Clickfunnels vs. Unbounce: Navigating The Strengths of Two Similar Platforms

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In this review of Clickfunnels vs. Unbounce, we’re covering a lot of ground. More than reviewing Clickfunnels and Unbounce, this post also addresses the bigger picture of what you need in order to be successful in the online business world. Unbounce was the first landing page software to launch in 2011, and Clickfunnels followed a few years later. However, Unbounce and Clickfunnels vary a lot in terms of mission and capabilities. Before we get into the review, I need to go over two key concepts that you should keep in mind as you read this post.

What’s a landing page?

For any online business, landing pages are crucial. No matter what you’re selling or building, you need landing pages in order to convert visitors into subscribers, and users to customers. A landing page is a specific page for your promotion. It should have one purpose for your business and one specific action for your potential customer—to click the promotion or product offer you want them to act on. Really, a landing page acts as the front end of a sales funnel.

What’s a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a collection of web pages that creates customer and leads. It can do things like lead capture, host copy, take credit card information, and process orders. All of these things work as a symphony to take your prospect through the sales process that is needed to convert them into a customer. I go more in depth about what a sales funnel is and how to build one in this post.

Clickfunnels vs. Unbounce- The Progression of Software Over time

 Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels Today!

Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels Today!

To stay ahead of the competition, your landing pages and sales funnels need to be optimized. Luckily, there are some great software options that will help you convert leads into customers.

Before landing page software came out, building front-end website components was quite the feat. Unbounce was the the first of landing page software to be released in 2011, and it put the power of creating webpages in the hands of those who needed it most. No longer did marketers and entrepreneurs need code or design experience. Landing page software gave them total control over the design and performance of their webpages.

Instapage came about in 2012, followed by Leadpages and ClickFunnels. These remain the big four in landing page softwares, but in this post we’re taking a closer look at Clickfunnels vs. Unbounce. If you want some supplementary reading, Growth Marketing Pro blog compares Clickfunnels to Leadpages, Instapage and Unbounce.

In my research, I’ve found that Unbounce creates the front end of the sales funnel really well, but not the entire sales funnel whereas Clickfunnels is an all in one tool. Let’s take a look at each of these platforms and their features separately.

Clickfunnels vs. Unbounce Features


More than anything else, Unbounce is an aesthetic landing page creator that is great at building the front-end of your sales funnel. Unbounce is an extensive drag and drop editor, allowing you to customize almost all elements of your landing page. Much like Kajabi, it has a strong focus is on web page aesthetics.

Unbounce makes building your landing page simple, allowing you to add images, video, text, and maps onto your page with ease. Most of these features focus on making your landing page creation easy and simple.

Unbounce Features

Unbounce has a great tool called the Dynamic Text Replacement that allows you to match your landing page copy to the keyword parameters in your pay-per-click campaigns. This tool also lets you match your copy to your upstream ads.

So when a prospect clicks on your advertisement, you can copy your landing page headline to the ad so that prospects can have a fluid experience.

Going along with keywords and SEO, you are able to add metadata to your page using the properties tab. This will help Google know more about your page and help you with your search engine rankings as well.

Unbounce has a newer feature called Convertables which allows you to create overlays and sticky bars for your landing page. Overlays are landing page elements that can be triggered to pop up at different points throughout your page. Commonly, overlays are triggered to appear when someone is about to leave the page to present the offer one last time. You can create these overlays from a template or customize them yourself. 


Sticky bars are bright forms that help you get more conversions by drawing attention to your offers. You can design your sticky bars however you would like and even create a mobile version. 

The landing pages and pop-ups are easily integrated with most of the top e-mail platforms, like AWeber, and MailChimp. Your Unbounce landing pages can also be easily hosted on WordPress and even Google Analytics. Check out Unbounce’s blog for a full list of features and integrations.


Clickfunnels wants to help entrepreneurs turn their vision into reality. Unlike Unbounce, Clickfunnels is about convenience, efficiency, and ultimately helping you convert your prospects into customers and closing the sale. If you go to Clickfunnel’s website, you’ll see that Clickfunnels wants to help entrepreneurs be entrepreneurs. They don’t want to help you learn how to program and design websites, they want to help you easily build pages inside a sales funnel that is scientifically proven to convert. Whether you want to build landing pages, billing pages, build webinars, even membership sites, ClickFunnels can do it all.

Clickfunnels Features

Clickfunnels‘ aim is to be an online marketer’s climax when it comes to all-in-one tools. Unlike Unbounce, ClickFunnels doesn’t just build landing pages. Clickfunnel’s primary function is to build the entire sales funnel, which is the journey your prospect takes to become a customer. a huge part in converting leads into customers. Clickfunnels can help you build a landing page, but ultimately its going to help you build what happens after someone clicks on your promotion in your landing page. 

Each funnel usually includes opt-in pages, sales pages, an e-mail autoresponder, and order forms at minimum and Clickfunnels provides  a variety of professional templates for all these types of pages you need. Each template can be re-designed or customized to fit your needs. Each section can be customized, which means you can add, move, or remove videos, taglines, and many other sections.

Their payment processing tool is better than its competitors. It allows for down sells and upsells, and it processes all payments directly on your sales page, digitally.

Clickfunnels also allows integration with many of the most popular e-mail service. For users who don’t want to integrate their e-mail, ClickFunnels also has an e-mail provider, which allows you to create autoresponders.


Clickfunnels vs. Unbounce Pricing

There are three different pricing plans for Unbounce. The Essential plan starts at $79 dollars a month. The Premium plan is $159 dollars a month, which includes client sub-accounts and more published landing pages. The Enterprise plan is $399 a month and offers all features on Unbounce.

ClickFunnels has two different pricing options, which both have a 14-day free trial. The basic plan costs $97 dollars a month and members can access 100 pages, up to 20 funnels, unlimited contacts and members, and up to 20,000 visitors a month.

The Etison Suite costs $297 a month. For businesses who outgrow the basic plan, or who have bigger needs, the Etison Suite offers unlimited funnels, pages, and visitors.

Clickfunnels vs. Unbounce: The Verdict

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If you are serious about starting an online business and converting prospects into customers, you need more than just landing pages; you need sales funnels. Ultimately, Unbounce’s focus is building the front end of a funnel whereas Clickfunnels can build your entire sales funnel.

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