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Clickfunnels Review From A 2 Comma Club Business Owner

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Clickfunnels Review From A 2 Comma Club Business Owner

Okay, so you’re looking for the right tool to use to build your online business, whether that be e-commerce or you’re a coach or a consultant, info marketer, service provider, whatever. You’re looking for a trustworthy analysis, a review of ClickFunnels. I get it. And if you’re on YouTube or Google, you’ve probably seen a ton of different folks giving their reviews. They might be in a muscle shirt in their mom’s living room, acting like they know what they’re doing with business and online commerce. 

You also might be trying to deliberate between Infusionsoft or LeadPages or OptimizePress or Entrepôt or MailChimp, and all these online tools that Clickfunnels may or may not be competing with. Well, today I wanted to help clear up and give you a great 360-degree view of ClickFunnels and give you a great ClickFunnels review from an actual entrepreneur and established business owner. My name’s Josh Rhodes and this is my blog. It’s all about sales funnels. I have a few other businesses and URLs, and

Why Should You Trust My Review of Clickfunnels?

And why should you listen to me? Well, number one, I’m a business owner and entrepreneur like you. But number two, I am a member of the 2 Comma Club, which is part of Russel Brunson’s and ClickFunnels’ ecosystem of people who have done seven figures in revenue using ClickFunnels. As a matter of fact, I built a seven-figure business in less than 10 months using ClickFunnels as my primary tool. And so I’m also one of their dream car contest winners, which means I’m one of their top affiliates. I was the 18th person in the world to win my dream car, or a dream car, because I’m one of their top affiliates. And, full disclosure, that’s what this post is also about for me. 

For you, you get an honest review and my take on things, and if you sign up for a 14-day trial with ClickFunnels you get my bonus suite, which is full of resources and tools that you can have to grow your business the way I did. I even give you the share funnels that I used to build my business. A share funnel, just so you know, is a link that you can click on to import funnels from another person’s ClickFunnels account that are already built, so that you don’t have to do all the architecture yourself. You can then just customize the data, the copy, all that stuff, to your product and service.

Now, it’s important for you to also just trust me. So, if you’re like me and, “Sure, you did seven figures, big deal,” or, “Yeah, right. Why am I supposed to believe you?” you can go to, I believe, and scroll down. I’m somewhere down on the lower right. Josh Rhodes,, is the name of the company that is in the 2 Comma Club. I’m a consultant, I’m an entrepreneurial coach. I’ve coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and sales people. I know how to grow businesses and build teams, and most of all, I utilize a formula that I call the 1:1:1 formula. 

Clickfunnels Review: The 1:1:1 Formula

 Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!

Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!

I think about it in terms of … Russel Brunson has a great slogan, “You’re only one funnel away,” and that is really true. The way we built a seven-figure business with ClickFunnels in 10 months is by utilizing one funnel and just really dominating it. But you need to also understand that you can’t just build something and it magically come to life. You have to animate a funnel. And so the formula that I talk about, the 1:1:1 formula, stands for this. You have to have at least one skill that you leverage yourself, that you have. You have to have at least one skill, and normally that skill needs to be a traffic skill. Whether it be Facebook Ads or Instagram influencer marketing or JV email marketing or Google AdWords or YouTube Ads or SEO, you need to have a skill that you can bring to your business that will breathe life into your business, because no business can grow or establish or make money if it doesn’t have customers, and it can’t have customers if it doesn’t have leads, and you can’t have leads unless you have traffic. 

So you have to have at least one skill. And in my bonuses that I give to people that start a ClickFunnels free trial and an account, I have multiple skill trainings that you can acquire a skill through, whether it be Facebook Ads or Loco or YouTube SEO. I have Google AdWords training, you name it. You gotta have at least one skill. So if you sign up for ClickFunnels in this video, be sure to email me and I’ll give you my bonuses. My personal email is [email protected], that’s [email protected]. Just email me after you start your trial and say, “Hey, I signed up.” I’ll verify it and then I’ll send you log-ins. 

So, 1:1:1 formula. The first one is, you gotta have at least one skill. The second one is, you have to have at least one tool. You have to have at least one technology tool that you use to scale your performance, that you use to distribute your skill throughout the internet to your targeted audience, to your customer base. And that tool is ClickFunnels, for me. I use ClickFunnels to build all my landing pages so I can get opt-ins when I do send traffic. I use ClickFunnels to build sales pages, order forms. I use ClickFunnels to send emails with my Actionetics features in my Etison suite. I have the $297 package. You don’t have to start there, you can totally start with the Startup Pro Plan. 

I use ClickFunnels, literally, to build the house. It’s the tool that allows me to build what my customers interact with on the internet. That’s it. So I have one skill that sends traffic, that breathes breath into my one tool, ClickFunnels, to animate sales. So those two, the skill and the tool, ClickFunnels, they do a dance, they do a little tango, if you will, and that’s what creates massive value in the marketplace. 

Now, lastly … you might have noticed, there’s three number ones in my formula, the 1:1:1 formula. The last one is framework. You gotta have the right audience, you gotta have the right offer and you gotta have the right medium. Another way of saying it is, “Audience, message, process.” There has to be a framework in which your skill and your tool does its dance. It’s kind of like a dance floor. It’s great that you have a skill, it’s great that you have a tool, but they need an area, they need some guide rails, they need a structure to work inside of, and that’s a framework.

Oftentimes, that’s the same thing as a funnel. So, you might need to run a high ticket funnel framework. You might need to run a webinar funnel framework. You may need to simply have a PDF checklist opt-in framework. You may need to have a event marketing framework. Whatever that framework is that is the best framework for your customer to be persuaded to buy your product that you can help them the most with, that’s the framework in which you need to use.

 Get Your FREE Copy of Expert Secrets Today!

Get Your FREE Copy of Expert Secrets Today!

So the 2 Comma Club framework that I use was the high ticket sales funnel. Which is something, it’s a prominent sales funnel. Not many people actually make a massive living on it. Most people sell the 97-497 info products or services, but we sell the higher ticket products in one of my businesses. And we utilize Facebook Ads as our skill, we utilize ClickFunnels as the tool that we build the assets in, and we utilize the high ticket sales framework. You might need to utilize a different framework, like I said earlier. You may need to use a webinar funnel.

So anyway, I just wanted to give you the formula, because this is super important. It’s good that you’re shopping around for tools, but at the end of the day, technology is benign. Technology can’t get up and run around and make customers without you and without your game plan. So it’s important for you to keep that in mind. Now having said that, ClickFunnels really is the most powerful tool that you can get your hands on for the amount of money that you pay. 

You may be tempted to go cheap. You may be tempted to go with a lower priced solution. There’s a couple of reasons why that’s a bad idea, especially in the sales funnel construction arena. Number one, most of the cheaper options or less expensive options are less expensive for a reason. They’re great for rainbow chasers and tire kickers. And those businesses that offer the lower priced plans quite often are not in it for the long game, like ClickFunnels is. And so they know that they’re gonna get someone who has rainbow chasing hopes of grandeur and unbelievable income, and they’re gonna get you onboard for two or three months until you are frustrated, and then you’re gonna leave. And they just know that you’re gonna leave and they build their business model around that churn rate. 

They also aren’t built to grow with your business when you do grow. There’s an elasticity with ClickFunnels that is largely superior to their competitors. Not only is ClickFunnels on a technological level better just to grow with your business, and when I say grow with your business, I’ll give an example. Once you have one funnel that works and maybe that gets you to six figure or seven figures, it’s time to stack funnels. So now you have to have your value ladder intact, right? And whenever you wanna take your customers to higher levels, or higher levels of spending with you, you have to be able to deploy new funnels with new hooks and new angles. 

And you can’t do that easily with WordPress or Leadpages, Thrive things, whatever you’re trying to do. They’re not made for that. They’re made for singular, one-dimensional projects and endeavors. ClickFunnels is built so that when you need to grow, it can grow with you. And I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve actually been using ClickFunnels far longer than 10 months. I’ve been onboard with ClickFunnels since they launched in 2014. I’ve watched their entire growth, I’ve been a part of it. I’ve been paying them $297 for three years now, as of the time of making this video.

So it’s important for you to understand that. If you’re truly doing what I think you’re doing, which is you’re trying to either grow an existing business or you’re trying to create an online business that will provide you with the freedom, the time freedom, the financial freedom, the geographic freedom, whatever your thing is, you need to make sure you invest in a tool that can grow with you, because there’s nothing more expensive than when you get to a critical mass of growth in your business and then you have to transition everything to ClickFunnels.

But you started with an inferior tool, you’re gonna spend so much time unwinding that yarn ball and so much time in a world of inefficiency. Your time at that point is going to be worth $10,000 an hour and you don’t have time to be rewiring and doing new plumbing in your 1:1:1 formula. You need to have a tool from the get go that you can just go with and not have to worry about recalibrating down the road. 

ClickFunnels not only has the technological elasticity to grow with you and your business, but they have the coaching to go along with it. I haven’t even started on Russell Brunson yet, the CEO and founder. Russell’s been doing online sales and marketing and business building for years. As a matter of fact, I’m a part of his inner circle mastermind group, and I have direct access to this guy. He’s one of the smartest entrepreneurs on the planet. I won’t sell you on him right now, you can do your own research if you haven’t already, but at the end of the day, he understands that technology by itself, as software, as a service, can’t build your business automatically for you, you have to become more valuable as well.

And so that’s why Dotcom Secrets, ClickFunnels and the Edison corporation that Russell owns and runs is built on the backs of solid coaching and training. As a matter of fact, the ClickFunnels bonuses that I provide you when you sign up for your ClickFunnels trial … and you can find that link in the comments below or around this video somewhere … those skills and trainings that I provide are mirrors of what I’ve learned from Russell and his team. And so the value that you’re getting when you sign up for ClickFunnels through my affiliate ecosystem, through the links that I provide, are really valuable. Because businesses like me and other entrepreneurs who are in the inner circle, we pay a lot of money to be a part of the inner circle, and you can’t just walk in and buy your way in, you actually have to qualify. 

 Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels Today!

Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels Today!

And so it’s important for you to know and remember that you gotta have skills. You gotta acquire skills. If you don’t have at least one valuable skill right now, now’s the time to dive in and do that. I can help you do that with my ClickFunnels bonus area. You have to have a great tool. 1:1:1 formula. One skill, one tool, and one framework. You gotta know which framework is great. And as part of my bonuses, I will give you unlimited email access to ask me questions. So if you’re, “Man, what funnel do I use? What framework do I deploy my skill and my tool with?” just ask me. If you’re one of my affiliates, I give you unlimited email access, so it’s like you have your own digital marketing coach, your own sales funnel coach, on demand.

So feel free to ask me, once you’ve signed up, email me, [email protected], so I can get you access to your bonuses. I’m gonna show you a quick list of bonuses. I’ll show you my actual membership area here shortly at the end of this video so that you can see just the value that I’m throwing in all of my affiliates so that you can have access to the skill upgrades that are required for you to build a six and seven-figure business. But just don’t forget, you have to utilize a system, and the 1:1:1 formula that I’m talking about is what I use. I’m an actual business owner. I have actual corporation documents. I have 10 employees. And we use ClickFunnels exclusively, because there’s no reason for me to have Infusionsoft. There’s no reason for me to have MailChimp. There’s no reason for me to have crazy complicated CRMs. 

Which leads me to say this, as well. You do not need a crazy complicated funnel. I’ve seen a lot of funnels. I’ve been around a lot of successful online businesses and the most successful funnels that I’ve seen are the simplest funnels in nature. The businesses that are growing do three things with ClickFunnels. They create new customers. You have to create new customers all day, every day, to grow a business rapidly. They are getting more money out of those new customers that they created. So they’re upselling. They’re getting more money. 

That might mean you increasing your average cart value if you have a e-commence store selling physical products. That might mean upselling them into an additional service if you’re a service provider. Whatever that might be, you need to make sure that you’re getting more money out of your customers. ClickFunnels allows you to do upsells and downsells and bump orders and order forms and payment processing, and all that’s easy through Strike or any other of a half a dozen payment processors that you can choose from. So it’s super simple to plug and play there. 

And lastly, you have to create a reorder business. The businesses who are growing are always creating new customers, they’re always getting more money out of their customers, and they’re getting their customers to continue to order with them in continuity over and over again. That’s how you build a six or seven-figure business with ClickFunnels. So my ClickFunnels review is more of a strategic review. I’m trying to help you logically understand that you’ll not find a better technology out there. What you’re going to find is a tool that can go anywhere you can go. And so my challenge to you is to make sure you have a skill that can animate your tool of choice, which I recommend ClickFunnels wholeheartedly, and that you operate the tool and skill inside the right framework.

Sign up for a 14-day trial at least. Give it a whirl. Start getting your hands wet with the ClickFunnels tool itself. Email me, [email protected]. If you’re watching this video on YouTube, please like and share and subscribe. Comment below and let me know if this was helpful. And I can’t wait to hear from you and your ClickFunnels success story. I’ll be one email away if you need any help. Thanks.

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