9 Steps To Rank Youtube Videos Fast – Free Website Traffic Training

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How To Rank Youtube Videos Fast – Intro

If you want to grow an online business or brand in today’s world, you have to know how to harness website traffic. If you can command attention, you win. There three phases to a flourishing online business. Whether you are trying affiliate offers, running an e-commerce biz or coaching/consulting. These three phases are required:

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Get All My Business Hacks for Just $29!!


You need to then CONVERT ATTENTION.


This post will be helpful on all three of the above because I am going to walk you through how to rank youtube videos fast with a simple 9 step process.  It’s actually really easy, even for a novice video creator or Youtube user.

The world from which this traffic strategy derives is the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization for you newbies).  Knowing what the search engines want to see from your content allows you to reverse engineer elements and online assets that will give you the best chance of showing up when someone searches for your topic or keyword targets. 

I’ve used this strategy countless times in my affiliate marketing business and it works.  I enjoy well over six figures of personal income because of it.

Now, I’m passing along the Youtube SEO goodness to you in hopes that you can reach your goals. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll leave a comment below this post and let me know if it was helpful!

9 Steps To Rank Youtube Videos Fast – Free Website Traffic Training

In the training video above, I use 9 steps to rank Youtube videos fast.  Below is the list for your use:

1. Change File Name To Your Keyword or Topic

2. Add In The Metadata

3. Start The Upload Process As Unlisted

4. Title The Video With Keyword

5. Add In Proper Description

6. Add In The Best Tags

7. Create An Effective Thumbnail

8. Add In Location For Local Videos

9. Add In Your Transcript

How To Rank Youtube Videos Fast – Conclusion

I REALLY hope this was helpful. Please comment below if you have any questions or thoughts. I’m happy to help. Also, if you haven’t seen my other posts on Clickfunnels and sales funnel trainings, you should start with the below posts specifically:

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