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Udimi Solo Ads: Why Udimi Is The Best Solo Ads Provider To Drive Traffic To Your Site

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Hey. Josh Rhodes here,, and we’re gonna talk about Udimi solo ads and how to get more traffic to your course or affiliate marketing offers.

If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I get eyeballs, impressions, people looking at my offer, my lead magnet, my sales funnel, my marketing funnel?” Whatever your language is for your online business, if you’ve ever been in a place where you’re just like, “Man, how do I get this in front of people?” then Udimi is a great tool for you. 

Udimi Solo Ads: What is a solo ad?

There are these things called solo ads, which at the end of the day, is really just email blasts or various kinds of list marketing. There’s a side of the industry that all they do is they sell solo ads or they sell opportunities to their list, almost like a sponsorship or a sponsored email list where you pay them for visitors or clicks, and in exchange, they create money literally through their email list. You in return get to leverage that traffic, those clicks, that body, that volume of visitors, while maybe you don’t have a specific list that you’ve built yet, or maybe you’re entering into a new industry or whatever, or you just need a larger amount of volume and you don’t have the time or the money to build your own list fast enough.


What are Udimi Solo Ads?

That’s where Udimi solo ads come into play. Now, I’m gonna show you, I actually will show you my desktop here in a second. I’ll go ahead and show you the crazy version, but this is my Udimi dashboard, and I’m gonna walk you through that. I’ll literally share my screen here momentarily, and just show you what’s going on and how it works, and how you can use it, too, to create traffic for your website, your offer, your sales funnel, your marketing funnel, whatever that might be. Maybe you have a course that you’ve created. Maybe your an affiliate marketer. Solo ads are great because they are very little terms and service restrictions like you run into with Facebook ads or with Google specifically where they have policies and user engagement agreements and all that stuff that prohibits a lot of different kinds of offers. With solo ads, you’ve got a lot of flexibility because you’re dealing with individuals out in the internet.

Udimi Solo Ads: How It Works

    Now, the con or the pros and the con, the pros are you can get really quick, fast, traffic, and a lot of traffic for pretty inexpensive prices. Unrivaled Reviews also mentions that Udimi is fast, secure, and that there are hundreds of solo ad vendors to choose from.

 Get Your FREE Copy of Expert Secrets Today!

Get Your FREE Copy of Expert Secrets Today!

The con is that you have to vet and you have to know who to trust. That’s why I use Udimi solo ads. Now, stay tuned, I’m gonna take you into my laptop. I’m gonna give you a quick home tour and show you, and I also have a nice little bonus at the end that I want to share with you, too, okay? So, stay tuned.

    Okay. So, as you can see, I am inside the Udimi dashboard, my account. I actually opened a new account recently so I can use it for teaching purposes, and also, before we go in much further, it’s important to identify that there’s an affiliate program that I’m gonna walk you through. Side note: if you use my affiliate link to use Udimi for your solo ad purposes, I’ve got a bonus that I want to share with you, okay? 

    But as you can see, this is my account. To get going with your solo ads and to get traffic to your offer, to your site, whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish, all you really need to do is go to this button at the top called “find sellers.” Now, find sellers and the affiliate link are the two things I want to show you because this is the most important opportunity that you have with Udimi solo ads. 


    As you can see, when I click there, a list of sellers, people who have solo ad or email lists that you can market to, okay? They put their profile pics up. You gotta be careful here, but utilize these criteria above, okay? So, this is when you want your ad or your delivery to start. Kind of the window of attribution that you want to pick. This is the minimal quantity of visitors that the seller is able to give you within 100 hours. It’s important to realize that the sellers have 100 hours to deliver the amount of visitors that you order to your offer, okay? The difference is refunded back to you. So, it’s really kind of a great deal. Keeps everyone honest. 

    This right here is the range in which you’re willing to pay for a visitor, and so you can pick what your budget basically is. Then also, for those of you doing online sales, this is a filter that you can find sellers through that have trackable percentages of sales or you can see only the sellers have generated sales for customers on 100 of their latest solo ads, okay? Then of course the minimal number of positive ratings you can search by. So, 100 or more ratings is a pretty good place to start.

    Then after you get the criteria, the other thing with solo ads is that you basically have to just split test. There’s a little bit of a lottery that goes into this. Not that that’s a bad thing, but don’t just do one solo ad order and give up if it doesn’t make you rich. You have to treat solo ads the same way you treat Google AdWords or Facebook ads or YouTube ads or anything else. You have to stay at it and you have to keep the repetitions coming. You have to maintain the volume and understand that maybe the solo ads aren’t the problem. Maybe it’s your sales funnel. Maybe it’s your offer. Always think in audience, message, and process. What’s your audience targeting, okay? What’s your message, right? So, audience targeting, this is mostly business opportunity folks, affiliate marketers, people who want to make money online across the globe. You can also choose to have your solo ads in tier one countries. That’s United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, developed nations with higher economic thresholds that can afford to buy or more eager or more capitalistic, if you will.

    So, all of these things come into play. Big point I’m trying to make is just be consistent and be persistent. Don’t give up, don’t try to throw a hail Mary and try to win the football game. Stay with it. Create a system around this, and that’s why I want to show you their affiliate program, as well, and what I will offer you if you use my affiliate link for your Udimi account, okay?

 Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!

Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!

    So, like I said, when you do this, I give you a bonus. When you use your affiliate account, you get 15% from all the solo ad sales that your referrals create. (Side Note: If you’re in affiliate marketing, Generating Money Online with a Laptop says that Udimi is great for gaining a larger audience! If they create a Prime account, which is a $20 per month Prime Udimi account, you don’t have to do that, but there’s more features and more benefits involved, everyone that signs up under your affiliate link gets a $5 gift card or a gift code if you will, and then this is where you get your affiliate link. Like I said, would love it if you would use this. 

    At no extra cost to you, I get paid the commission that you can see on this screen, and as a, I guess a thank you, I am giving you Sales Funnel Madness, which is my five step system, it’s a step by step system, that allows you to create an affiliate marketing business step by step system, all in one place. I show you how to use it. I show you the five different offers that I use and have used to create a six figure business. I’ll just show you real quick, this is my ClickFunnels account. You can see right here, I’ve got a lifetime earnings of $222,000 as I record this. I’ve got a recurring commission of over $14,000 every month, and I’ve also won ClickFunnels dream car. This Sales Funnel Madness system that I’m giving you right now is the same system I use to do that, and also create even more revenue on top of that with offers like Udimi and ClickMagick and Convert Kit. 

    So, dig into this. Use Udimi with my affiliate link. Again, I’m linking above and beyond this particular video, in and around it if you will, and when you use my link, simply email me [email protected], that’s [email protected], and I will send you access to Sales Funnel Madness. You’ll get the opportunity to log in and create your own membership access to my training area and it’s basically an entire affiliate marketing system in a box that you can use, okay? 

    So, hope this was helpful. Go find your solo ad sellers after you sign up through the affiliate link. Get your Udimi account set up, and go get traffic for your offer. 

Hope this was helpful. We’ll see you soon.


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