7 Tips To Reverse Engineer A Successful Business

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Reverse engineering.

It’s the secret weapon. 

Possibly the most under realized skill used in entrepreneurship. You have to reverse engineer results or you’ll find yourself “lost” fast. 

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Or stuck. 

How do you do this? How do you produce the desired outcome, action, result that ultimately lands you the time freedom you want?

Imagine you have one of those mazes they put on the back of kids menus at restaurants. The end of the maze is where you are trying to get to, right?

Start there and cheat backwards. This is the only way to ensure you get to where you want to go. 

So how do you do this in business? Try the following:

👉 set a date and a dollar goal.

Identify the revenue you need before you move one step further. Be specific and clear so that you don’t fool yourself by saying “more money”. A goal that is not articulate will only result in confusion when you get further down the path. 

👉 “productize” what you sell.

Stay singular and specialize. Do not be a generalist. You can’t do it all and if you try your product quality will suffer. This effects your customer life time value. If that goes down, you’ll never grow. Identify the repeatable unit that you can keep creating new customers with and scale THAT. 

“By (fill in the date) I will have produced (insert desired revenue). ” 

This sentence could change your life. 

👉 create a unique process around your product or service.

Use a step by step approach to everything. Script it. This will make it easier for customers and staff alike to adopt what you are doing. Owning a process makes it easier to pitch and puts you in control. Be clear about what you’re selling and potential customers will be more likely to buy your product. 

👉 “model the masters” by observing what others are doing successfully.

Follow the same sequence they do to acquire and indoctrinate customers. This is also known as “funnel hacking”. I cover this in depth in my post called The Funnel Hacking Playbook: What Every Marketer Needs To Know About Sales Funnels That Convert

👉 acquire a skill.

It’s likely that you’ve done that already, but to go to the next level it may require YOU to become more valuable. This could range from becoming a Facebook ads ninja to becoming the best hiring genius and team builder possible. 

👉 get a coach. Invest in yourself.

My previous point is accelerated when you have a Jedi master pulling you through. Most people don’t do this. It’s unfortunate. Usually a broken/limited mindset keeps them from doing it. Parents or something chirping in their brains…A coach is like getting a new parent for a very specific part of your development. They guide you down a path they have actually been down. Until you do this you may be an orphan when it comes to acquiring skills that will make a difference. 

👉 just do it.

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Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!

Take time to actually execute. Go do it. Get crap done. Hustle. A good friend of mine has a saying, “action creates traction”. 

Reverse engineer your goals with the above and you’ll go farther than anyone ever allowed you to believe. 

Comment below with questions or thoughts. I’d love to hear where you are and what you are doing in regards to the above.

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