Lifting The Lid: A Look Inside My Company Slack Memos

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A Look Inside My Company Slack Memos

One of my companies uses Slack. I know, not so radical. “Everyone’s doing it…”

But, I thought it might be interesting to share a couple of posts I sent to my sales team recently. They are reflections of principles I’m learning from Russell Brunson’s new book, Expert Secrets. Hopefully, it will help you as you try to grow your business by creating more customers!

 Subscribe To My Youtube Channel For Ongoing Sales Funnel Trainings

Subscribe To My Youtube Channel For Ongoing Sales Funnel Trainings

@channel as we continue to convert leads and customers, keep the following in mind about the would be Lead or Customer.

1. Get them focused on a future based cause or result that is bigger than themselves. Talk to the inner 4th grader. They want to buy the better version of themselves. Period. Greener pastures…

2. Offer them a “vehicle of opportunity” to do so.  They are already stuck and you need to remind them of that.


Then, like the white knight, offer them rescue. The solution. A “way out”. A system that will transform their current station into the dream that they have for themselves or their family.

Remember Charlie on Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory? He represents our customer.

We’re Wonka. And we have what they can’t produce on their own. We have vehicles of opportunity that can go sideways and squareways and frontways.

Charlie is stuck. He sleeps with 4 grandparents.

Wonka is handing out golden tickets.

There’s a reason he booked a call with Wonka.

Therefore, the best way we can help Charlie is for him to buy our product or service.

“Take a seat in the Groovy Wonkavator my dear boy.”

@channel in relation to the Willie Wonka conversation above…if we(you) want to sell more and retain more customers, the key is to STOP selling an “improvement offer” if you are doing that.

People do not want a way to get bigger, stronger, faster, lighter, smarter. They want a completely NEW opportunity that is alien to what their past baggage or failures.  

As we position our offer, it will have lower conversion %’s if we use it as an enhancement.  Sales conversions will increase if it is a NEW opportunity that will REPLACE their current condition.

Another scenario is if they are an above average producer with something that is “working” but they are blood thirsty and want more. Then you use our offer as an “opportunity stack” to show them that by adding a new dimension of marketing/lead generation on top of their traditional medium that’s working, they then will have the capacity to reach new heights.


As I mentioned in my introduction, I’ve been reading Russell Brunson’s new book, Expert Secrets. It’s a game-changer. You need to get it immediately. It’s FREE at this link

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