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Seven Smart Strategies To Fill Your Sales Funnels With Qualified Leads

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Whether you’re selling a course, theme, plug-in (or any other digital product), the fact is, there are a number of reasons why online businesses fail. 

The main thing is to always be creating a buzz around your product, so that your sales funnel will always be filled with qualified hot leads. 

This isn’t a one-and-done deal. 

It has to be done continuously to ensure you attract a good flow of people willing to buy your stuff. 

Before we get into the seven smart strategies that will fill your sales funnels, you need to do some homework. 

First, decide on what I call a “silo of influence.” 

These silos are similar to what you find on huge farms where they have one type of feed or grain for every single animal. This helps keep them all healthy and get the best performance and quality. 

So, before you tackle a strategy, especially if you’ll be paying money for things like Facebook ads, you need to find out what the silos of influence are for your industry. 

Using these silos, you’ll be able to target your advertising efforts to get the most qualified leads to fill your sales funnel. 

Finding out your silos of influence will help you to take a super-targeted approach to marketing and will save time, money and effort as you’ll only spend your precious resources on the right platforms. 

Here are a few examples of silos:

  • Consumer behavior: For example, what your potential audience needs as opposed to what they want.

  • The field of study: For instance, medical school, law school or independent qualifications.

Read this blog to find out more about your industry’s silo of influence and how to capitalize on it to target the best people to fill your sales funnel. 

Make sure you’re ready to handle more leads by implementing these five essentials of profitable ClickFunnels which, if followed, will help you get well on your way to developing a sales funnel that will bring in revenue on demand. 

Once you’ve done this, there are some smart strategies to help you fill your sales funnel. 

The good thing about these strategies is that most are free or low-cost. 

Show your expertise on Clarity and Quora

First, platforms, like Quora and Clarity, will help you get in front of people looking for immediate answers to their questions. 

Answering questions on Quora and Clarity means that the person is actually in need of the service you’re offering. 

With these two platforms, people aren’t there to chit-chat like on other social media platforms, like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook but, instead they want help with an issue they’re facing. 

Clarity allows entrepreneurs to get calls and advice from different experts. You need to sign up and apply to become an expert. You’ll go through an approval process and, when this is done, find and answer any questions people have that’s in line with your expertise.

Quora attracts millions of users every month. They ask questions and read answers to those that have already been asked. 

The sign up is easy and you can choose your area of expertise. 

Hopefully, you’ve already developed a clear customer avatar and buyer persona that specifically targets your customers, and so are ready to answer questions. 

Stay away from cookie-cutter responses and make sure that each answer is personalized and chock full of value, rather than just promoting your stuff. 

Gain trust and people will want to find out more about what you’re offering. 

Be a featured sales funnel expert

These days, people need quotes and information from experts to validate various claims. 

Podcasters, researchers, journalists and influencers are looking for advice, quotes or opinions on what’s going on. 

If you get a chance to be interviewed by a reputable source, it can be great exposure for your brand and will help your sales funnel. 

Be proactive. 

Search for journalists in your field and offer them new and valuable advice on topics in your area. 

You’ll have to stand out from the crowd because journalists get pitched tons of times per day.

Another way to get featured in major publications is using Help A Reporter Out (HARO). 

With this service, you simply sign up and receive notifications a few times a day about reporters who need experts to comment on different topics. 

Keep a template of what you’re going to say and make sure you act quickly to personalize it when responding to requests. 

Offer hard-to-resist sales funnel bonuses

Your bonus items must be particular to the needs of your target audience to make their lives easier. 

They can include:

  • Done for You templates.

  • Cheat Sheets.

  • Swipe Files.

For example, my bonus items include all the things needed to get you up and running for  building a profitable high-converting sales funnel.

I give you 23 pre-built sales funnels from my personal ClickFunnels account (absolutely free). 

This gives you a head start on spending time building different sales funnels. 

All you have to do is choose a sales funnel, plug and play and you’re ready to go. 

Make your bonuses even more irresistible by giving away so much value that your target market will find it hard to say no.

Take my bonuses, as well as the 23 sales funnels templates, you get 10 plus free resources to turn you into a sales funnels genius.

Here are my personal bonuses for ClickFunnels:

  • Facebook Marketing Madness – How To Launch High Converting Ads in Any Space.

  • A personal Clickfunnels training course.

  • 23 pre-built Sales Funnels that can be imported directly into a Clickfunnels account

  • A mini-course in Youtube Video.

  • A 100 Day Social Media/Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp.

  • Unlimited email support.

  • Additional training on how to set up custom domains for free within your Clickfunnels account.

  • An email marketing course.

  • A funnel hacking playbook to replicate what has made other online entrepreneurs successful with their sales funnels.

  • 1 Free copy of Russell Brunson’s book, DotCom Secrets.

  • Free training video: How to Increase Sales by 150% with ClickFunnels

Want to get your hands on 23 done for you sales funnels absolutely free?

Sign up for a 14 Day Trial ClickFunnels with my referral link to get your 23 plug and play funnels straight in your inbox after you sign up.

Write an awesome welcome email series

Hopefully, you will have already started growing your email list to fill your sales funnel. 

Some people sign up because they only want your free and irresistible bonuses and have every intention to ‘run off’ with their free goodies.

But, it’s your job to turn these subscribers into real leads. 

One of the ways to do this is to create a powerful and simple welcome email series. 

Research shows that a welcome series can drive up your total email revenue by 33%.

A well-planned and engaging welcome email series will make people more familiar with you, your brand and your products, while letting them know what’s on offer.

Not sure how to write the perfect welcome email series?

Funnel scripts have everything you need to write not only high-converting email series, but all the copy (sales letters, video scripts, headlines, etc.)  you need to convert those who are on the fence.

Check out my review of Funnel Scripts, here.

Host a webinar for your sales funnel

It bears repeating that webinars are a proven way to get the attention of prospective clients. 

Because webinars are all over the place now, you need to stand out by providing an answer to a burning question that your target audience has. 

Do this by asking your email list or sending them a survey using software, like Survey Monkey to find out what’s their number one concern. Also have a look at Quora to find out the different questions that come up the most. 

When you host your webinar, make sure it’s engaging. 

Pay attention to how you talk and have a nice-looking slide deck with clear visuals to take your viewers through the presentation. 

Drive traffic to your webinar using your email list or Facebook ads.

Pre-recorded webinars help archive an information-packed session, so you can talk to as many people as possible at the same time. 

This smart strategy helps to continuously fill your sales funnel without having to do extra work and spend time being available at different times of the day or week. 

Be around to answer any questions people have at the end of the webinar. 

After they’ve attended the webinar, it’s your job to follow up and find out what else you can do to help them.

The great thing about webinars is that you can either do them on your own or do a joint venture with someone else if you don’t have the confidence yet or you want to expose your products to a wider market. 

If you’re on a budget, you can use Google Hangouts on Air, which is free, or a paid platform like Go to Webinar or Zoom. 

Another big benefit of webinars is that you can use them to repurpose content. 

Use information from the webinar to create blogs, infographics, podcasts, e-books or even a white paper. 

The secret ingredient for running a great webinar is to make sure you focus on providing value through teaching and training. 

A webinar is not there to sell. At the end, you should have a call to action specifying what you want your audience to know and do but most importantly, a webinar should be educational and informative. 

Organize social media contests

If you’re looking to build buzz around something new, like a product launch, social media contests are a great way to do this. 

If you’ve already built up a presence on different social media platforms, offer your followers a chance to win a prize. 

Each person who engages will enter your sales funnel and you’ll be able to provide information about what you’re offering. 

Here are some types of contests :

  • Photo contest: Your funnel submits a photo based on themes with your product and the best one gets a prize.

  • Sweepstakes: Your followers go to your site to sign up, so they have a chance to win a prize.

  • Caption contest: Your followers comment on a photo you post with their own captions and the best one will get a prize.

Your goal is to get interested people to provide their details, so they’ll be entered into the sales funnel. 

Make sure participants in your social media contests are aware that their details will be used to receive more information from you.

Create a mini-course

Providing a mini-course is one of the best lead magnets that savvy entrepreneurs, marketers and bloggers use. 

Subscribers want more and more value and the normal e-book doesn’t work as well as it used to. 

Offering a mini-course will attract a ton of people into your sales funnel because they want as much valuable information as possible. 

A mini-course can be done by using a simple automated email sequence, ranging from three to 10 days. 

Ideally, the mini-course shouldn’t go on for too long and should only address one aspect of your target audience. 

Make it highly actionable with step-by-step instructions, so that subscribers can finish one task. 

The next logical step for people who finish your mini course is to move them further along your sales funnel until they get their hands on what you’re offering. 

Final thoughts

These smart strategies can only result in sales conversions if you’re attracting the right people and you’ve totally nailed your sales funnel.

Want the inside scoop on building profit-generating sales funnel from scratch or improving what you’ve already got? 

With the Click Start program, an expert coach guides you step-by-step, from identifying your audience to using the best systems to build your funnels.

To find out more, have a look at why you should seriously think about enrolling in the Click Start program, specifically designed for you to build profit generating funnels, whatever your level of experience. 

For more information on Clickfunnels sales funnel software, pricing and features, check out my Groovy Marketing Clickfunnels Pricing Review.

You can also see my comprehensive review of Clickfunnels vs Leadpages.

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