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New Video: Sales Funnel Questions and Framework From London!

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Sales Funnel Questions and Framework From London!

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Sales Funnel Questions and Framework From London!

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So this video was fun. I’m filming in London, England where I’ve been for two weeks with my family.  If you are trying build an online stream of income or grow your existing business, then you need to make sure you have a framework in place like I mention in the video.

Attract traffic.

Build the list.

Convert sales.

Transcript: Sales Funnel Questions and Framework From London!

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Hey, what’s up? Josh Rhodes here,,, in the heart of London at Piccadilly Circus. Man, it’s a busy place here. I’m just finishing up a trip with my family to this great city. We’ve done everything. The thing that got us here was sales funnels. At the end of the day, being able to create multiple streams of revenue online using sales funnels that work. I’m a ClickFunnels user. I’ll mention that in my description below this video. Got a great street performer behind us, too. There’s even a guy, if you can see him in the gold, he’s dressed up like Charlie Chaplin, and he kind of stands still. He’s one of those weird statue guys. Anyway. They kind of freak me out, so that’s why I’m on the opposite side of the circle.

I’ll show you around here. A really cool view. It’s a little miniature … I don’t know. I wouldn’t say miniature Times Square, but it’s definitely charming. Old. Obviously powerfully old landmarks here in London. I feel like, literally, I’ve seen all of them in the two weeks that I’ve been here with my family. I wanted to do this video. I’m about to head over to Trafalgar Square, too. Even busier, even cooler. A lot of dynamic stuff going on.

Sales funnels are everywhere. If you’re running a business of any kind, you have a sales funnel. You just may not call it that, or you may not know how to make it better, or you may not even know how to identify what your current sales funnel is, but they’re everywhere. I mean, the guy on the guitar behind me over there, over my shoulder, he has a sales funnel. The taxis, the Uber drivers that are driving on the road behind me, they have sales funnels. The question of the day is have you set a goal, and are you using, A, the correct sales funnel to explode your business so that you can have time freedom, and B, are you properly deploying that and bringing that sales funnel to life? That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I’ve got a few businesses myself. One of them is that I’m an affiliate marketer, so I sell other people’s products online using SEO and paid traffic, and I get a commission as no extra cost to the consumer whenever I sell someone else’s product using blogs, email marketing, Facebook ads, SEO, et cetera. Another business that I have is a coaching and training business, where I teach professionals in different industries and verticals how to generate their own leads. Mortgage brokers, insurance agents, real estate agents, you name it. 

I’ve got another business where I help local business owners generate their own needs, like a done-for-you service. Whether you’re a garage door repairman or a tow truck driver, I help folks like that grow their business on a local level using Internet marketing. I wanted to talk to you just about your sales funnel, maybe some common questions that I get, while I’m here in London. Stay tuned. I’m going to unpack a few little golden nuggets, especially if you’re just now getting into the sales funnel world. I use a tool called ClickFunnels. It’s fantastic. If you don’t use ClickFunnels, you can start a 14-day trial with my affiliate link around this video somewhere, depending on where you’re watching it. I provide a ton of bonuses, too. Bonus training, bonus access to me. Get to ask me questions whenever you want to, et cetera. Again, no extra charge to you. I get a commission if you sign up for ClickFunnels. That’s my little sales pitch.

Other than that, I want the rest of this video just to be value based and help you unclog the drain or leverage more to get more out of your sales funnel, so stay tuned. So, I want to answer a few questions that I get, common questions about sales funnels while I sit here in Trafalgar Square. I also want to show you a couple of examples that I found just out in real physical life of the things I’m about to discuss. First of all, I get a question a lot, which is how do I start? Where do I start? How do I get a sales funnel up and running? I never like to tell someone a tactical thing to do as a starting point. Rather, I want to give you a framework. Kind of like boundaries or guard rails to operate inside of as you’re thinking, designing, and preparing your sales funnel for deployment to do business, online or offline. The framework I’m about to describe is actually very simple and works wherever you want it to. It’s simple as ABC. If you can remember ABC you can run a successful sales funnel. 

ABC, of course, stands for a few things. A stands for attract traffic. I’m about to show you a great example of one kind of traffic or impressions or getting eyeballs that matter looking at you and your offer, your brand, et cetera. If you can’t get attention, you can’t get anything. It starts with attracting traffic, attracting attention, right? B stands for building a list. One of the greatest assets that you can build as you’re attracting traffic is to make sure you’re capturing leads, names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses. That keeps you from one-hit wonders. Building a list is an asset. It’s a follow-up mechanism. It’s something that you can always go back to to create more commerce, trade, sales, et cetera. Two ways to grow a business, right? Get more customers, and then, also, get more money out of your current customers. Building your list helps you do that. 

Then, C stands for convert sales. Obviously, that sounds simple, but sales conversion is the thing that most people, especially artists and people who are really … At least in my coaching experience with other entrepreneurs, artists and people who are really high on brand are afraid to make a call to action. You’ve got to convert sales. There are different conversion assets, like email marketing, webinars, live seminars, one-on-one sales calls, you name it, that will, at the end of the day, be the legitimizer or the validation of your sales funnel. That means you’re getting credit cards, you’re getting checks, you’re getting cash, whatever currency it is that you’re charging for your services or your product. You’ve got to be able to convert sales. So, ABC is the way to go.

Now, where most people get stuck, though, is attracting traffic. That’s what I want to show you an example of. There are really two kinds of traffic. Well, not two kinds, but for simplicity purposes, there’s traffic that you pay for and traffic that you don’t pay for. Sometimes, there are what I call rivers that are already running, streams of traffic that you didn’t create nor do you have to create. In the States, I live near the Mississippi River. Not near it, but in proximity to it. I think about the Mississippi River, Tennessee River, whatever river you can think of that has hydroelectric dams. Those rivers are already running, and some engineer said, “Hey, let’s not go build a new river. Let’s not go build a new body of water. Let’s plop our hydroelectric dams right down in the middle of this river that’s already flowing with power, and let’s work smarter and not harder.” I’m going to go over here, and I’m going to show you an example of that in an offline sales funnel that I’ve found to be fascinating.

Okay, so I’m standing right outside the National Gallery here. High traffic zone. Down behind me here, that street, if you keep going, is Buckingham Palace, and you can eventually bump into White Hall, the government buildings, Westminster, you name it. The London Eye you can see just over my shoulder here, right there, beyond Trafalgar Square. There’s a lot of people already walking through Trafalgar Square. This is what I would call a river. If you can find a river, where there’s a lot of pass-through traffic like lunchtime … You can see right here. Hundreds of people at any given time. I’ve been here four or five times over the last two weeks as a tourist. Just tourist traffic alone, plus the people who work up and down these streets. I mean, this is the center point for about six or seven streets currently.

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Well, right over my shoulder here, you can see a street performer. He’s a chalk artist. On down, there’s some weird stuff, too. I’ll zoom in. Well, that’s kind of annoying. Like folks dressed up like … I can’t zoom. Anyway. There’s a levitating Yoda. There’s like three of them. Anyway, weird stuff. These street artists, if you’re going to be a street artist, you’ve got to find the rivers. The rivers are the place where the traffic already is that you don’t have to manufacture, create, or pay for. You just plop that hydroelectric dam, like I was talking about, straight down into the river, and you wait on people to walk by and give you money for your time and your energy. I’ve walked by a lot of street artists here in London, and I’m shocked by how much money they have in their hats and their guitar cases. I’m not endorsing … I don’t want to be a street artist. You may want to be. I don’t know. I’m not saying it’s the thing to do. My point is this is a great example.

So, how do I apply this to online or other contexts? Well, a great example would be SEO. I’m not telling you that you have to do SEO, search engine optimization, but it’s a great example. For example, if you are selling organic lemonade, I don’t know, I wonder how many people … Maybe you’re an online business for organic lemonade powder. Maybe there’s 4,000 people a month searching on Google for organic lemonade powder, so why wouldn’t you build a website that is optimized towards the keyword of “organic lemonade powder”? There’s a river, and you can get inside of it. You don’t have to pay for it. There’s a little bit of startup that goes into it, but nothing crazy. It’s an inexpensive way to kind of plop your business right in the middle of a river and have traffic, and you’ll be attracting traffic, attracting attention, and getting the impressions that you need to run your business. That’s a great example of what these artists are doing up and down the walkway during lunchtime at Trafalgar Square in front of the National Gallery. See, that guy’s weird. Gosh, they’re so weird. They’re kind of scary, too. Anyway, that’s a great example of attracting traffic.

Another way to get attention, attract traffic, is to skill up and pay for it. Facebook ads is the gold rush of our day. Google ads, YouTube ads, advertising, you name it. Sometimes you have to enter a vertical, and if you want to scale, that is, get in front of more traffic than you can get in front of with the organic opportunities in front of you, you have to pay for attention. You have to pay for traffic. The other way to bring your sales funnel to life is to pay for it. Now, you can’t just go drop a quarter into the Facebook coin slot and expect to make a million dollars. You’ve got to know how to use Facebook ads, so you’ve got to acquire a skill. Get a coach, take a course, do something so that you can get the skills necessary to attract traffic.

 Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels Today!

Start Your FREE 14 Day Trial of Clickfunnels Today!

In one of my businesses, we went from zero to one million dollars in nine months, and the way we did that was on the back of FD advertising, because Facebook advertising allowed us to scale when we couldn’t just referral network our way or search engine optimization our way to success. Skill up. Learn a skill like Facebook ads, YouTube ads, something. Look at this dude. Is that creepy or what? Gosh. That is one skill you will not find me working on. Look, she’s letting him … Man, that’s a nightmare. That is one of my nightmares right there.

Another question I get a lot is, “Josh, what kind of list do I need to build? Does email still work? Is email still king?” The answer to that question is yes. However, there are other kinds of lists that you need to be aware of, and you don’t need to box yourself in. You need phone numbers. You need to be SMS marketing. You need to really not underestimate Facebook Messenger bots. It’s coming around strongly. I’m using an application right now called ManyChat, M-A-N-Y More than anything, I’m using email marketing to build my list. Now, how do I just get emails? How do I get phone numbers? How do I get names and addresses? Well, I use ClickFunnels to build all of my capture pages, all of my opt-in pages, all of my opt-in funnels, all of the funnels that lead to upsales that lead to a deeper sales funnel conversion experience. There’s a lot of different technologies out there. 

Honestly, at the end of the day, technology is benign. You have to bring it to life. You have to position it correctly. When it comes to elasticity and growing a business and having a tool that you don’t have to get rid of and upgrade to another one … Maybe you started with LeadPages, but now you need more functionality, or you started with Shopify or you started with Squarespace or you started with InstaPage or other website builders and now you need upsells and bump orders and all these things. ClickFunnels is just better to start with. It’s in the same realm economical as far as affordability goes. It’s a little bit more pricey as you start, but as you grow, it’s priceless. Especially if you already have revenue and you’re not trying to prove a concept, you know you already have a business, then get ClickFunnels.

What I do is I just simply, like I said, with my earlier analogy of the hydroelectric dams, I use opt-in pages as hydroelectric dams, and I just drop them in the middle of rivers that are already running. I also drive all of my paid traffic to conversion rate optimized pages, pages that are built as conversion machines, that only have a call to action for name, email, address, phone number. They’re not about your company history. They’re not telling you about my LinkedIn profile, anything like that. They’re making an incredible offer in exchange for your contact information. I use ClickFunnels. I’ve built some awesome landing pages. I’ve built some awesome landing pages for clients. 

If you are listening to this so far and you’re like, “Man, I don’t have time to do this or I don’t want to learn,” then make sure you hire a good sales funnel consultant. Email me, [email protected], that’s [email protected], if you have two things. Number one, if you’ve signed up for ClickFunnels using my affiliate link so that I can send you bonuses. Yes, I really do answer that email. It’s my personal email address. Two, if you need help building a sales funnel, I have a menu of services that I can provide. Me and my team are on standby to help folks build sales funnels in businesses all the time. You can visit or That’s what building a list … You have to have conversion assets or lead generation assets built in your traffic streams, so that you can get the job done.

Okay, last little bit of our framework for sales funnels. ABC, remember. Attract traffic, build the list, convert sales. To convert sales, there’s different ways to do that. You’ll never be in person, because what’s happening when you convert sales is you’ve got to have … In the mind of the prospect, in the mind of your lead, they have a reality. Depending on what industry you’re in, most of the time they think that you and all of your competitors are the same. You’re just a commodity to them. You’ve got to help them understand that, A, you’re trustworthy and, B, you’re an authority. Maybe even, C, that you’re unique and that you’re a premium service and product. There’s no other platform better than one-on-one in person, but that’s not scalable. You can’t really hit enough people … Maybe, maybe not, but it’s harder to scale one to one. You might do live seminars. Maybe that’s your cup of tea. Well, do live seminars. That’s what you need to be doing. Teach live classes in your community, in other communities in other cities around the world, whatever it takes, right? If you want to do something more scalable, then sell to many at one time, and webinars are the way to go.

Webinars are not dead. You simply have to make sure that you have a high converting webinar, and sometimes it takes more than one-shot wonders to get a webinar that works. If you listen to Russell Brunson talk about the funnel hacks webinar that he did, he did it I think 100 times before he automated it. He did it live 100 times before he felt really good about his script. That’s a thing that a lot of people take for granted, and a lot of people try a webinar once and then it doesn’t work or maybe it works a little bit, and then they just throw the baby out with the bath water. I would encourage you not to do that, and I would encourage you to look around this video. I’m going to provide a link to Russell Brunson’s perfect webinar script. I use it on all my webinars. I’ve converted up to 60% of the attendees before using Russell’s script. It’s an amazing webinar script. You should use it. It’s going to work. You’ll have to hammer out the dents a little bit, make it your own, but it’s fantastic.

Email marketing, you know, if you have a low enough priced product, you can sell stuff to your email list just straight up. You’ve got to have a good sales page. Again, I use ClickFunnels to build all my sales pages. I don’t know about you, but you totally should consider it. 14-day free trial. You can’t lose. I give you all of these pre-made sales funnel templates, too. ClickFunnels allows you to import other people’s sales funnels through a share link, so I have a ton. I have hundreds in my account, but I offer 23 bonus funnels that are already made to help you save time, if you will. Many of those funnels include killer sales page formats that you can plug and play with. Having a killer sales funnel and email marketing is a great way to convert sales, especially if you’re selling like a $7 to $99 product and you have an email list that trusts you or that you’ve provided a ton of value to. It’s a good idea to use email marketing still, but you’ve got to be careful with it. It’s kind of like what Gary Vaynerchuk says. I think it’s jab, jab, jab, right hook. With email marketing, it’s more like jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, right hook, but it can still work.

Facebook Messenger, fantastic opportunity for you to be more intimate and personal. Maybe not even the bots, but literally live Messenger conversations with your prospects. There’s a lot of trust already on Facebook, especially after you get someone to approve your friend request. It’s fantastic opportunities for you to convert sales there or just get them on a one-on-one phone call. One of my businesses is built around one-on-one sales phone calls, and it works, because it gives you the opportunity to explain in depth and also to empathize with the bleeding neck pain of your potential customer. If they know that you know what they feel, and if they know that you know what you’re talking about, and if they know that you have a solution that you’re offering to get rid of the pain that they feel, then you have a high likelihood of converting them into a customer who will be happy that they found you or that you found them. That’s what convert sales is all about. Again, attract traffic, build the list, convert sales. That’s the way you go about putting together a fantastic sales funnel. I hope this has been helpful. 

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Give me a thumbs up on this video if it was helpful. Make sure you check out the links in the description or on my blog, wherever you might find me.,, or just email me straight up with questions or if you need help building a sales funnel or if you want your bonuses for ClickFunnels account, [email protected].,, and make sure you subscribe to my channel. Thanks.

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