I Won My Dream Car – Thank You ClickFunnnels

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My Car Life BEFORE Clickfunnels

I’ve never really been a car guy. Hell, I once bought an Isuzu Trooper off the side of the road from a horse farmer in Tennessee for $800. It had 300,000 miles and I drove it for two more years.

That’s basically the summary of my vehicle approach for most of my life.  I never spent much on them because of they are just a terrible investment. Not even an asset. But, I won’t bore you with consumer report philosophies on how to buy a car.

But, I decided to start leasing.  I went with a 2016 Kia Optima. That thing was great. And I loved everything about leasing.  It fit my lifestyle and approach. It’s not for everyone.

 Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!

Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!

Anyhoo…about the same time I leased my Kia Optima go kart, I started promoting Clickfunnels.

Once I heard that Russell Brunson and the Clickfunnels team had an affiliate program, I was in. I made it my goal to reach 100 affiliates as fast as possible…[here’s one of my first posts on Clickfunnels vs Leadspages].


Because I wanted to prove to myself that I could execute and win. And I did, big. On top of the 40% recurring commission that they pay me monthly, I also qualified for a dream car of my choosing that they would pay for ($500/month when you reach 100…$1000/month when you reach 200). 

I chose a BMW 740i Sedan and absolutely love it. They pay me monthly for the car ON TOP of my commissions.  I was so fired up when I reached the milestone, I posted the following in the Official Clickfunnels Private Facebook Group

Russell Brunson and Dave Dave Woodward. 9 months ago I made an internal decision. I created an inner adversary. My mission: get 100 CF affiliates. Come hell or Alabama high water. Today I have 122 and obtained my dreamcar. This BMW Sedan is a symbol of many things. More than anything, it simply says that if a hick from Bama can create a lifestyle he wants for his wife and daughters, anyone can.
For anyone who would ask “how?” I say this: if you want to go to the next level, get coaching at the next level.
Get rid of the victim mentality.
Get rid of limited mindset.
Work smarter, not harder. Find the 20% of your activities that create 80% of your results and double down.
Don’t just do activities. Do ROI activities.
Don’t wait around. Take. Conquer.
Pick a target. Identify the process from a coach. Then work it like Nick Saban.
Roll Tide.

Clickfunnels pricing is competitive with any sales funnel application/tool on the market, but I gladly use the Etison Suite every month to build my other businesses as well. My sales funnels are rock solid thanks to Clickfunnels and their superb software.

 Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels Today!

Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels Today!

I cannot recommend Clickfunnels to you enough. I even offer you bonuses when you sign up using my affiliate link. You will get access to my exclusive affiliate area where TONS of bonuses reside that you won’t get if you sign up with Clickfunnels directly. 

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