Clickfunnels Membership Sites Review: What You Need To Know If You Want A Monthly Subscription Business That Rocks Cash

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A Clickfunnels membership site can help you achieve the dream. In my Clickfunnels vs. Kajabi post, I talked about how Kajabi can help you build a membership portal and enable you to not only sell a product, but also content or a course online. Clickfunnels can do this as well through their membership funnels. Membership sites are an awesome opportunity to have a monthly income from advising people on something you’re passionate about. For most marketers, that’s the dream: the true place for any intellectual, authority or guru.

It’s easy to feel anxious when you see the sheer volume of membership sites out there. How are you supposed to compete with the existing sites that hold a ton of members? How do you even get noticed among one of the largest crowds on the online marketing scene? 

If you’re just getting started with your online content or course, realize that not every membership site will be filled with actively participating members. That doesn’t mean there’s not  still room for more quality sites.

Clickfunnels Membership Site- A One Stop Shop

Clickfunnels allows you to not only build a complete sales funnel, but to also be able to deliver your digital product or training course by creating your own membership portal.

Building your membership site with Clickfunnels will get you registration pages, membership access pages, and then the content pages, which can all be locked or drip fed according to the purchases made within your sales funnel. You will be able to manage your members, send out email notifications, and build a community of members as you deliver your content.

All of this completely removes the stress that comes with managing and configuring a membership site using WordPress in conjunction with other platforms. You can still completely customize your site using Clickfunnels, which makes it a one stop shop solution.

Technically, a Clickfunnels membership funnel is not actually a funnel, it’s a way to deliver your course, content and services to people in a fun and unique way and, if done correctly, you’ll create raving fans. If you are serious about creating a membership site, Clickfunnels is the place to start!

Why Start a Clickfunnels Membership Site?

 Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!

Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!

Blogging with Funnels gives us a few reasons to start a membership site:

  • Membership sites can generate a consistent and reliable stream of income.

  • Membership sites are one of the best ways to implement internet marketing strategies.

  • Membership sites are fairly easy to set up.

  • You can grow your site and membership base by applying social media and web 2.0 technologies.

  • Membership sites allow you to share your valuable content yet minimize people from easily stealing it.

  • Membership sites are easy to maintain.

My Clickfunnels Membership Site

To give you a better idea of what a membership site looks like and what it can be, I’m going to take you on a little tour of my own Clickfunnels membership site. This is the site where people can have access to my bonuses. 


  • People are directed to my membership site from a blog post or maybe one of Youtube videos where I advertise my freebies/bonuses. From there, they can create their own login.

  • Now, they have access to my bonuses which are quality trainings on how to maximize your use of Clickfunnels as well as online marketing hacks.

  • Throughout my membership site, I advertise a free trial of Clickfunnels as well as other books and products. It is my hope that customers will click on these links as I get paid commission for these products.


  • If they invest in any of the products, they’re taken to another thank you page, added to another email list, and moved further on down the funnel. If they don’t make the purchase, then they still have access to my bonuses.

  • From there, I can cultivate a relationship with that particular membership group. I can send automated e-mails offering them valuable content, reliable information, and my products.

Cultivating an audience for a Clickfunnels Membership Site

If you have an idea for online content or an online course, you should absolutely execute and share it with the world. Clickfunnels Blog, says there are a few things to keep in mind when building an audience and obtaining subscribers for your Clickfunnels membership site.

 Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels Today!

Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels Today!

Building Engagement with a Clickfunnels Membership Site?

You can have great content, but if you don’t have an audience, you’re not going to get very far with your membership site. You need to understand that people visit and subscribe to membership sites to get their money’s worth of education and engagement.

Even if your content is absolutely brilliant, you still need to engage with your followers. Be personable; show them gratitude for being faithful through conversations with them and quickly responding to their questions.

 Maximizing Variability With Clickfunnels Membership Sites

Gaining followers, subscribers and selling content online is tough. Don’t make it harder on yourself by only selling one type of content. Don’t just provide big long-read articles or eBooks, or just podcasts and video. 

There are lots of ways to educate your audience while keeping them entertained and interested.

If your entire content is built around one major eBook, embellish it with video tutorials and podcasts. Your content can always be expanded.

Another way to diversify your content interesting could be writing reviews of different products and recommendations for beginners and experts in your field.

Understand The Barrier To Entry Concept


 While you should never under-sell yourself, never exceed your value to make a fast profit. If you try and charge someone more than the average price for a course, you might find it hard to get as many members as you need and want. Depending on the market you target, always take into account what they can afford and what they’re willing to pay.

Don’t price yourself out! Don’t put your audience in the position where they want you, but are forced to go with a competitor offering a cheaper price. Don’t stack the odds against yourself.

Don’t Set and Forget

Running a membership site is NEVER set and forget. You are always updating, adapting, supporting and editing. Your followers will have opinions and ideas about how to improve your website, and as they are your paying customers, you should definitely take these things into consideration. Word of mouth is a strong sales point for a membership site.

Adapt to your members’ desires and pay attention to the most popular suggestions. They’ll have tons of insight into the user friendliness of your site. Communicate with them about their feedback whether it is positive or negative. 

Clickfunnels membership websites are lucrative, enjoyable and very rewarding; if you are willing to forget the myths and put in the hard work! There are many different programs that enable you to set up membership sites, but Clickfunnels is the way to go.

DisclaimerI am an affiliate of Click Funnels and will get paid a commission if you choose to start an account by using one of my links in this post…at no additional cost to you. Plus, if you do use my links I will provide you with bonus materials …AND I will share with you my highest converting funnels directly from my account. Sound crazy? Try me.  Check out the below section that covers the bonuses I include.

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– Facebook Marketing Madness Training Course – How To Launch High Converting Ads In Any Niche

– My Clickfunnels Basic training course

– 23 Pre-Built Sales Funnels that you can import directly into your Clickfunnels account.

– How To Rank Youtube Video Fast – Mini Course

– Access to a 100 Day Social Media/Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

– Unlimited email support so I can help you with your sales funnel that you build with Clickfunnels

– Training on how to set up custom domains for free inside your Clickfunnels Account

– My roadmap to email marketing course

– My funnel hacking playbook so you can mimic what other successful online entrepreneurs do with their sales funnels

– 1 Free Copy of Russell Brunson’s book, DotCom Secrets

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Here’s a quick video tour of my Clickfunnels Bonus Area:


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