a vision for you and showing you what’s possible with Clickfunnels.

What is Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club?

The 2 Comma Club is a community for online entrepreneurs who’ve made over 1 million dollars with ClickFunnels, an online sales funnel builder.So if you’ve been using ClickFunnels to build your online sales funnel, and you’ve successfully made over $1mil, you can become a part of this exclusive community as one of the top entrepreneurs.

So in order to join The 2 Comma Club, the first thing you need to do to is make a million dollars through ClickFunnels, and I will tell you…IT IS POSSIBLE!

How to Get to the 2 Comma Club


Two Comma Club Pathway Step #1: To Go To The Next Level, Get Coaching At The Next Level

This is a universal truth: If you want to go to the next level, you need to get someone from the next level to show you the way.  A lot of us call that coaching. You may call that mentoring. Whatever the semantics are you need help from people who have already been where you want to go.

For me, that person is Russell Brunson. He has gone through the fire that I needed to go through in order to reach my goals.  So I invested in Russell’s coaching.

Now my company is a two comma company on its way to a 8-figure business.

Below is a FANTASTIC training(one of my favorite) by Russell where he goes on a deep dive through what it takes to get your first million and beyond.

Two Comma Club Pathway Step #2: Know Your Numbers

A Two Comma Club company knows their numbers…their financial metrics. I check them every day.

Every. Single. Day.

I have a dashboard that I check sometime multiple times a day. It not only gives me visibility, but allows me to lead my company and team through changes necessary to keep momentum.

And if you know anything about entrepreneurship, you know that momentum is HUGE. Whenever you catch it, keep it.  There is no way to keep it if you don’t know all of your metrics.

There are tons of metrics that you COULD monitor. But here are the main metrics that I micro-manage:

  • Cost Per Lead
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • Sales Conversion %
  • Average Cart Value
  • Lifetime Customer Value

Once you have these metrics NAILED and you keep them in front of your brain every single day, you’re on the right track to get to the Two Comma Club.

My Journey to the 2 Comma Club

I’m a pretty big fan of Clickfunnels. I worked in Corporate America for years, until finally one day I realized that I was an entrepreneur, so I started a business using Clickfunnels, and by month 8 of the company’s short life, it had grossed $873K.

Now let me assure you my success with Clickfunnels and my online businesses didn’t happen overnight. I had to just start. And that is the BIGGEST thing that keeps people from starting an online business is literally just starting.

Let me go ahead and tell you, you just aren’t going to figure it all out from the beginning. You have to be willing to learn as you go. If you find yourself reading this post, congratulations. You’ve started, and I want to help you learn as you go.


Million Dollar Ideas and the 2 Comma Club

If you’re curious to know which type of business to start online, and which ones have led people to making a million dollars, IM Obsession compiled this super helpful list.

Real Estate

Fitness & Weight Loss

SaaS Systems

Financial Advice

Personal Development


Digital Marketing


Public Speaking

Selling Books

Facebook Ads

Language Courses



Muscle Building

Amazon Marketing

Stocks & Options Advice

Event Tickets

Senior Citizens Care

Holistic Health

Food Supplements

Business Coaching

Organic Food

Meat Grilling

Stress & Pain Relief

Network Marketing

Shopify Coaching

Airbnb Coaching

Affiliate Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Yoga & Meditation


Hair Products

Life Coaching

Solar Energy

Electronics & Accessories

Steel Manufacturing

Hollywood Visual Effects

Natural Wellness

Hunting & Fishing Apparel

Non Profit

Natural Skincare

Business Automation

Relationship Healing

Ad Agency



Sports Merchandise

Digital Music Software

Credit Management

School Books

Tax Education & Software

Cooking Classes

Electrical & Plumbing

Nurse On Call

Subscription Boxes

Mortgage Broking

Home Organization

Ketogenic Nutrition

Hypnosis App

Student Loan Eraser

Accounting Firm

Free Headshots

Forex Trading Training

The 2 Comma Club and Clickfunnels Pricing


What Comes With The Standard Plan?

If you’ve caught the vision and are looking to take the leap of faith with Clickfunnels, I wanted to show you what all you get by just paying $97/ month. 

For the $97/month plan, you get:

  20 funnels

 100 pages

 20,000 visitors per month

 3 custom domains

Here are some of my favorite features that are included in the Standard Plan.

Share Funnels: This is great because it allows you to share the funnels you make with others and vice versa. If you have a sales funnel that is high converting, you can share it with anybody that shows interest.

Funnel Hacker Forum: Clickfunnels is great about creating community to help you learn. The Funnel Hacker Forum is a great opportunity to become an expert at Clickfunnels. This is an official community of Clickfunnels paying members only. The Funnel Hacker Forum gives you the rare opportunity to see what other people are doing within your industry, or an industry you want to be in, and how they’re achieving profit with their funnels. It allows you to borrow each others’ success.

FunnelFlix: This is a newer feature of Clickfunnels and it is absolutely my favorite.
FunnelFlix is basically like Netflix for Clickfunnels. It has all kinds of trainings to teach you how to be successful with Clickfunnels. 


Behavior doesn’t change without vision, and I hope this post helped you catch the vision and see what’s possible if you just take one step. Be willing to be a learner, be willing to not have it all figured out, be willing to face setbacks, but have a vision for your life. Making a million dollars online and joining the 2 Comma Club is POSSIBLE! If you still feel apprehensive about taking the leap know that when you sign up for your 14-Day Free Trial with my affiliate link, I offer a ton of bonuses.



In addition to 23 pre-built sales funnels, below you will see additional bonuses I offer sign up for a Clickfunnels 14-Day Free Trial using my affiliate link. I offer a TON of bonuses to help you along the way and utilize this tool to its full capacity for your business. Here’s what’s included when you sign up for your Clickfunnels trial with me:

Sales Funnel Blueprint: This is my Clickfunnels Basic Training Course, with everything you need to know about how to build the most high converting funnels and how to drive traffic to them. There’s great stuff in this course that you don’t want to miss. From copywriting to driving sales, this course has everything you need to market your product.

Dream Car Marketing Course: This course is a comprehensive training teaching you all my secrets on how I became one of Clickfunnels’ top affiliates and a Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner. This course gives you access to a 100 Day Social Media/Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp. If you’re looking to make some extra vacation money for your family, (and looking for your dream car) this course is for you.

Youtube Traffic Formula: It shouldn’t be a secret that now more than ever people are consuming content through video instead of reading online. That’s just the world we live in today, and if you’re looking to be relevant in the online marketplace with video, you need this course! This course teaches you how to get people to see your product and service on Youtube by giving you the tips and tricks you need to rank your Youtube videos fast. Want your Youtube videos at the top of the search? You need this course!

The Funnel Hacking Playbook: My funnel hacking playbook so you can mimic what other successful online entrepreneurs do with their sales funnels

The Moneyline Adshop Facebook Training:  Facebook Ads can be frustrating for many people to use. But I’ve built my 6 figure and 7 figure businesses by garnering traffic through paid social media ads. If you want to know how to build and launch high converting Facebook ads in any industry, this course is for you.

My Roadmap to Email Marketing Course– You may think that email marketing is dead, but it actually one of the most effective ways to get people to become your loyal customer. This course is all about increasing your open rate by teaching you how to provide value to people so that they will start to know, like, and trust you and become one of your biggest fans. Want to increase your open rate in emails? This course is for you!

Two Comma Club Funnel Blueprint– This training is on everything you need to know about setting up custom domains for free inside your Clickfunnels Account! Need to know the ins and outs of Clickfunnels and setting up domains? This course is for you!

All My Other Bonuses:

– 23 Pre-Built Sales Funnels that you can import directly into your Clickfunnels account.

– Unlimited email support so I can help you with your sales funnel that you build with Clickfunnels

– 1 Free Copy of Russell Brunson’s book, DotCom Secrets

– Free Training Video On How To Increase Sales By 150% with ClickFunnels