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7 Ways To Grow Your Business With Clickfunnels (or any other technology)

By November 22, 2018 No Comments

Hey, Josh here…

Today I want to share 7 solid ways to grow your business with Clickfunnels.

Whether you are an established 6 or 7-figure earner, or just trying to figure out where to start…this can help.

Let’s begin.

Grow Your Business with Clickfunnels Tip #1: Increase your expectations and inflate your goals beyond belief.

In my experience, you will ONLY perform at or just below your goals that you set. So, if your goal is to do 10K a month in personal income, you’re not going to do 20K, 50K or 100K EVER.

You MUST set higher goals. Imagine your business is a rocket that is supposed to travel to the moon. Instead of setting your trajectory for the moon, aim for the sun, so that you’ll actually make it to the moon.

Grow Your Business with Clickfunnels Tip #2. Widen your geographic footprint.

This is the secret of the British Empire a la the 19th century. Sometimes, we just limit ourselves to a pool of people who only reside in a certain place.

Recently in my other business, I increased the geography of my target audience from just the United State to also include Canada. The results have been incredible. 

My cost per acquisition dropped by 25%. Hence, I could “purchase” more customers. Simply because I increased the geography of my marketing because the same customers exist just north of the border.

Grow Your Business with Clickfunnels Tip #3. Innovate around your assets.

When you build a business, you have actually built a small combination of assets that work together to create a customer. Assets are things like sales teams, webinars, sales pages with amazing copy, lead generation systems, etc. The thing you need to remember is that assets depreciate. While you don’t have to always reinvent, you can innovate and optimize those assets. Just because they worked for a season, doesn’t mean they will give you those returns forever.

Grow Your Business with Clickfunnels Tip #4. Innovate new benefits.

Your customer wants VALUE from you. They don’t care about your features and widgets. They want results.

Figure out how to innovate your deliverable so that it solves the “next” problem down the line that you customer will experience. Follow that innovation pattern long enough, and your customer lifetime value will be so high, that your business will grow exponentially and the effort it takes to get a customer will be more than worth it.

Grow Your Business with Clickfunnels Tip #5. Innovate around new channels.

Maybe you have a really kickin Youtube marketing strategy. Maybe you have so many people watching videos and taking action that you’re able to build a business around it.

Don’t forget that there are other channels where your customer may reside that you could duplicate your efforts on. Maybe Facebook Video View campaigns could work? Maybe Instagram TV could increase your influence and reach by 18%? Go get more attention and visibility on new channels.

Grow Your Business with Clickfunnels Tip #6. Find new pockets of people.

Are there other niches within your niche that your solution can work for, even if you modified it slightly/

In many markets, there are multiple “flavors” of customer avatars. Many times you can cater to their needs because you are technically already in the same arena with them.

Also, your social proof from the industry you are already in could benefit you and provide you with the credibility necessary to quickly convert new customers.

Grow Your Business with Clickfunnels Tip #7. Acquire new assets periodically.

If there are other businesses, systems or even personnel that you can purchase or hire to give you more market share, it can be worth it. For example, with Clickfunnels you can acquire proven funnels from other people though a feature called “share funnels”.

It’s literally just a link that can be shared between users and you can magically import another person’s complete funnel into your account. That funnel is an asset that you can deploy to grow your business.

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